Every Office Should Serve the Best Coffee to Employees

For many people, coffee is a significant part of their lives. Having a cup of coffee in the morning is the best way to kick start their day and relax their mind. Undoubtedly, it has become a must-have beverage in many homes and workplaces.  With the rapidly growing trend of coffee-culture, it is not wrong to expect every office-small or big to be serving coffee to its employees. But, why serve the best coffee. to employees

Why Every Office Should Serve the Best Coffee to Employees?  Great coffee improves workplace social interaction, communication, collaboration and eliminates the need for employees to leave the office to go to a local coffee shop.  A fresh quality cup of coffee boost the morale of your employees and leads to satisfaction and productivity. Providing a great cup of coffee can be one of the biggest recruiting assets of a company.

Why coffee?

Believe it or not, but coffee comes with plenty of health benefits. Companies are hiring baristas so they can prepare coffee for the employees according to their preference. Many employees love to drink coffee before starting their day or even after the break. According to studies, it keeps them fresh, active and productive.  

Research states that a cup of coffee boosts your energy level, keeps you focused, makes you alert & tireless, and also improves your productivity at work.

According to a survey by Keurig Green MountainOpens in a new tab., coffee plays a vital role in giving a good performance in the office.

– 89% of the 843 surveyed workplaces stated that a good coffee cup in the office can make an entire workday happy and productive.

– Without having a cup of coffee, employees can feel several negative emotions:

– Exhausted (36%)

– Irritable (35%)

– Unproductive (30%)

– Disorganized (20%)

– Forgetful (14%),

Coffee is often a free perk offered by employers to its employees. When an office serves free coffee to the employees, it makes them feel appreciated and valued. Offering a decent cup of coffee is a way to tell them that you still care for them.

A sip of coffee during working hours not only makes employees happy, but lowers their work stress, and enhances productivity.  

So, whether you own a small company or a large enterprise, if you want to keep your employees happy and boost revenue, ensure you are serving coffee to your employees. A fresh and aromatic coffee not only keeps your employees fresh but also strengthens their short-term memories and make them more alert. When you provide your employees with a homely workspace and make them feel comfortable and relaxed, it will not only enhances their productivity but also automatically your company’s revenue.

11 Reasons Why Coffee is a Must-Have Beverage in the Office

1. Keeps Employees Alert

An employee needs to be focused and stay alert at the workplace to meet his/her work deadlines. Many studies have stated that caffeine is helpful in keeping a person awake and alert. It is the most commonly found stimulant in maximum domestic products. Caffeinated coffee not only keeps workers active but also boost their central nervous systems to keep them focused and productive all day long. The researchers of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineOpens in a new tab. conducted a study in the UK and found that employees who intake coffee in the offices enhance their alertness and lower the risk of accidents.

2. Boost Productivity

Gone are the days when employees used to spend most of their time at their desks. Work-life has become highly flexible these days. Coffee break is a great invention of the 20th century. Many studies have represented that consuming coffee helps you to be more productive and efficient at work.

According to a 2010 MIT study, workers who take coffee breaks together deliver a great improvement in their overall productivity. During coffee breaks, workers can share both their work-related and personal experiences. Allowing your employees to take coffee breaks together is one of the best ways to help them recharge for their next task and uplift their performance in the workplace.

3. Live Longer

Yes, it does. Coffee can help you live a healthier and longer life if taken in moderate amounts. A study by the US National Institute for Health found a connection between the consumed coffee amount and death risk.

4. Multiple Health benefits

A research by the American Institute of Cancer ResearchOpens in a new tab. has concluded that coffee is the perfect source of antioxidants. These antioxidants can result in the reduction of cancer growth & inflammatory processes and also protect you from other chronic diseases. As per American Heart AssociationOpens in a new tab. researchers, people who intake coffee on daily basis are less prone to deal with heart diseases. Coffee is helpful in relieving headaches due to workload and low blood pressure. It also helps you in repairing your DNA and keeping your eyes healthy and sharp.

5. Creates a Relaxed Environment

Every employee wants to work in a relaxed environment. It enables them to take a break from their tight working schedule and refreshes their mind. If there is no barista to prepare coffee in the workplace, chances are they need to step out from their offices and this can impact the timings, and work culture of the company. To keep your employees linked to the company culture and their co-workers, a Barista is a necessity in the workplace.

6. Lowers Pain for Knowledge Workers

Most knowledge workers have jobs which require them to sit and work at the same spot for hours. Sitting at a single place and in the same position for a long time can result in muscle pain. A study by the National Institute for HealthOpens in a new tab. has proved that workers who intake coffee before starting their work on their desktops, reduce the chances of pain development or to deal with any kind of pain as compared to those who don’t. So, you can consider caffeine or coffee as a pain moderator which allows workers to work comfortably.  

7. Decreases Sleep-deprived Stress

“Nothing can replace sleep, but coffee can do its best” has been rightly said by Kelley O’Hara.

Coffee is a great option for those who are facing sleep deprivation as it helps in reducing stress levels. The Seoul National University performed an experiment to compare the expression of certain proteins and genes on rats by exposing them to the aroma of coffee. As per the study, the rats exposed to the coffee smell presented proteins with healthy antioxidant characteristics famous to prevent nerve cells from stress-related harms, whereas the rats not exposed to the coffee odor didn’t represent such gene expressions.

8. Increases Employees Activity and Social Cohesion

Coffee is an important part of the workplace culture or you can say that it is the most common beverage that is consumed in the offices. The Barista in an office workplace works as a water cooler. This leads to more interaction between employees and improves their social circle.

A study published in Psychopharmacology JournalOpens in a new tab. states that employees who consume an average caffeine amount before working in a group are more active, social, and deliver the best performance. They not only deliver their best but also help other colleagues or group members in improving their performance.

9. Promotes Time for Problem Sharing and Solving

In the workplace, coffee time allows conversations. At workplaces, the phrase “Let’s have a cup of coffee” stands for “let’s have a conversation.” All coffee lovers can meet and talk while consuming a cup of coffee. It allows employees to share both their personal and professional problems, away from management and clients. Sharing problems with others is a great way in relieving stress.

10. Improves Metabolic Activity

There are several studies which represent a correlation between the consumption of a specific caffeine amount and improved metabolic activity. These studies have conducted that coffee consumption leads to an increase in metabolism. A cup of coffee (without sugar) while sitting at your desk helps you in increasing your metabolism, burning extra fat, and maintaining a healthier body.

11. Helps in Making an Accurate Decision

There are myriad of proof that disclosed the positive effects of caffeine on memory retention. A studyOpens in a new tab. at the John Hopkins University has stated that consuming coffee helps people remember better. A sharper and good memory allows people to make accurate decisions. It means coffee helps employees in recalling previous information and instructions easily. In brief, coffee is helpful in staying focused and alert at the tasks and making right work-related decisions.

Related Questions

What is the best option for brewing coffee at work – A Barista or a coffee machine?

At the workplace, many people prefer coffee machine, but if you want to enhance productivity, value your staff and increase your brand loyalty, then you should hire a barista.

How coffee can increase the morale of the employees?

Coffee is a free perk offered by the office to its employees. When an office serves free coffee to the employees, it makes them feel appreciated and valued. Even if a company is having a tough economic time, offering a decent cup of coffee is a way to tell them that you still care for them.

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