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The employee experience (EX) is a fundamental aspect of the modern workplace – how employees experience their work and how they feel about working at a company. Forming a component of what attracts and retains quality employees, EX has a direct effect on cognition, employee attitudes, and behaviors such as workplace performance, and overall employee health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re an influencer, an innovative company, or simply a professional looking to expand your horizons, Open Sourced Workplace invites you to become an expert contributor delivering expert actionable advice to our community of corporate professionals.

Open Sourced Workplace is a community website providing a forum to promote the conversation with business owners, real estate, HR, and technology professionals.

At Open Sourced Workplace, we advance employee experiences through our collective approach to sharing ideas, tips, and knowledge with like-minded industry professionals.

Contributor benefits

When you become an Open Sourced Workplace Contributor, you’ll access a community of professionals eager to share and discuss your expertise. With an active rating system, you’ll be able to see whether your work is highly rated.

Our unique system design means that community members can communicate directly with each other, meaning you will be able to share your knowledge, provide insights, and educate your readers. In addition, potential clients will be able to click through to your website, making it an effective marketing tool.

Our audience

Our audience consists of key players in the business, who have the power to drive change towards more positive employee experience outcomes. They include business owners, HR professionals responsible for recruitment and retention, technology professionals making innovative leaps, real estate and facility managers, managers at every level in the organization, and professionals at the beginning of their careers eager to be a part of creating an effective, engaging employee experience.

What we are looking for?

When we are choosing new stories to run, Open Sourced Workplace identifies articles that provide action-orientated solutions to solve current problems across all industries. Whether it is a strategy to solve a recurring roadblock, a piece of technological information to smooth over a knowledge gap or an instructive article on how to fix political dynamics, we welcome all articles that put workplace and employee experience (EX) in the spotlight.

We welcome actionable articles on the following topics: workplace design, employee engagement, workplace experience, HR trends, EX technology solutions, and transformation exponential technologies (3D printing, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, IoT, deep learning, and machine intelligence) and how these subjects will influence EX today and in the future. We also welcome all articles, diagrams, case studies, and storyboards that provide evidence of your actionable points in action.

What to include in your article

Your article should be 1,500 – 2,500 words and in Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced, with non-indented paragraphs and a space between paragraphs, not between sentences.

You should provide a clear action-oriented solution that relates to the employee experience. Articles should be submitted in editable Google Docs or a Rich Text File (rtf).

Additional text is encouraged, as well as charts, graphs, and images – if they build on your article in an informative way.

If you’d like to submit a case study showing employee experience improvements in action, be sure to break down the specifics in numbers. In addition, feel free to include relevant inbound and outbound links, as well as an embedded video that adds value to your piece.

Utilize your sales funnel

Open Sourced Workplace strives to provide innovative, action-orientated guidance to improve the employee experience. While we understand it is tempting for you to use this platform to promote your company’s products, we request that you abstain from this practice. Instead, why not utilize your sales funnel that comes as part and parcel of the Open Sourced Workplace experience. With a simple click, you can drive potential clients directly to your website, making Open Sourced Workplace articles an effective marketing tool. The contributor’s biography can be found at the footer of each article. Make sure you write between 100 to 300 words, upload a professional headshot, and input links to your social media accounts.

The ranking system for office design PHOTOs

Open Sourced Workplace appreciates the dynamics of good workplace design. We welcome all contributions from architects, designers, or simply building owners who wish to display their employee experience-enhancing facilities.

The images you supply will be viewed by our audience who will rate your work, meaning you can receive valuable feedback on not only your design but how it stacks up against the industry’s best. To submit images, you must include an image title, a category, the location (country). Other specifics to include are the business office and manufacturer of any products displayed, but those items are not mandatory. Contributors must ensure permission is obtained before the use of their workplace images. We only publish high-resolution images in JPEG format. Don’t embed them into your contribution, instead indicate via text where we should insert your image in your article by including the image’s title.

How to format your Photo storyboard

All contributor articles should be written in Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced, with non-indented paragraphs as well as a space between paragraphs, not between sentences. You may embed relevant url links into your document, you should add the whole text of the url after the link to allow our editors to check the links are appropriate. We prefer an editable Google Doc or a Rich Text File (rtf). Open Sourced Workplace reserves the right to edit, change, or remove your submission at any time. By accepting your submissions, Open Sourced Workplace agrees to display your Insight articles for 30 days.

How to submit a contribution

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