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Maxwell HealthOpens in a new tab. is a technology platform specializing in simplifying benefits and HR for small-sized to mid-sized companies. Their platform also offers an innovative marketplace that makes benefits attractive and intuitive for employees. The combination of enrollment tools, as well as combining the administration of benefits and payroll into one tool, makes the experience easy for all employees. Their tools streamline HR processes and eliminate the hassle of day-to-day benefits management.

With the use of a SaaS platform partnered with high-quality service experience, Maxwell has continuously redefined health care for businesses by simplifying employee benefits, minimizing insurance costs, and improving employee health.

Maxwell Health aims to help companies achieve health and financial well-being by modernizing insurance, financial, and wellness benefits experience. Benefit advisors provide the platform’s technology, and insurance and retirement companies license it.


In June of 2018, Sun Life Financial has acquired Maxwell Health. The acquisition fuses their expertise in insurance and technology, making benefits experience more accessible and guide individuals and families in choosing the right benefits for themselves. It created a brand new approach to driving change in the industry by providing a total benefits solution and advancing the company’s strategy with small- and mid-sized employers. 

They are focused on simplifying benefits and delivering leading enrollment solutions along with easing the burden of benefits management. Some of the most significant challenges in the industry that they aim to address are:

– helping employees achieve financial security,

– closing the coverage gap, and

– providing access to the right benefits.

Together, Sun Life Financial and Maxwell Health fill coverage gaps thanks to the team’s extensive expertise in both insurance and technology. This collaboration created a benefits and HR experience that focuses on:

– full-service client experience,

– streamlined EDX,

– automation of HR tasks,

– intuitive enrollment experience, and

– easier payment and billing.

Maxwell’s headquarters are in Boston, MA, and New York, NY, with remote offices located across the country.


Kate Martin is Maxwell Health’s Director of Client Success, who leads the company’s Implementation and training organization. Her role is to ensure success and high-quality output throughout the deployment process. She leverages her expertise in communication and project management as well as her technical knowledge of the platform to provide quality support to customers and their teams of implementation managers and consultants, product specialists, and technical specialists. She also serves as customer success representative and a key stakeholder in all phases of their product development and engineering process. 

Keith Scally is the VP of Product of Maxwell Health. He is involved in the strategy development of Maxwell’s product, and he brings that strategy to action by overseeing and defining the development process and product management. Before Maxwell, Keith has worked with various companies in the insurance, financial services, and information technology field. He helped them attain positive results through product, IT, and business strategy alignment.

Patrick Brassil, as the Director of EDX, contributes a range of benefits knowledge to the team. He manages the company’s marketplace services, as well as their support, EDI, reporting teams, and technical specialists. His experience in both small and large firms allows him to have a broad and unique outlook that he applies to Maxwell.

Ted Phillips is the Director of Maxwell Health’s Distribution Digital Center of Excellence and their resident insurance guru. With his extensive experience, he has gained vast health insurance knowledge in the range of ancillary group products, which he brings to the table with varied insurance offers. Ted has worked along with a diverse group of industries, from brokerage services to mid-market companies, and has undertaken a lot of complex contracts and underwriting. He is licensed for life, accident, and health insurance.

Vinay Gidwaney was Maxwell Health’s Chief Product Officer and co-founder before Sun Life Financial officially acquired the company in June 2018. She serves on the board of Design for Change USA, a non-profit dedicated to teaching the youth 21st-century skills while having service projects in the community. Before Maxwell, Vinay was the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Control-F1, an industry leader in support automation. She was also the director and founding investor of Neurosilicon. Vinay is also a winner of 2002’s MIT Technology Review Magazine Top 100 InnovatorsOpens in a new tab. Under 35 award.


Maxwell Health’s mission is to empower people to engage with their health and well-being through their revolutionary Health-as-a-Service platform. The principles of their culture are grit, tenacity, transparency, cross-team collaboration, and being mission-driven. 

Sun Life Financial aims to guide clients towards achieving financial security and living healthier lives by utilizing the simplified benefits and insurance platform of Maxwell Health to brokers and clients.

Sun Life Financial and Maxwell Health are focused on creating painless benefits and HR experience for brokers and employers. They aim to create easier and better ways that will make a difference beyond just the price.

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Vision & Values

– Be client-obsessed.

– The client’s voice and success should drive whatever they do.

– Be bold with a focus on excellence.

– Aim to simplify. From “I think,” it should get to “I know.”

– Act with respect and integrity toward clients and to each other.


Maxwell Health has accessible resourcesOpens in a new tab. and blogOpens in a new tab. available to all clients and employers to keep them posted on the latest news and updates. It also includes Sun Life + Maxwell Offering, Success Stories, Education, Videos, and Product Updates.

Overview of Maxwell Health Benefits

Maxwell Health provides an easy-to-use technology platform that acts as your HR command center, making it simple to manage employee information and benefits. People spend their time and energy into manual paperwork to remind them to sign their employment documents or turn in their enrollment forms. Maxwell brings all of those processes into one integrated technology solution, designed to save time and eliminate potential errors.

