Navigate Wellness Solutions

What Is Navigate Wellness Solutions?

For over ten years, Navigate Wellness Solutions, or simply “NavigateOpens in a new tab.,” has assisted companies in integrating the wellbeing of their employees with their business goals, mission, and values. 

Navigate serves as a flexible platform that addresses your wellness needs and budget. The company aims to motivate its clients on their journey to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

One defining mission of Navigate is to spread optimism and improve the lives of not only their customers but also their employees. With their efforts, they hope to inspire others to do the same.

Power of 8

Navigate follows its “Power of 8” philosophy. The “Power of 8” philosophy addresses the eight critical pillars of well-being: purpose, physical, mindfulness, nutrition, social, balance, financial, and community. Navigate is well-equipped with tools and features to keep up with the challenges their clients face under each pillar. The platform consists of several online resources that provide comprehensive, easy-to-use features and support services as it continually adjusts to ever-changing well-being trends.

Navigate Your Wellbeing with Purpose

The company’s tagline is “Navigate your Wellbeing with Purpose,” signifying the purpose of the platform. Their technology is configurable, flexible, and affordable for companies of all sizes. Become happier and healthier today with their holistic resources, comprehensive online tools, and resource guides. You can enjoy this positive change with an engaging and motivating rewards mall and video learning courses. Finally, you may take a look at their comprehensive suite of challenges that allow you to choose a topic well-suited for your needs. These challenges may be done hand-in-hand with additional portal resources to holistically address a person’s well-being.


One of their most famous guides is the “Focus 5Opens in a new tab..” It talks about five critical factors to look out for in your company’s well-being. These factors include evolving focus, choosing authenticity, flexible technology, creating belonging, and activating employee purpose.

Also, they publish case studies that highlight the benefits of Navigate. One of the case studies featured Meredith Corporation, an Iowa-based media conglomerate. The company testified that their use of Navigate has helped their diverse and dispersed workforce. With their partnership with Navigate, Meredith built integrative well-being challenges focused on teamwork, weight loss, and increased physical activity.

Another case study features Baylor Scott & White Health. In this case, the Baylor Scott & White Health made use of Navigate to set the standard for health and wellness in Dallas Fort Worth and Central Texas areas. Through their partnership with Navigate, they were able to provide their participants with a means to personalize their well-being journey. 

Overview of Navigate Wellness Solutions Benefits

What makes Navigate Wellness Solutions an excellent choice as a wellbeing platform? For starters, the company has done and been providing high-quality service for over ten years now. Through those years, the company has been able to adapt and evolve to wellness products that fit today’s standards. Navigate provides their clients with a flexible, easy-to-implement technology platform that anyone can use. 

We have written an article, “What Are Workplace Wellness Objectives? (13 Objectives and 6 Goals of Wellness Programs in the Workplace),Opens in a new tab.” which explains the actionable objectives companies can take to create a corporate culture that cares for the well-being of its employees.

Navigate offers a broad range of well-being solutions and product categories. Their products embody their Power of 8 philosophy, caring for its clients’ purpose, physical, mindfulness, nutrition, social, balance, financial, and community well-being. They offer these products under a year-long and challenge-specific communication campaign. Also, they provide friendly, dedicated account management for administrators and excellent customer service for their clients.

Navigate’s products fall under four categoriesOpens in a new tab..

1. Platforms & Hubs

2. H&P Point Solutions

3. Physical Wellness

4. Clinics, Assessments & Screenings.

Under Platforms & Hubs, they offer the Benefits Navigation Platform as well as Wellness Companies.

As for the H&P Point Solutions, they give importance to corporate sleep, disorder vendors, diabetes programs, financial wellness programs, mindfulness at work, and tobacco cessation program.

Under Physical Wellness, they tackle organizational fitness challenges, corporate nutrition programs, health coaching, and health literacy programs.

Finally, for Clinics, Assessment & Screenings, they deal with biometric screening, health risk assessment, and physician forms.

Administrator Support

Navigate’s administrator support is collaborative and continuous, as opposed to other vendors’ impersonal and off-the-shelf approach. Companies that work with Navigate do not need to self-administer their wellness program. From strategizing to implementation, emergency requests, and annual planning, Navigate is there for its clients.

