50 Best Office Christmas Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for ideas to decorate your office this Christmas? You have come to the right place.

Decorating the office during the holiday season is a great way to lighten up the mood, embrace festivities, and bringing all the employees together. These Christmas office decorationOpens in a new tab. ideas are sure to give your office a complete makeover. Bring these ideas to fruition by involving your co-workers from different departments and create a fabulous decorative display.

Here is a list of 50 elegant Christmas decorating ideas that you can use to turn your officeOpens in a new tab. into a winter wonderland. 

1. Hang Candy Canes

If you are looking for simple yet elegant decor for Christmas, then there is nothing better than hanging red and white candy canesOpens in a new tab.. You can hang them on the ceiling to bring festive vibes and get the entire office into the mood of celebration. 

2. Decorate the Cubicles with Snowflakes

Adding paper snowflakesOpens in a new tab. over the desks will help you to create a snowy effect. You can cover the office hallways with white carpets to add more to the decorations. This will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. 

3. Enhance the Office Lobby with Colorful Objects

Set up a beautiful ambiance by decorating the lobby with hanging colorful objects like bells, baublesOpens in a new tab., or other Christmas ornamentsOpens in a new tab.. This creative idea will turn the office lobby into a decorative and elegant space. 

4. Transform Desks into Gingerbread House

Using cardboard, some cotton, and red and brown wrapping paper, you can transform the office cubicles into a gingerbread themed house. You can also add Christmas lights to create a festive feeling. 

5. Hang Christmas Boots on the Walls

Your office Christmas decor will look perfect if you hang toy snow bootsOpens in a new tab. or skies on the office walls. You can also add some extra elements to the boots by decorating them with red and white paper cuttings or ribbons. 

6. Make a Snowman 

To execute this idea, you don’t need actual snow. You can make a snowman using white cotton and glace paper to carve out his eyes and nose. After you have crafted the snowmanOpens in a new tab., you can place it near the office entrance. This idea is sure to turn heads. 

7. Decorate the Door with Christmas Wreath 

Wreaths are not just made for homes; you can also hang it on your office doorOpens in a new tab. or in the reception area this Christmas. Wrap the wreaths with some string lights to brighten up your workplace. 

8. Cover the Ceiling with Stars

Stars add a touch of charm to the Christmas celebration. To light up your workplace, you can hang stars from the office ceilingOpens in a new tab.. This idea is affordable and will give your office a bright and sparkling effect. 

9. Give your Office a Brick Look

Creating a brick effect Opens in a new tab.on each cubicle will make you feel as if you are inside a chimney. Additionally, you can also hang Christmas stockings and some trinkets. This innovative and unique idea will bring a smile on every employee’s face. 

10. Make Paper Santas 

You can make a few cut-outs of little paper SantasOpens in a new tab. in various sizes. It will look adorable and add to the Christmas feel if you place it on each desk. 

11. Take Employees to the North Pole

Turn office cubicles into the North Pole Express. You can craft the train out of cardboard boxes and colored paper. You can also incorporate polar express sign to make it more evident. This decor idea will surprise everyone at your workplace. 

12. Get Playful with Balloons

Christmas ballons

Balloons are not just for birthdays; they are a perfect decoration idea for every occasion. To set up a stunning and vibrant Christmas environment at your workplace, you can hang balloons everywhere, including cubicles, reception desk, entrance, etc. You can either go for the typical redOpens in a new tab. and white balloons or use different colors to create a unique decor. 

13. Hang a Festive Christmas Banner 

Using banners is a great way to grab attention and declare celebrations around. So you can hang a banner at your office that says ‘Merry ChristmasOpens in a new tab.‘. This will spread magic and make everybody’s spirit high. 

14. Snow Capped Office Decoration

You will need a lot of cotton Opens in a new tab.to execute this idea. All you need to do is grab cotton and put it either on the office desks or floor to create a snow effect. Also, you can use paper cut snowflakes and stick them on the desks or walls. 

15. Set Up a Decorative Archway


This is one of the most attractive Christmas decoration ideas. The green and pink archway will create a flawless entrance for employees. You can use ribbons, candies, and red Christmas balls to deck it up and make it more captivating. Alternatively, there is an inflatable archway optionOpens in a new tab..


16. Craft your Own Christmas Tree (Or Wear One)


It is always a good idea to make your own Christmas tree as it gives you a sense of belonging. You can decorate the tree according to your preference and add your favorite ornaments. You can place the Christmas tree near the reception area. Also, you can make small Christmas trees and put them on desks. 

