What is the LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Plus 10 Reasons Why You Need One

Drinking water might be a usual daily activity, but it’s also advisable to ensure that you are drinking healthy water. This is because viruses are tiny enough to pass through some of the top-grade water filters.

This is where the LARQ water bottles come in to help you ensure that you are only drinking the healthiest form of water. With these bottles, you have a chance of assisting your immunity by preventing bacteria from easily entering your system.

Here, we’ll be looking at the LARQ self-cleaning water bottle in detail and show you ten valid reasons why you need one.

What is the LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle?

The LARQ self-cleaning water bottle is a reusable water bottle that’s designed to store, purify, and dispense water in its healthiest form. Instead of trying to filter the bacteria and viruses that can be found in water, this water bottle simply destroys them.

With this bottle, you get two purification modes, including normal and adventure. The former model purifies water up to 99.99% of pathogens within a single minute. On the other hand, the adventure purification mode will purify your water up to 99.9999% within a time-lapse of three minutes.  Save 10% using this link – CLICK HERE

Does the LARQ Water Bottle Work?

Yes, the LARQ self-cleaning water bottles work fine and deliver germicidal doses of UV-C light (280nm). With this capability, the LARQ water bottle can eliminate 99.99% of viruses and another 99.9997% of any bacterial content present in your drinking water.

This bottle features a UV-C emitter embedded in the bottle’s cap and powered by an inbuilt USB-rechargeable battery. You can use the battery for a whole month without draining it, but it will depend on the mode you’ll set the bottle on.

Here is how the LARQ water bottle works:

Fill the bottle with water and press the button on its cap

 Press once to activate the normal mode

 Double-tap to activate the adventure mode

 You can swish the bottle around to maximize its disinfecting power

• Finally, the bottle features a maintenance cycle, which means it will re-blast the water every 2 hours to ensure it remains germs-free

How Long Does a LARQ Water Bottle Last?

On a full charge, the LARQ self-cleaning water bottle can last you for approximately two weeks. But as mentioned earlier, this will most likely depend on the type of mode you are using on the bottle.

Therefore, you need to ensure the bottle is fully charged and often check to see if it needs a power refill. This way, the bottle will be able to deliver to its full potential at any time, which is a benefit to your health.

Can You Wash a LARQ Water Bottle?

Yes, it’s possible to wash your LARQ water bottle, and you should do it once in a while. This bottle only requires to be cleaned less often than any other water bottle because it’s self-cleaning.

That’s one of the many benefits of owning a LARQ self-cleaning water bottle. Generally, you can wash this bottle in 3-4 weeks-time depending on how often you use it.

Does the LARQ Water Bottle Filter Water?

The LARQ water bottle destroys the viruses and bacteria found in water instead of filtering them. As a result, you get close to 100% purified water that won’t put your health at risk when drinking.

Does the LARQ Water Bottle Smell?

No, the LARQ water bottle doesn’t smell bad at all, even after prolonged use. This is because the bottle utilizes UV-C LED technology that’s built in the bottle’s cap, and this technology eliminates bacteria responsible for causing bad smell.

As a result, the bottle never smells, and you can confidently drink your purified water publicly without the fear of bad odor from the bottle.

10 Reasons Why You Need a LARQ Water Bottle

The LARQ self-cleaning water bottle is a state-of-the-art water bottle that utilizes high-quality technology to ensure you drink clean and healthy water. It ensures you don’t consume harmful viruses and bacteria as you quench your thirst.

With that in mind, below are ten reasons why you need to own a LARQ water bottle:

1. Kills Viruses

The LARQ water bottle kills 99.99% of viruses when you use the adventure mode to purify your drinking water. This ensures that you only drink safe water, which prevents infections related to viruses from entering your system.

2. Kills Bacteria

The LARQ water bottle can also eliminate up to 99.9999% of harmful water-borne bacteria within only minutes. Not only is this healthy for you, but it also maintains a fresh and refreshing water bottle smell.

3. Stylish

Unlike regular filter bottles, the LARQ looks clean and modern and can rhyme with any person’s style.

4. Easy Maintenance

Because it’s a self-cleaning water bottle, you don’t have to keep worrying about washing the bottle often. Also, it only requires a single full charge a month, and you are good to go.

5. Thermal Retention

The LARQ water bottle re-blasts the already purified water inside it to keep it clean and ensure that many viruses and bacteria are destroyed. This is something you need, especially during the pandemic where the virus takes a toll on a person’s immune system.

6. Rechargeable

With a built-in Lithium Polymer battery, the LARQ is a rechargeable water bottle that can deliver its purification services whenever after a full charge. And it can last you for long, so you don’t have to keep looking for a power source.

7. Proven to Work

You don’t have to struggle to find a legit water bottle that can fully purify your tap water. This is because the LARQ water uses scientifically proven technology. That’s why it delivers the highest water purification percentages that you can find on any water filter water bottles.

8. Reusable

This isn’t only a reason enough to own this bottle but also a benefit to enjoy. And unlike filter bottles, you can reuse the LARQ water bottle without changing the filters.

9. Easy to Use

It is very easy to use this water bottle because you only need to follow simple steps to purify your drinking water.

10. Temperature Control

Other than purifying your drinking water and cleaning itself, the LARQ water bottle also comes with a temperature control feature. With this feature, you can control the water temperature according to your preferences.


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