5 Steps for More Productive Employees

A company’s success relies heavily on the productivity of its employees. Sadly, though, there are times when an enterprise experiences dips in the levels of production. There are different reasons that may cause this, and some say that this is a natural cycle that every business meets every once in a while. Fortunately, though, you don’t really have to treat it as such. There are ways that will allow you to proactively influence and improve the productivity of your employees, subordinates, or team. Here they are.

In this article, we are going to talk about 5 steps for more productive employees that will help to speed up processes, make them smoother, and of course, easier. Let’s get started!

Get to Know Your Staff

The first thing that you need to do is to get to know your staff. Know what personally motivates them. You can even go as far as obtaining feedback from them. Let them know that you wa nt to boost not just their productivity for your own profit and interests, but you also want to improve their morale and job satisfaction to make your company a better working environment.

Empower Them with the Best Technology

There are also times that your employees are actually motivated. They’re just not properly equipped to get the job done optimally. Think of them as soldiers. They’re ready to fight for their country, but they can’t fight unarmed. Hence, it might be time to get the system upgrade or get that faster network connection installed. Make the most out of the technology that’s available and see those production levels rise.

Workforce Scheduling Software

Workforce scheduling is a program that helps in defining the work hours of your employees while taking into consideration the needs of your organization to ensure the seamless transition of one shift to another and that your operations remain uninterrupted.

This will also free up your actual workforce department from menial tasks, and instead focus more on the needs of employees, which will provide productiveness.

Speaking of technology, look into implementing a workforce scheduling software. It is a program that helps schedule work hours while taking into consideration the specific needs of the company. This ensures a smoother transition between shifts so that work (and production) remains uninterrupted.

This is not the only technology out there that you can implement to ensure a seamless workflow. Face recognition systems can also help in keeping track of everyone’s attendance. They are almost impossible to bypass, and they add an extra layer of protection against the spread of disease (especially relevant during a pandemic) since it doesn’t need any physical contact from your employees in order to clock in and out of work.

Appreciate Good Work

We all want to be recognized every once in a while, especially after a job well done. It’s human nature. In fact, experts point out that proper employee recognition is the secret behind reducing employee turnovers. That it is surprisingly even more efficient than increasing one’s pay.

And because the generic commendation email might feel cold and distant, here are some creative ideas to make employee recognition more fun and fulfilling to receive:

• Make it personal. Take some time to talk to your employee personally. Sometimes, even a private yet heartfelt conversation can go a long way to encourage even a demotivated employee.

• Showcase deserving talent. Let’s face it, though, there are a lot of people who are in it for the glory, or the bragging rights. This is where showcasing a leaderboard can help, to show the best-performing employees how close their metrics are from the top and to encourage those already at the top to stay there. It’s important to gauge the climate of your workplace, though, as it may start an unhealthy rivalry and political struggle. One way to skip all that is through a trophy. A trophy that can pass on from person to person. It’s a funny way of dealing with the issue, true, but it works.

• Incentivize. Gift certificates are the usual go-to incentive, but there are other creative ways to incentivize deserving employees. Sometimes, even getting the chance to decide the background music in the recreational room for a day may make it seem worth the extra push. Of course, at the end of the day, cash gifts are most welcome.

• Give them more responsibility. Finally, we believe that this is the best way to recognize the efforts of an employee. Give them more responsibility. Promote them. Trust them with more information relevant to their task.

This method of showing recognition might not be as obvious as showcasing their names or providing incentives, but by doing so, especially to really deserving people, you’re also subconsciously expressing to other employees that there’s something more in store for them in your company. That they have a career path to follow. That there’s a way up. That the management knows the people who are really giving it their best and so should they.

Don’t be mistaken. We are not suggesting that you should coddle your employees or shower them with gifts for doing tasks that they are, at the end of the day, paid to do in the first place. Not at all. Give constructive criticism where it’s due. Recognition is simply reserved for those who go beyond what’s required and it provides motivation for people to go that extra mile.

Provide Them a Comfortable Workplace

Lastly, the fifth step that you can do in order to boost your employees’ productivity is to provide them with a comfortable place to work in. Your office must be at the right temperature. It would help if your office chairs are ergonomic. Indoor air quality must be safe. And they must not be exposed to violence, verbal abuse, or other types of harm.

This is very crucial, remember, if they’re not that comfortable at work, then the only thing that will be in your employees’ minds is to go home as soon as possible. To just get the work done and relax. And that’s something that won’t do your productivity levels any good.


The profitability of a company relies on its productivity, and that productivity relies on your employees.

The first step that you need to do in order to strategize how to boost their productivity levels is to learn what keeps them motivated as individuals. Providing them with quality equipment and a comfortable workplace will also go a long way in helping them accomplish their tasks faster and better than usual.

There are different technologies that you can implement as well in order to avoid delays, like a workforce scheduling software or face recognition program.

Finally, don’t forget to give credit where it is due and provide your employees with a safe and comfortable work environment.

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