17. Layer Up the Office with Streamers

Using streamers is another easy decorative idea to beautify your office. You can get some green and red streamersOpens in a new tab. and style the office cubicles. You can also tape them on the walls or hang them from the ceiling to create a Christmassy feel in the office.

18. Dangle Santa Stockings


You can get a little creative by making your own Santa stockingsOpens in a new tab. with the help of patterned cloth and ribbons. To add a touch of uniqueness, you can write the name of the employees on it and hang or pin them on their respective desks. 

19. Embellish the entire office with Christmas Ornaments

If you want to keep the decor simple, you can get some ornaments like Christmas garlandsOpens in a new tab., bulbsOpens in a new tab., bells, etc. from the market and hang them from the ceiling. Anyone can use this easy decorative idea. 

20. Light up the Workplace

Office fairy lights

Covering the cubicles in the office with fairy lights will completely change the environment. You can use different methods to put the lightsOpens in a new tab. around. Also, you can make a Christmas tree out of lights. This idea will spread festive cheer at your workplace. 

21. Color Pop Christmas Decor 

christmas lights in the office

Get rid of the usual red and white. Add bright bursts of colors like pink, yellow, blue, green to brighten up your officeOpens in a new tab.. You can incorporate colorful Christmas wreaths, streamers patterned with ribbon or paper, bulbs, and more. This decor idea will stand out if done over dark-colored walls or furniture. 

22. Make Wreath with Post-it Notes


Hardly anyone has heard about this cool Christmas decor idea. All you need to do is take post-it notes and make a Christmas wreath Opens in a new tab.out of it. You can stick it on a glass or a wooden door, and windows. Also, to make it more personalized, you can ask employees to write messages on it. 

23. Let the Gifts Do Some Talking 

Office Christmas decorations

Take cardboard boxes of different sizes and shapes and wrap them up with gift wrappers. You can place them on every desk along with some Santa bows and caps. This simple idea will bring cheer and joy in the office.  Or you can buy Christmas present boxesOpens in a new tab..

24. Decorate Every Nook and Corner

Office Christmas decorations

Do not reserve your best Christmas decorOpens in a new tab. just for the reception area and let the festivities flow into every part of the office. You can decorate the office using pine cones, baubles, candy canes, etc. This will lighten the mood of employees and will get them in the holiday spirit.

25. Go for Modern Ornaments 

Give the Christmas tree at the office a minimalist and fun twist with golden geometric ornamentsOpens in a new tab.. This idea is a little different, but will definitely add a touch of style and grace to the tree. Everyone at your workplace will love this idea. 

26. Festive Floral Arrangements

Christmas floral arrangements

Flowers are a great way to bring new life to any space. Using flowers as ChristmasOpens in a new tab. decor will bring joy and happiness to your workplace. Pairing fresh moss and evergreens with thick petaled flowers like peonies and anemones will make a perfect floral arrangement. 

27. Decorate the Office Walls

It is now time to deck up your office walls. You can use Christmas paper cut-outs and colorful strings for wall decorationsOpens in a new tab.. This idea will perfectly set up your workplace for the celebration.

28. Use Gloves to Make a Christmas Tree

Glove Christmas tree

You can use medical glovesOpens in a new tab. to make a Christmas tree. It may require a little effort, but it is definitely worth it. If you work at the hospital, this is one of the best Christmas tree ideas. 

29. Accessorize the Twig Tree

This is an affordable decor option. All you need to do is paint a twig and dress it up with mini Christmas ornaments. The best part of this idea is that you do not even have to worry about watering it. You can put the twig in a mason jar and place it on the desk. (Check out options on Amazon – Click HEREOpens in a new tab.)

30. Add Christmas Window Decorations

Christmas window decorations

You can decorate the office windowsOpens in a new tab. this Christmas using plenty of creative ways like branches covered with lights, ornaments hanging on multicolored ribbons, decorative icicles, and more. You can also buy adhesive Christmas stickersOpens in a new tab. from AmazonOpens in a new tab. and stick it on the windows.

31. Hang Stockings on the Frontdesk

Hanging stockingsOpens in a new tab. on the front desk is a very simple yet attractive idea. You can use patterned stockings for this and decorate them with ribbons. To make it more creative, you can fill the stockings with candy and offer them to employees. 

32. Make a Medley 

Chrsitmas medley

You can create a medley of all your Christmas belongings on the desk. Use stars, baubles, Santa, candy canes, etc. to make a perfect Christmas medley.Opens in a new tab. This Christmas idea will make you lively and joyful. 