Benefits Advisors

Sun Life Financial and Maxwell Health, as your insurance and technology partners, work together to help extend the value of your company.

Expand Revenue and Retain Clients. Expand revenue by increasing your organization’s coverage and participation in Sun Life’s voluntary benefits. Doing this will provide you the opportunity to offer value-added lifestyle and new financial products to your clients.

Full-Service Client Setup. With their technology solution, implementing your tools to the client is more hands-off. Simply send them all employer-specific information, and they will build your client’s portal behind the scenes.

Streamlined Data Collection. With Maxwell, there will no longer be a hassle going back and forth with your insurance and technology partners. With their integration with Sun Life, you get an entirely digitized option to submit all employer information. 

Streamlined Benefits and HR

To catch up with the continually evolving marketOpens in a new tab., you need to spend more time administering your people and less time wasted on doing manual tasks. Maxwell Health offers an intuitive technology solution to make employee benefits and HR management simple and effective. Through their solutions, they help you accomplish daily operations smoothly and effectively, modernize each employee’s experience, and empower employees to make smart benefits decisions.

1. Easy Employee Information Management. Access a centralized directory of employee information that’s easy to update and can be used as a convenient record source.

2. Simplified Onboarding. Cut down on employment and enrollment paperwork with paperless form signing, which also automates employee review and signing. 

3. Employee Engagement. Keep employees onboard in a personalized and engaging way through the integration of communication tools and self-service enrollment.

4. Faster Benefits Administration. With Maxwell Health’s modern technology interface and simple enrollment experience, employees get convenient and easy access to manage their benefits throughout the year.

5. Intuitive Experience. Similar to online shopping, Maxwell Health’s benefits enrollment experience is familiar and easy-to-use. This feature helps them select the right benefits fitting to their unique and personal needs. These coverage details are accessible online year-round.

Benefits Enrollment and Employee Shopping Experience

Going cloud-based for employee benefits and HR management is a way to streamline internal operations. It saves valuable time and resources on tedious paper-based tasks for annual enrollment, as employees make constant changes and updates or if there’s turnover within the organization. With Sun Life Financial and Maxwell Health working as one company, your organization gets an easier end-to-end experience thanks to their back-end efficiencies.

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Digital Experience

Showcase your company’s benefits in a digital platformOpens in a new tab. that makes it easy for employees to see and evaluate plan details and documents, assess and review their choices, and check out. This access to benefits information in a convenient mobile app and web portal efficiently support for benefits questions.

All Benefits in One Place

Having a centralized employee and benefits data allows for a simple and easy-to-use benefits administration system without the need to rifle through massive binders and cabinets. After enrollment, all employees get 24/7 access to their benefits information via the mobile app.

With Maxwell, employees can shop for their benefits and enroll in traditional employee benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance. Moreover, they can also include products and services that are fitting for their unique lifestyle. 


– Open enrollment management and processing 

– Eliminates the need to ask each employee on their enrollment progress

– The live enrollment dashboard allows employers to track benefits enrollment in real-time and easily send an email notice to employees.

– Life events and benefits rules 

– Configurable notifications 

– Easy administration of benefit changes based on life events 

– Manage benefits and product type rules

– Convenient, full-service and automatic enrollment data feeds (with carriers for processing open enrollment, mid-year changes, and renewals) 

It also makes it easy for employees to manage their ongoing benefits changes throughout the year. The way employees select and shop for plans would be simpler. Also, employers can present their benefit offering to employees clearly and in a holistic approach to explain how those coverages can affect their lives.

Support Complex Benefit

Maxwell’s Marketplace includes hundreds of voluntary and worksite products from only the best-class carriers. From there, the products are pre-built and integrated with the Maxwell platform. Most products are custom-tailored for Maxwell clients; thus, they have minimal to no participation requirements plus a generous Guaranteed Issue amounts. This feature makes it easier to expand your benefits offering and make an impact on employees who will enroll in these products.

1. A Marketplace of Pre-Built and Integrated Benefits – Maxwell Health helps you quickly expand your benefits offering as they take on the administration and with the marketplace, including free EDI connectivity.

2. Robust Support for Voluntary and Worksite – The platform provides employees the option to benefits and products for life, disability, accident, and critical illnesses. 

3. Complex Benefit Structures Made Simple – Modern benefits shopping experience is now easier for employees to understand and elect.

4. Provide “Big Company Benefits – Employees can take advantage of Maxwell Health’s pre-built and fully-integrated benefit products package that can rival Fortune 500 companies.

5. Voluntary Offerings for Employees – The minimal participation requirements make it easy to expand the company’s benefits package without spending a burdensome amount of money.

6. Value-Add Lifestyle and Financial Products –  Through this feature, employers can increase employee productivity by providing products like healthcare services, telemedicine, and ID theft protection.

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Payroll and Integration

This feature enables you to quickly see every relevant information that you need to know to update payrollOpens in a new tab.. Here, you can download the view as a changes-only payroll file. It includes an intuitive payroll calendar, which makes it easier to enter the company’s payroll schedule while ensuring accurate deductions for financial products. The customizable cost reports allow the employer to pull a file of your employees’ benefit-cost data at any time.

