Work From Home and Employee Productivity: Their Relationship and How the Former Has Changed the Latter

The work from home set-up seems to be the solution rather than the quick alternative these days. In Malaysia, the work from home cultureOpens in a new tab. is seen to be a permanent fixture even beyond the pandemic. Policymakers and several government officials see the work from home model as a viable, long-term practice. They are even looking at legislation practices to ensure that their business entities observe this.

In other parts of the world, living with the pandemic has been harsh, affecting people’s pockets and their mental health and well-being. Half of Americans have reported stressOpens in a new tab., and negative effects on their mental health due to the relationship between the work from home set-up and employee productivity.  According to a recent studyOpens in a new tab., 55% of the respondents reported that Covid-19 has had a negative impact on their mental health. Nearly half (48%) do not, or only sometimes, feel supported in their professional and personal lives, and more than half (54%) reported feeling the need to speak with someone due to stress. They feel like they lack the needed organizational support both in their professional and personal lives. Stress and burnout have been a growing concern and pain point for these employees, ultimately affecting how they perform and execute their work-related tasks and responsibilities.

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Employee Productivity Defined

Employee productivity is an important component of any businessOpens in a new tab.. The higher the actual employee productivity levels, the more opportunities there will be to come up with bigger and better solutions. This is because workplace productivityOpens in a new tab. can be encapsulated as the efficiency in which tasks and goals are done. A productive employee equates to effective workplace culture. A productive workplace culture leads to overall profitability and higher levels of employee morale. 

The pandemic has forced almost everyone to conduct their work at home. Working at home has increased our reliance on technology and digital communication. As such, it is very important to weigh employee productivity against the following factorsOpens in a new tab. to ensure the smooth transition to a technology-based working atmosphere:

– Emotional intelligence

– Workplace flexibility

– Workplace diversity

– Freedom, creativity, and collaboration

– Work environment

– Self-imposed strategies

Emerging Factors that Affect Employee Productivity

In this post-pandemic paradigm, happinessOpens in a new tab. is as important as ever when talking about employee productivity. Happiness matters beyond the typical measurements and standards set forth by business entities. If employee happiness is restored or maintained, evidence exists to indicate that job performance and job satisfaction will also improve. Human resources and key management executives should seriously consider happiness as a focal point when ensuring employee productivityOpens in a new tab..

Businesses, both big and small, must prioritize the psychologyOpens in a new tab. of a work from home set-up. Employees’ mental health is now a vital consideration, especially during these trying economic and health-conscious times. The work from home set-up has led to heightened levels of depression, loneliness, anxiety, and stress, all of which are productivity killers, both professionally and personally. 

How Employee Productivity is Viewed and Measured

The employee experienceOpens in a new tab. is truly important in this day and age. An employee’s perceptions on work and his/her role in the company and his/her job description and corresponding tasks are essential factors that could sway employee productivity one way or another. 

In one of our videos, we look into the best metric to measure productivity, as explained by Andrew Mawson, one of the founding directors and current managing director of Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA). This trusted, independent, and global workplace management consultancy firm can help organizations make crucial changes in work performance and overall business techniques to promote new ways of smart working. The key takeaways from the interview are the following:

– How personal practices and unique behavior can affect the flow of work

– The value of knowledge and social relations concerning employee productivity

– The importance of cultivating a community built on trust and kindness

If you want to listen to more insights regarding the key factors in measuring employee productivity, check out our channel over at YouTube: Open Sourced Workplace. To get a deeper listen to what Andrew Mawson has to say about metrics and important aspects of businesses, start by watching this video:


How does your company/organization measure employee productivity? Do you think they value employee productivity and, as a result, have created an environment conducive to innovation and forward-thinking? If you were managing a team, how can you use employee productivity metrics to ensure quality and timely outputs and projects?

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