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Where work happens has changed forever. How work happens has changed forever.

What employees want from a job has changed, and progressive employers are reacting.

So, what has changed for employees? Employees prioritize autonomy and flexibility in where they work and when they work. For many, these factors are more important than salary. 

Before the pandemic, only 6% of US employees primarily worked from home, and about 75% had never worked from home. Today, research indicates the number interested in working away from the office is growing rapidly, and the gig economyOpens in a new tab. is closer than we think.

A recent study by AWAOpens in a new tab. indicated that 48% of knowledge workers do not want to return to the office post-pandemic. And 68% of knowledge workers want to work from the office one day or less per week.

Additionally, employees have realized they are more productive when working from home. Many work from home employees have told me that they are more productive away from the office; their individual tasks are performed more efficiently and effectively when working at home. Progressive employers have also realized that work from home employees are more satisfied and engaged when compared to office-based employees.

Also, there were an estimated 5 million digital nomads before the pandemic, and it is estimated that there are more than 50 million today. And this number grows each month.

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