Even after building your platform, Navigate account managers will keep touch with you to confirm specifics, provide further recommendations, and update you about current developments.

All standard Nagivate reports are available 24/7. You can also contact your account manager if you want custom reports or modify your programs and challenges.

In-House Customer Service for Participants

When your employees need prompt answers, Navigate’s in-house customer service team can help. Together with account managers, they will receive and resolve every participant call and email with warmth and accuracy.

Marketing Support

Your well-being story will resonate in your company with Navigate’s configurable platform, tailored materials, and engagement campaigns.

Well-Being Challenges

Navigate’s extensive suite of challenges allows you to pick topics that are important to your employees. Moreover, they complement the available resources in the portal for a holistic approach to well-being.

Your employees will enjoy fresh experiences as Navigate creates new challenges every year. The activities vary by challenge and Power of 8 category. Whatever your wellness goals are, these Well-Being Challenges got you covered.

Overview of Navigate Wellness Solutions Features

The Navigate platform boasts several featuresOpens in a new tab.. Here are some notable features of the Navigate Wellness Solutions.

Comprehensive Online Resources

The platform contains comprehensive online resources that offer conventional well-being programs that best suit the needs of your employees. These resources are easy to use and agile enough to evolve with the well-being trends of tomorrow.

Incentive Tracking Table

An Incentive Tracking Table is conveniently located on your portal’s homepage. Here, the participants can use this to complete activities, track their progress, and review requirements through an easy-to-understand format.

We have written an article, “50 Workplace Stress Relief Activities (For Individual, Team, Group and Company),”Opens in a new tab. which explains some activities that companies can conduct to relieve stress at the individual, team, and group levels.

Well-Being Survey

Instead of using a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), Navigate makes use of a survey to encourage its participants to address their well-being. The survey also helps gather data that may be used to plan for the future of your program.

We have written an article, “Are Employee Engagement Surveys Really Confidential? (Flaws and Can You Get Fired),”Opens in a new tab. which explains how companies can keep employee surveys as private as possible.

Biometric Data

Navigate makes use of a centralized biometric data of a patient for up to 5 years. Information ready for review in the biometric data includes height, weight, blood pressure, lipid panel, blood glucose, cotinine, and body fat percentage.

Third-Party Programs

Navigate allows for third-party program resourcesOpens in a new tab.. Integrating such an element in the platform hub of your program allows for PDFs with additional information that may be useful to your employees.


Navigate is linked to the Live Amplified Rewards Mall. Here, the client may work with an incentive structure that may help with the organization’s well-being objectives. These rewards may help promote and reinforce the behaviors necessary for achieving the organization’s goal. 

Robust Participant Resources

Several forms of resources are available to its users. These include healthy recipes, a meal planner, a library of videos and articles on exercise, yoga, meditation, and other health education. Also, you can track health behaviors such as activity minutes, step count, nutrition information, weight, sleeping hours, and hydration.

Navigate Wellbeing App

The Navigate Wellbeing app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The apps sync with the portal and enable quick access and up-to-date information from either their mobile device or laptop.

Additional Features

– Online Physician Form

– Preferred Pricing for Biometric Screenings

– Health Coaching and Tobacco Cessation Courses

– Flu Shots

Awards & Quality Certificates

Navigate Wellness Solutions is a Shortlister-verified wellness company. Shortlister is a well-known website that reviews and profiles hundreds of vendors.

How Much Does Navigate Wellness Solutions Cost?

The Navigate Wellness Solutions app is free for download on Google Play and App Store. For 

For more information on their membership costs, you may request for a demoOpens in a new tab., email them at, or call them at (888) 282-0822. Alternatively, you may visit their office located at 140 S 68th St. Suite 2200, West Des Moines, IA 50266.

Technical Details 

Device Support

– Windows

– Android

– iPhone/iPad

– Mac

– Web

Language Support

– English

Pricing Model

For more information on their pricing model, you may request a demoOpens in a new tab., email them at, or call them at (888) 282-0822.

Customer Types

– Small Business

– Medium Business

– Freelancers

What Support Does Navigate Wellness Solutions Offer?

– Email

– Live Support

– Phone

– Online Guides

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