Christmas Party: How to Organize a Good Corporate Party for Employees

A Christmas party is a great way to spend time with your colleagues in an agreeable setting and have fun. If you plan a corporate holiday event, pay attention to specific details. It’ll help people have everything perfectly organized and relaxed.

Want to impress your colleagues but do not know where to start? Read the article to find creative party ideas and enjoy a wonderful celebration. 

How to Throw a Virtual Christmas Party

The pandemic reshaped our traditional ways of working and entertainment, so it may be challenging to organize a celebration when everyone is at home. But we are sure where there is a will there’s a way, so let’s explore virtual party ideas.

#1 Use Digital Tools 

You can benefit from plenty of platforms to connect and interact with during the party. People will be able to talk, raise toasts, play games, using any digital tools for their embodiment (video editors, convertersOpens in a new tab., music, slideshows, etc.)

#2 Invite Different Guests

Your online corporate holiday event can be even more thrilling if you invite international guests, celebrities, hosts, and more. Consider your budget and the public’s preferences when choosing a person to join your corporate party, so everyone is satisfied. 

#3 Slideshow the Best Events

Create a compelling slideshow with memorable pictures, videos and share the screen to display your company life. It’ll be an excellent solution to highlight the power of the team and be ready in the new year for new achievements. 

#4 Play Escape Game

Playing games is a creative Christmas party planning idea to engage all people and spend more time together. It’s a unique experience that will give your colleagues unforgettable emotions and a sense of unity when you will tackle challenges together. 

#5 Benefit From Online Conferences

Video call platforms provide people with many creative solutions for throwing a great Christmas party. For instance, there are wonderful virtual backgrounds that will make you catch the holiday vibe. Moreover, you can watch a Christmas movie or listen to music via screen sharing and have fun despite restrictions. 

Tips to Organize a Corporate Christmas Party

Those who have the possibility to celebrate the holiday in person should pay attention to these useful tips to plan an unforgettable Christmas party.

Plan a Budget

The event budgetOpens in a new tab. is a crucial element of making any event, and it’s especially relevant to a corporate holiday organization. You should talk with colleagues and decide how much they are ready to pay. Based on the amount, you can plan further expenditures. If your team is more into entertainment, allocate more money to it and reduce the sum on decorations.

There is a solution to raise money from every person or ask if the company is ready to cover some expenses. Before planning a budget, you should consider all the aspects to cover so that people provide a corresponding sum. It is the first stage of party planning, so be responsible to avoid the celebration collapse. 

Select a Theme

A thematic corporate holiday event will stay in people’s memory for a long time and make the celebration more thrilling. When choosing party themesOpens in a new tab., consider the team preferences, age, mood, location, budget, etc. There are so many Christmas party ideas that you may find it challenging to make a unanimous decision. Let’s explore creative solutions for an unforgettable celebration. 

Firstly, you can throw a costume party and ask everyone to dress appropriately. It may be a retro outfit, Christmas sweaters, a look from a movie, and more. Another interesting idea is The Great British Bake Off or a potluck theme so people can enjoy food preparation and communication. There are more compelling themes – choose yours. 

Choose a Location

Take into account that careful Christmas party planning is impossible without choosing a decent place. The simplest solution is to stay in the officeOpens in a new tab. and have fun in your well-decorated place. However, there are many other locations to distract from the working environment. If your team is small, you can gather at someone’s home or rent an apartment for a mind-blowing celebration.

Let’s consider options for a handsome budget. It may be a restaurant, garden, yacht, etc. Another great idea is to go to a nightclub, karaoke, or bowling to paint the town red. The venue choice fully depends on the team preferences and tastes, so choose the one everyone will value. 

Make a Guest List

We know that a holiday organization is a challenging task when many details can be missed out. Therefore, it’d be great to make up a list of people invited to the party. It will enable the celebration organizers to keep track of guests, so anyone is missed out. Besides, you will know if there’s everything prepared to accommodate these people. 

When making a list, decide the party venue as it will determine much. If there is enough space, employees can come to the party with their significant others. Inform the staff in advance on this question as some may not come because of guest number restrictions. If everything is right and your team can bring to the party whomever they want, you may think about adding to the list your regular customers and sponsors. 

Send Invitations

Start creating eye-catching invitations after you know the party theme, location, and guests list. Consider the theme, and make invitations correspondingly. Choose whatever type you wish: email or printed card. However, be prudent as an online invitation can miss out, go to spam, or just be ignored, so remind colleagues about the party verbally. 

Do not forget to include necessary information for the guests like time, venue, and dress code. Besides, you can tell people what to expect from the entertainment program, so they are prepared to sing, dance, participate in competitions, etc. Add contacts of a corporate holiday event organizer if guests have additional questions or want to say they cannot come. 

Plan the Menu

Good food and drinks will bring your party success. In addition to festive plates, ensure everyone will be fed. When making a menu, find if there are vegans, vegetarians, or other people with a special diet. Professional Christmas party planning is grounded on satisfying all guests’ needs. If you throw a party in a restaurant or cafe, people can order whatever they wish, and you do not have to worry. 

Another crucial element is drinking, and there must be a variety of options for everyone to enjoy the party. People can have alcohol preferences so make sure your bar is full of non-alcohol, spirits, and low-alcoholic drinks. It’d be excellent to hire a bartender who will entertain people with stunning shows and offer them tasty cocktails. 

Decorate the Venue

A place you choose for celebration should express Christmas vibes and make people happy. You can buy different thematic decorations or order special decoration services if you have an appropriate budget. There will be much fun to decorate your place together, have fun, and start partying this way. 

A photo zone is a win-win solution for every corporate party as people will always want to take photos and post them on social media. You can hire a photographer to get many professional images that will decorate your office and remind employees of the enjoyable times they spent together. Besides, these photos can be used for your company promotion and showcasing your team on the site in the About us section. 

Prepare Entertainment 

In order to make the party fun and unforgettable, ensure you have a powerful entertainment plan. Firstly, think about a Christmas playlistOpens in a new tab. as music means a lot at parties. Another significant element is activities like competitions, games year-round, creating resolutions, posing icebreaker questions, playing Never Have I Ever: This Year, and more. Let everyone speak about the passing year, summarize your achievements, Opens in a new tab.and set future goals. 

It’d be great to invite a host, a DJ, dancers or singers to make the party impressive and compelling. These people will entertain you and make you feel relaxed at your corporate event at the celebration of a magic holiday Christmas. 


Now you can see that holiday organization is an integral part of a good celebration. You will not have to worry about setting, budget, or entertainment if everything is well-prepared in advance. We hope that these party ideas will enable you to throw an unforgettable party and build a friendly corporate culture.

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