10 Tips to Make Your Office Space More Productive

When it comes to working, productivity is what everyone targets to accomplish. It is the driving factor that influences and gives depth to a business or a company and its employees. There are various companies like breakout escape rooms, software development, statistics department, or a regular office company where the working conditions and the nature of the office space productivity have determined their productivity and success. 

When you focus on improving the productivityOpens in a new tab. of you and your people in your office, it often requires attention in several directions apart from just the location and surroundings. Many factors determine the productivity and the optimum result of every individual and vary depending on their requirement. But you cannot cater to every necessity and redesign your officeOpens in a new tab. interior based on each person’s preference. 

Fortunately, various resources help us understand what factors are responsible for boosting human productivity and how to utilize them in our office area. Many scientific research theories have cited how we can create a better working atmosphere for ourselves and those working with us without physically altering our office too much. With little effort, you can create a good-quality office area where everyoneOpens in a new tab. would want to work and look forward to collaborating on projects with others. Read below to find out 10 such tips to make your office space more productive and use its benefits to enhance coworker unity and health across your business: 

1. Add a potted plant. 

When they say get close to nature and include greenery on your desk, it’s not just for aesthetic effect. Potted plants near your office area and on your working desk help purify the air around you and create a surrounding that alleviates inspiration and calmness. They are a good source for promoting motivation and positivity amongst employees and reducing stressOpens in a new tab. regularly. Thus, plants have a ton of pros and are well-suited for placing them in your office space to increase productivity.  

2. Create an area for putting away the gadgets. 

In this digital world of fast-spanning technical advancements, our gadgets are our close friends as well as our biggest enemies. Their constant need to draw our minds towards them can be highly distracting in the office. The best way to deal with their intrusion is to create a small but reliable gadget home or zone where you can put your devices before starting a task and set a self-imposed rule to stay away from it until you finish your work. Discipline and systematic rules are necessary for increasing productivity in a company.  

3. Declutter often. 

Cramped and stuffed places are highly uninspiring and kill the will to work in any area. With So many things cluttered in an office or your working desk, you will find negativity and laziness pouring from their setup. It will make you avoid picking up any spot to work, and you and your coworkers will start to procrastinate on a large scale instead. 

As a result, to increase productivity, make it a rule to declutter your office space frequently for promoting easiness and a feel-good setting for everyone to appreciate and enjoy working.  

4. Focus on good lighting. 

Lighting plays an equally important aspect in beautifying and making the workspace appear more friendly and welcoming and boosting productivity in the company. Sadness and melancholy are synonymous with these grim and dark settings and might easily upset you or anyone at work. 

Have more sunlight and broad daylight enter your office space for a pleasant and fresh atmosphere for the working condition. Keep the office desks wellOpens in a new tab. illuminated, and the walls around painted in soft and subtle colors to reflect the brightness and make the interior appear lightened up. 

5. Have comfortable furniture. 

Furniture that is ill-suited for working and supporting the human body structure causes early fatigue in its users. It might affect your body posture and eyesight and cause a sharp drop in your productivity. To relax your hard-working body, have different kinds of comfortable furniture like supporting chairs, seats, and a good eye-level and height table to support your physical form and help you relax during long working hours. Keeping your body relaxed, supported, and a good posture helps increase concentration and dedication in your work that boostsOpens in a new tab. productivity.    

6. Include refreshments. 

It is necessary to let yourself relax now and then, especially when you’re working so hard to accomplish your goals and get so much done every day. We all know that a well-rested and relaxed body houses a productive and healthy mind that is more creative and efficient at work. Add some refreshments or a break zone in your officeOpens in a new tab. with some relaxing activities to enjoy at work. 

It will help you and your employees de-stress and to reward after accomplishing something important and be ready to work better again and enhance your overall productivity.  

7. Keep your workspace clean and hygienic. 

Let’s be honest, if your office space isn’t clean and your office desk is screaming with overfilled things unrelated to your work, you won’t be able to get too much of your work done. A messy place is the last thing you would want to work in, as it makes a person irritable and highly distracted from the task at hand. 

For being productive and a task accomplisher, take some time out regularly and clean your workspace. Remove the extra stuff and organize your things to keep your desk hygienic and harbor a cheerful feeling at work.  

8. Modify the space for comfort and movement. 

Sometimes, when you hit low as your body cannot take any more work, it is better to take a quick walk around your office and carry out some small breaks to ease down your physical stress levels. Trying to continue in such a condition reduces work performance and causes various mental and physical health issues in the long run. To stay productive and boost results, modify the space in your office to accommodate movement and comfort for you and other workers to help them catch small breaks and bounce back feeling refreshed.  

9. Personalize more. 

By personalizing your work desk in the office, you can connect better mentally and emotionally with your work and the company. You can add a few precious or personal items and desktop accessories like a calendar or anything that makes you feel motivated and inspired to be productive and active. 

It might be a family photo, a lucky charm, a blessing card, etc. Just make sure not to clutter your table with too many of them, for they may end up affecting your output and cause distractions in the long run.   

10. Scents, sounds, temperatures, and colors. 

The scents and sounds affect your productivityOpens in a new tab. significantly because they are responsible for triggering your sensor overdrive if you find them annoying or not suitable for your work. Loud noise and a foul smell might give you a reason to try to escape your office and decrease your productivity. 

The temperature of the room and the color schemes also affect productivity, so have windows open depending on the season and get fresh and inspiring colors in your office and the furniture for improving the working condition and boosting productivity. 


Indeed, you cannot be perfect. But you can always strive to become a responsible and caring entrepreneur to your company and its people. And the best way to achieve it is by loosening up a bit and becoming flexible with your rules. Let your employees have the advantage of adding personal touches on their desks and soothing accessories for their destressing routine. 

The more your people will be free to breathe during work and embrace freedom, the more they will be creative in their performance, accomplish diverse goals, and give extraordinary results that will ultimately skyrocket your company’s productivity. 

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