What is Tsu? Tsu the Social Network that Pays

What is Tsu? The Social Network that Pays

You need Tsu – You as an influencer, need Tsu.  You need it because of one simple question – How big was your check last week from Facebook?”  Co-Founder and CFO Scot Weisberg.

We live in a social universe and everyone in it is a content creator.

Creators create content that fuels social media. 

Here is how social media works today.  Advertisers pay social media on your content.  The social giants then keep all of the money for themselves.  The creators never see that money. 

Tsu puts content creators first. When advertisers pay Tsu, the content creators on Tsu earn a 50% payout on ad revenue generated from their content.

Tsu also provides a market place for creators to sell products and share in the products.  Creators receive 50% of the affiliate commissions from products sold in their stores.  The money you generate from ad revenue and affiliate commission will be added to your account every day.

Tsu shares 50% of the ad revenue generated from your content while other social giants share nothing.

Tsu believes creators should be rewarded for their work.

The only way to currently join Tsu is with an invitation, so take the opportunity – Create a Tsu account using your phone with this invitationOpens in a new tab. (click hereOpens in a new tab.).  

How do Content Creators Earn Money on Tsu?

There are two ways to make money on Tsu – create original content and/or invite other users to the platform.

When you post content on Tsu, users can interact with the post as well as any other social network.  The more viewed your content is, the more money you earn.  This encourages users to create the best content.

The other way is to earn money by inviting other users to the platform.  When you create your Tsu account, you receive a personalized invitation link.  Each registered user with this link will generate revenue for you ina multi-level marketing system.

How do People get Rich on Social Media?

You gave probably noticed, most of the big Fanpages or YouTube channels started early on the platform.  The size of your audience is the most relevant factor to reach the potential of your content.  When a platform has few influencers, it is easy to compete for space.  From the moment you are in the largest channels, basically your success is guaranteed.

What Happened To Tsu?

Tsu was originally launched on October 21, 2014.  The first version closed down August 2016.  In 2019 the relaunch of the platform was announced with a more sustainable version (the original concept was to share 90% of the revenue of the platform with users.  However, this model failed.

The current CEO of the Tsu platform is John Acunto, former CTO of the Wall Street Journal and General Electric’s (GE) app Studio. He said in an interview:

“We have added a whole bunch of things. The new form of engagement is how many people are viewing your actual content, it’s not a quantity, it’s quality, and what is that engagement looks like. I think social media needs to start giving more feedback to those influencers. You really don’t get that type of data metrics to help you really engage better with your audience. There are tens of millions of influencers that don’t get a check in the mail. I think that is really what we are trying to drive home. We are going to pay you to do what you’re doing. And we are going to pay you generously (up to 50% of the revenue generated). What are they making now? Zero.”

The only way to currently join Tsu is with an invitation, so take the opportunity – Create a Tsu account using your phone with this invitationOpens in a new tab. (click hereOpens in a new tab.).  


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