A Digital Nomad Guide: How to Successfully Travel the World While Working Remotely

Digital nomads are professionals who travel all around the world, working from their laptops. In this article, you will find handy tips on how to enjoy this lifestyle to the max and how to surround yourself with the highest comfort once you arrive in Dubai.

Digital nomads are professionals who travel around the world, working remotely from their laptops. They are not chained to any particular country or office and can change their whereabouts as often as they wish. 

They earn good money, they enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people and they report steadily great life satisfaction. However, newbies often have doubts and questions when switching to a nomadic lifestyle. In this article, we will share valuable advice on how to make the most of such an approach to life and work.

Valuable Tips on How to Enjoy the Life of a Digital Nomad to the Max

First, you should realize why you decided to become a nomad and which goals you want to achieve:

• You are young and curious, you want to see the world and get new impressions. You keep working on the go because you need funds to sustain yourself. In this case, find a job that consumes minimal time and allows you to spend at least 4 hours a day socializing and sightseeing. When you arrive at a new destination, your itinerary should include all the major tourist attractions. You might never come back to certain areas once again, so use your chance to get to know them inside out.

• You would like to settle down somewhere abroad but you are not sure of which country to choose. If so, you should arrive at a new location in the low tourist season and pay primary attention to those places and venues that are frequented by residents. Step away from the hotel infrastructure and try to use as many local services as possible. Try to see how the area changes in spring or autumn: do you find it comfortable to live here in any weather?

• If you travel for the sake of cross-pollination of business ideas, you should strive to meet as many fellow professionals as possible. Get in touch with hostels, coworking spaces, and other venues that cater to digital nomadsOpens in a new tab. a couple of months before arriving at their area. Ask them whether they might have special offers, feature seasonal discounts, or host networking events. Adjust your travel schedule to the business activity of those areas that you plan to visit.

Establish flexible deadlines. When working from home or in an office, you can postpone tasks till the last moment. Yet you can hardly afford to do so when traveling. Your plane might be late, there might be a power cut in your part of town, someone might urgently ask you for help — you cannot foresee all the emergency cases but you can be sure there will be plenty of them. Plan your workload so that you finish most tasks well in advance and if you are slightly late with some of them, the delay will not be critical.

Try to organize your payments so as to receive money at least once per week. Many freelancer jobs allow people to accomplish small tasks in a short period of time and receive fees almost immediately. Like this, you will never find yourself penniless. Plus, you will forget about the awkward situations when you get your salary once per month and spend it all on luxury shopping on the first day.

Decide which is the minimum financial emergency reserve for you. When traveling from one destination to another, you can spend a certain ratio of this reserve. But once you settle down, you should not move to the next location until you replenish your savings.

Use as many payment systems as possible. Distribute your savings among diverse bank accounts, e-wallets, and crypto-wallets. If one system accidentally blocks your account, you will still be able to reach the others. If someone steals your smartphone or laptop, they should not be able to withdraw all your funds in one go. Make sure the access to the accounts and wallets where you store your savings is intricate enough. You should consistently enhance your financial literacy to be able to choose the most reliable payment solutions and enable advanced security methods.

If someone steals your gadgets, you should be able to remotely block them so that the thieves cannot access their precious contents. After your device turns into an unresponsive piece of hardware, the criminals would not be able to sell it at a good price. Also, you might consider installing apps that take pictures of the thieves’ faces and send them to you so that you report them to the police.

Once you come back to your country, have a full medical check-up. Even if you feel good, it would be reasonable to get to know about any potential health hazards and prevent them while it is still cheap and easy to do so.

No matter how busy and sociable you are, make sure you have enough privacy. At the end of each day, you should be able to relax alone. Add new contacts to your social networks, keep a diary and analyze all the events and impressions of the last 24 hours. This will allow you to have a proper rest and plan your next moves more reasonably. Learn how to explain to people politely but confidently that you seriously need this private time and therefore have to decline their invitations.

Mind that you should not confuse the lifestyle of a digital nomad with traveling on holiday. When working, you cannot afford to disappear from your clients’ radars for several days in a row. You should avoid regions with a substandard internet connection or high risks of natural calamities. When you settle down in a particular area, try to surround yourself with top-notch infrastructure that will enable you to work with maximum efficiency. 

Maybe Dubai is what you want, so below you can read more tips on renting coworking spaceOpens in a new tab. there.

The Specifics and Advantages of Renting Offices in Dubai

Dubai is an important economic, financial, educational, cultural, and touristic hub of the Middle East. It attracts professionals from all over the world who are dreaming of an impressive international career. In Dubai, you can easily meet people who possess the knowledge, experience, connections, and funds that you need. Many businesses find affluent and demanding clients here, which allows them to prosper and rapidly evolve.

But there are thousands of options and you need to stay thorough to choose the most long-term fruitful coworking space option. Namely, make sure to consider the following aspects before making a final choice:

• Location – first and foremost, the mere situation of a coworking space is an essential factor that impacts further workflow success and business opportunities. Thus, a coworking office located in a prestigious neighborhood is always a sweet spot for potential clients and partners seeking reputable providers. On top of that, usually, all the necessary conveniences are available within walking distance in such areas. It’s also great to consider how green the neighborhood is – will employees have the opportunity to take a stroll in the part on their break? This would greatly affect the mood, hence the performance of specialists.

• Costs – surely, you should only take a bite you can chew and keep in line with the budget. So make sure to go through all the membership fees in detail, consider all available membership plans, and see which extras are covered by regular payments and which aren’t.

• Amenities – what conveniences does the coworking space provide that your employees really need to better focus on work and perform? This implies everything from little things, like the now-classical free coffee and cookies, to sufficient standard and special work hardware and software (do your employees need a hands-free headset or a 3D printer for work?). Usually, truly integral and reputable coworking providers offer a full range of amenities with extra and custom options.

• Staff – who will your employees be working alongside? A good coworking space is filled with ambitious, passionate specialists and entrepreneurs willing to work in the most hassle-free, friendly, and convenient environment possible. You can check if that’s the case for a particular coworking option by going through some feedback and seeing reports on joint activities in the coworking.

All this, of course, must be set in line with your specific requirements and financial capacities. And it can be pretty difficult to tie up all aspects on your own and hit the right spot. That’s why some professional assistance in picking a coworking officeOpens in a new tab. should come in more than handy.

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