How to Make Your Employee’s Lives Easier and More Productive

Making employees’ lives easier and more productive is an important part of any business. There are many ways to do this, and in this article, we’ll explore 13 of the most impactful.

1. Make sure equipment is in good working order

You can make your employees’ lives so much easier by ensuring that the equipment they use to do their jobs is in working order. Doing things like regular preventative maintenanceOpens in a new tab. and scheduled repairs can help prevent downtime and keep employees productive.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to use sub-par equipment or tools on a daily basis. If you know you are working with topOpens in a new tab. quality, it is much easier to do your job and feel good about it.

2. Offer flexible work hours

Flexible work hours are another way to make employees’ lives easier. Not everyone can or wants to work the traditional nine-to-five schedule. Some people do their best work in the morning and prefer to start earlier, while others are night owls and work better later in the day. Offering flexible work hours allows employees to choose a schedule that works better for them, which can lead to improved productivity and morale.

3. Encourage breaks

Although it may seem counterintuitive, encouraging employees to take breaks can actually improve their productivityOpens in a new tab.. When people are working for long periods of time without a break, they tend to get tired, and their focus starts to wane. However, taking a few minutes to step away from their work and take a walk or grab a cup of coffee can help them renew their energy and refocus on the task at hand.

4. Offer paid time off

Paid time off is another perk that can make employees’ lives easier. Most people need a break from work now and then, whether it’s for a long weekend, a longer vacation or a honeymoonOpens in a new tab.. Having the ability to take paid time off gives employees something to look forward to and allows them to recharge their batteries. This can lead to improved productivity and overall satisfaction with their job. Paid time off is also something that top performers highly value, so offering it can help you attract and retain the best talent.

5. Provide healthy snacks and drinks

It’s no secret that employees need sustenance to be productive. That’s why it’s a good idea to provide healthy snacks and drinks in the office. This way, employees can grab something to eat or drink without having to leave the office and waste time. Having a variety of healthy snacks and drinks available can also encourage employees to make healthier choices, which can lead to improved productivity and overall health.

6. Provide training

Training is another way to make employees’ lives easier. When employees are properly trained on the equipment they use and the tasks they’re responsible for, they’re able to work more efficiently and effectively. This can lead to less stress and a higher quality of work. So many organizations provide inadequate training and then wonder why people are not working to their full potential. Make sure your employees are properly trained, and they’ll be able to do their jobs with confidence. That confidence ultimately translates into productivity.

7. Give employees the resources they need

Employees need the right tools and equipment to do their jobs effectively. This includes everything from the right IT infrastructureOpens in a new tab. to platforms for communication and collaboration. If you don’t provide your employees with the resources they need, they will end up wasting valuable time searching for them or trying to figure out how to use them. This can lead to frustration and a lack of productivity. Make sure you provide your employees with the resources they need to succeed and you’ll see a noticeable improvement in their work output.

8. Encourage communication

Communication is key in any workplace. When there is an open line of communication between managers and employees, it helps everyone stay on the same page and avoid misunderstandings. Additionally, employees feel more comfortable coming to managers with any questions or concerns they may have if they know that communication is open and encouraged. An “open door” policy goes a long way to showing people that you are available to hear their concerns and answer questions whenever they arise. This can be the difference between not only trust and mistrust but productive work and major delays. 

9. Give employees the ability to work from home when they need to

People lead busy lives, especially working parents with young children. And sometimes, the need to work from home unexpectedly arises. Rather than requiring employees to use their vacation days or take a personal day, give them the ability to work remotely when they need to.

This way, they can stay on top of their work without putting their personal lives on hold. If someone knows they can work from home and not have to rush out of the office at the end of the day in order to pick up their child from school, for example, they’ll be much less stressed overall.

10. Give employees time off to attend to personal matters

Employees sometimes need to take time off from work to take care of personal matters. This could be anything from taking a sick child to the doctor to attending a funeral. Allowing employees to take time off for these things shows that you understand and care about their needs outside of work. This can make them feel more loyal to the company and improve morale.

11. Offer child care benefits

If you have employees who are parents, offering child care benefits can be a huge help. Child care is expensive, and it can be difficult for parents to find quality care. By offering benefits such as child care assistance, you can ease the financial burden on your employees and help them better balance their work and personal responsibilities. This can lead to improved productivity and satisfaction with their job.

12. Encourage a work/life balance

It’s important for employees to have a healthy work/life balance. When people are able to find a good balance between their work and personal lives, they’re happier and more productive. There are a number of ways you can encourage a work/life balance in your workplace, such as flexible hoursOpens in a new tab., remote working, and paid time off.

13. Promote a positive work environment

A positive work environment is a key to employee productivity and satisfaction. When employees feel good about the work they’re doing and the people they’re working with, they’re more likely to be productive and happy. Creating a positive work environment can be as simple as praising employees for a job well done, providing opportunities for professional development, and setting a tone of respect.


In summation, by making employees’ lives easier, more flexible and more consistent, you are directly and indirectly encouraging and facilitating productivity. Productivity arises as a direct result of employees being more content with their work situation and, in turn, taking less time off, working more efficiently while on the job, and producing better quality work.

There are many ways to make your employees’ lives easier. Some are simple and require little effort, while others may take more time and planning. But all of the effort you put into making your employees’ lives easier will be worth it when you see the positive impact it has on their work. By following these tips, you can create a workplace that is more productive, efficient, and happy.

Steve Todd

Steve Todd, founder of Open Sourced Workplace and is a recognized thought leader in workplace strategy and the future of work. With a passion for work from anywhere, Steve has successfully implemented transformative strategies that enhance productivity and employee satisfaction. Through Open Sourced Workplace, he fosters collaboration among HR, facilities management, technology, and real estate professionals, providing valuable insights and resources. As a speaker and contributor to various publications, Steve remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of workplace innovation, helping organizations thrive in today's dynamic work environment.

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