33. Hang Pictures of Employees

It is a beautiful and unique idea. For this, you can take cut-outs of just the faces of employees, stick them under a Christmas hat, and then hang them from the office ceiling. 

34. Use Pine Cone as Ornaments

Chrsitmas pine cones

You can spray-paint the pine cones with white color and add them as ornaments on the office Christmas office tree. The white pine conesOpens in a new tab. look exquisite against the evergreen tree branches. 

35. Make your own Photo Wreath 

You can create your own photo wreathOpens in a new tab. using photographs of your co-workers. If you are worried about ruining the original pictures, you can use copies. This superb idea will be a surprise to all the employees. 

36. Consider Using Pom Poms

Pom Poms Christmas tree

Use pom-pomsOpens in a new tab. to make a colorful mini Christmas tree that perfectly fits a desk or tabletop. The rainbow tree will instantly make any space vibrant and happy. You can also add a little bow on the top. 

37. Craft Bird Ornaments 

Craft Bird Ornaments

You can craft your own bird ornaments with the help of some paper and paints. Punch holes in paper birds so that you hang them on the Christmas tree with a colored ribbon or string. 

38. Let the Tree Glow

Office Christmas tree with lights

Twist the string lightsOpens in a new tab. into pines and evergreens for some glow and shine. You can also scatter lanterns throughout the office to give it a cozier and relaxing ambiance. 

39. Tea Light Snowman Ornament 


This is again one of the cutest and most creative ideas. All you need is a tea lightOpens in a new tab., paper, and ribbons to craft your own tea light snowman ornamentOpens in a new tab..

40. DIY Deer Cups


Deer Cups

The Christmas coffee will be more delicious with the deer cupsOpens in a new tab.. You can make your own by sticking deer cut-outs on cups. It is an interesting way to spread cheer all over the office.  Alternatively, you can add deer strawsOpens in a new tab. to any cup.

41. Hang Mini Wreaths 






The phrase ‘the more, the merrier’ stands true for mini wreathsOpens in a new tab.. You can hang mini wreaths everywhere, including cubicles, walls, or the office ceiling. This is an exciting idea to create a beautiful atmosphere. 

42. Make a 3-D Upholstered Tree


To make this tree, you just need some basic techniques and upholstery materials (cardboard, craft paper, fabric, and spray adhesive). You can also fold them flat and store them away until next Christmas. Place these trees on your office desks and enjoy your ChristmasOpens in a new tab.

43. Chair Adornments 


This holiday season, create festive office chair embellishments by simply using an unwired ribbon of your preferred choice and tying a bow out of it in the center of each chair. You can also adorn the center of the bow by adding small pine cones, berries, and greenery. 

44. Turn Mittens into an Advent Calendar



Create an advent calendar by sticking dates on the mittensOpens in a new tab. and hang them on a string. You can use it as a countdown to the big day. Fill the mittens with candies and hang it anywhere in the office. 

45. Craft Paper Ornaments 

Christmas paper ornaments

You can easily make 3D ornaments using your patterned cardstock. Match the paper ornaments with the rest of the decor of the officeOpens in a new tab.. You can either hang them on trees or use them to adorn the wrapped gifts. 

46. Add Some Sparkle


Take empty mason jarsOpens in a new tab. and stick glitterOpens in a new tab. on the inside with the help of glue. You can also put tea lights inside the jars to make it sparkle and glow. Place these expensive-looking jars on office desks and bring festive joy. 

47. Make a Snowy Wreath


You can use glittered pine cones, faux greenery, berry signs, and flowers to craft grapevine wreath and then cover it with faux snow. Hang this pretty wreathOpens in a new tab. on the entrance door of your office and give it a cheery update. 

48. Add to the Wow Factor with a Disco Ball

Christmas Disco ball

This unique decor idea will look glorious. Hang a disco ballOpens in a new tab. from the ceiling, right above where the Christmas tree is placed. The sparkle of the disco ball will nicely blend with the modern decor. You can also top the disco ball with ribbons to make it more interesting. 

49. Use a Consistent Color Scheme

As long as the color scheme is consistent, you do not need to decorate the office with the traditional green and red colorsOpens in a new tab.. Instead, you can choose a sparkly icy themeOpens in a new tab. that will leave a long-lasting impression on employees.  

50. Top the Christmas Tree with Bells


Decorate your Christmas tree with some rustic and festive jingle bellsOpens in a new tab.. You can choose brass bells as they have a rustic charm. Tie the bells together using wire and secure it on top of the tree. 


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