Hybrid Working and Its Potential to be the Future of Work

A year after the pandemic altered our lives personally, financially, and professionally, we still find ourselves in the transition phase. Large employers are at a crossroads with regard to the decision to shut down physical workspaces or revert to pre-pandemic practices and locations. HSBC recently declared that 1,200 of its employeesOpens in a new tab. will be permanently working from home. JPMorgan Chase, another high-profile organization, is already in the process of reducing real estateOpens in a new tab. as it views remote work as the necessary transition in this day and age. 

The question right now is: Is hybrid working the future of work? In a nutshell: yes. Several business leaders have accepted the fact that several months have gone by since people have stepped foot in offices. Even with regulations and policies loosening up on travel and safety restrictions, most executives and owners know that returning to what once was the status quoOpens in a new tab. will not happen any time soon. 

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What Does Hybrid Working Entail?

In essence, a hybrid working model combines the traditional practicesOpens in a new tab. with the virtual experience. It can be a combination of employees who still report for work at the designated office space while others retain their remote work or work-from-home status. Another facet is that employees must report for duty at the office a few times a week and complete the rest of their working hours at home. 

The effects of the pandemic caused the rapid global movement or pivot. Not just for the sake of practicality but also for safety and well-being, the hybrid workingOpens in a new tab. model may be the savior that’s needed to maintain the economy and create job opportunities.

This hybrid working model has several things to offer that puts it above all other traditional working models, including:

Health and Safety – Policies have been created specifically for the hybrid workingOpens in a new tab. model to ensure that employees are physically and mentally healthy.

Prioritization of Teamwork and Collaboration – Due to limited physical or face-to-face contact, meetings are now more frequent, with reports and updates the following suit. This is a good outcome as it ensures that everyone in the team is up-to-date and working on the things that need to be prioritized.

Improvement of Experience – In addition to being a novel, unique experience, the hybrid workingOpens in a new tab. set-up simply allows for an opportunity to have a different mindset and set of expectations, leading to a generally better working experience.

Increase in Productivity – The use of technology and digital tools benefits the younger working generation because of familiarity and convenience of use.

Work-life Balance – Getting to work while ensuring that household and family responsibilities are taken care of will never be as effective as the hybrid working model. 

Flexibility and Independence – As a result of the lack of direct supervision, employers and management have adjusted by trusting their employees more. With this flexibility and independence, workers are maximizing their skills and creativity to get the jobs done.

A constant stream of communication and transparencyOpens in a new tab. among employees and management is necessary for all forms of hybrid work. The more engagement within an organization or business entity, the more linked and united the workers feel to the company. This increases employee productivity and loyalty.

Personalizing the Hybrid Working Environment is a MUST

In the world we live in today, the work-from-home model has proven to be effective at increasing employee happiness and satisfaction levelsOpens in a new tab.. This is not hard to believe. The flexibility, time efficiency, and independence offered by this working paradigm is an experience like no other. Traditional methods may have been effective back “then”, but the hybrid working approach may be more effective in keeping employees happy and productive. 

In one of the videos over at our YouTube channel, we presented an animated short talking about the seven ways employers and management can personalize hybrid working environments. The clip raised several good points, including the following:

– The importance of job satisfaction and employee happiness

– The quick transition and the adoption of new policies

– The utilization of technology and digital tools to enhance the working experience

If you are looking for new methods to ensure that the hybrid working experience is the best for your employees or subordinates, then feel free to explore our channel by checking at this video first! 


Now for your thinking time.

Take five minutes and think over these questions:

1. How does the hybrid working paradigm affect productivity and profitability at your company?

2. Do you think the majority of workers will be more satisfied with the current working conditions?

3. What is the best work model for the future and long-term?

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