Hybrid Working: The Future or a Temporary Fix?

The pandemic has had devastating effects on people, businesses, and the general flow of the economy. These unprecedented times even took a greater leap as we are still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, a year removed from its introduction.

Owners are now deciding what the future holds for their respective businesses. Should they change and adopt new measures aligned with the pandemic risks, or should they shut down completely and find new ideas from the ground up? 

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COVID-19 has caused a fundamental shiftOpens in a new tab. in how we view businesses, transactions, and interactions with others. Regardless of who you ask, the pandemic has truly had lasting effects on this generation. 

Key market strategists and top executives have grown to emphasize their employees’ health and well-being, alongside job satisfaction and financial security. However, a major difficulty in achieving an employee-centric business model is whether or not to return to traditional work set-ups or observe a more technology-based or remote approach. 

So, why not both? Let us discuss the nature of hybrid working and how businesses can utilize this business model to increase productivity while ensuring a high standard of safety from the pandemic and other serious concerns.

Is Hybrid Work Perfect?

Is the hybrid working set-up the perfect solutionOpens in a new tab. to the post-pandemic world we live in today? Feedback from employees has indicated that the hybrid work model is very popular and widely practiced to maximize productivity and minimize the spread of harmful diseases.

Hybrid work entails a mix between traditional working practicesOpens in a new tab. and the more modern means of accomplishing tasks. There are numerous benefitsOpens in a new tab. to adopting this structure, including:

– Health and safety from infectious diseases such as COVID-19

– Productivity with the use of technology and the online space

– Efficient collaboration with various means of communication

– The highly sought after work-life balance

– Time management through reminders and personalized schedules

Some say that this pandemic has caused a workplace resetOpens in a new tab.. The growing priority for many business owners has been to capitalize on the adjustments required by health and safety protocols by ensuring a smooth transition to the new normal. With properly trained employees and accepting this new reality, hybrid working can be here for good, regardless of the pandemic. 

Managing a Hybrid Working Set-up is the Next Step

In analyzing whether or not hybrid working is a champion in this day and age, we must understand that proper expectations and key management strategies are prepared ahead of the big shift. Among the important factorsOpens in a new tab. to having a successful hybrid working set-up are the following:

1. Social cohesion

2. Perceived supervisory support

3. Sharing of information

4. Clarity of goals and visions

5. Communication and Collaboration

6. Trust 

In one of my interviews with Phil Kirschner, an expert in workplace strategy, change management, and employee experience. Phil guides me through the changes undergone by most businesses as a result of the pandemic. He also talks about what the future holds in terms of where and how the workplace would be. Among the important discussion points, here are the questions Phil tackles:

– Have productivity levels taken a dip when working from home?

– Will the future of work have remote working in its arsenal?

– What is this new hybrid business model, and is it effective?

If you would like to check out the full interview and learn more about the hybrid working, productivity, work from home, and new business models established because of the pandemic check out our full video by clicking on this link:


What are your thoughts on hybrid working? Is it an effective method for businesses, or should owners consider returning to the original workplace set-up? What do you think the future holds?

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