– Payroll Interface

– Payroll Calendar 

– API integration

The API integrationOpens in a new tab. automatically syncs benefit deduction to ADP in real time. The payroll reports are compatible with Paylocity and Paychex, which allows employers to be as hands-on or hands-off as they’d like when it comes to getting the deductions and associated product information over to ADP. This feature includes

– payroll data feeds, 

– integration and reporting capabilities with top payroll vendors,

– other third-party integrations,

– ACA compliance partners,

– HRIS, and

– ADP Workforce Now. 


When an event is qualified for COBRA, you’re easily guided through the critical steps and the option to indicate which products are eligible for continuation of coverage. The COBRA event reportOpens in a new tab. provides a list of employees and dependents who qualify for COBRA coverage due to an incident or life event. 

Maxwell Health’s COBRA event eligibility workflow and reporting are just the start and the foundation of an integrated solution together with two industry-leading COBRA administrators.

– Mark COBRA-eligible employees.

– Run the COBRA Eligibility Event Report.

– Send to your administrator.

Forms and Documents Streamlines

The cloud-based system of records saves you from sharing spreadsheets and worrying whether your data is accurate and complete. Through Maxwell Health’s platform, you can simply edit it online. With your approval, your employees are allowed to update their demographic information. 

Moreover, all forms are conveniently pre-populated and electronically signed by you and your employees via DocuSign, all within the Maxwell workflow. Document management allows SBCs and employment documents like Direct Deposit Forms, W4s, I9s, W4s, to be made available to employees throughout the year.


This feature provides the highly critical insights into your employee data. A robust reporting dashboard that is customizable according to your needs makes this possible.

It includes change reports, custom reporting, cost reports, and benefits cost reports. Its features include the following:

1. Reports Library: A highly-organized and consolidated library of data reports

2. Intuitive Customization: Easily extract data according to the information you need. 

3. Instant Report Data: Instantly download reports in seconds to get the information you need quickly and easily. 

4. ACA Reporting: This feature makes it easy to get all the demographic and medical coverage data you need.

5. Audit Trail: This feature ensures that all system actions (date, time, permission stamps) are trackable and reportable.


Through their platform, you can standardize your benefits communication with a library of sophisticated and pre-built email templates. You can also create, save, and send customized emails to each employee.

Employee Mobile App and Wellness Program 

Maxwell Health’s engaging mobile appOpens in a new tab. gives employees convenient access to their data and benefits anytime, anywhere. The mobile app provides employees with one portal to navigate all health and benefits-related features. Through this, they can reference their benefits information whenever they need it, including the following: 

– Important benefits info such as ID numbers, deductibles, in- and out-of-network costs, etc.

– Fitness data streaming and reward employees for progress

– Provision of connection to their benefits information right at their fingertips 

– Access to virtual ID card with both plan and information

Moreover, with this mobile app, employees can opt to:

– sync their fitness devices (Apple Health and Google Fit apps);

– track their steps, which can turn into points and coins; and

– redeem rewards such as gift cards via TangoCard (integrated into the HR Administrator portal of Maxwell).

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Privacy and Security

Maxwell Health understands the critical importance of data protectionOpens in a new tab. of its customers. They recognize the contribution that information security can make to a company’s success and, most importantly, to the overall risk management program. 

They seek to provide comprehensive security for all data stored in their platform. Thus, they have adopted security control and practices that protect customer information confidentiality and integrity in strict compliance with state privacy regulations and HIPAA.

With their ACA solution, employers meet the compliance requirements of the employer mandate:

– Your preferred ACA compliance partners comprehend Maxwell data; hence, they can complete your ACA reporting and filing.

– ACA data extract is available through the Maxwell portal (regardless of your chosen partner in completing reports and filing).

– Through Maxwell’s secure email service, you can send the ACA data extract and corresponding data dictionary to any colleague, third party, and compliance partners in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

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To get firsthand experience of the services Maxwell Health provides, you can visit their website and request a demoOpens in a new tab..

Overview of Maxwell Health Features

– Deployment Support 

– Technical Support 

– Webinar Training 

– Knowledgebase Access 

– Renewal Support 

– Access to Preferred Lifestyle and Financial Benefits

– Online Enrollment 

– Year-round Engagement 

– Paperless Administration 

– HR Functionality 

– Integrations Support for Robust Benefits Strategies 

– Maxwell Marketplace

Awards & Quality Certificates

– Boston Business Journal – Innovation All-Stars, 2015

– Boston Business Journal – Boston’s Best Places to Work, 2014

– Bostinno – Boston’s Coolest Company Nominee, 2014

– The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism – Top 5 Industry Innovator, 2014

– Tech Cocktail – The Hottest Startup in the Nation, 2013

How Much Does Maxwell Health Cost?

Maxwell Health aims to make benefits management for individuals and organizations alike simpler and accessible. If you wish to receive complete information about their payment terms, contact Maxwell Health.Opens in a new tab.

Technical Details

Device Support

– Windows

– Mac

– Android (Web-based)

– iOS (Web-based)

Language Support

– English

Pricing Model

Maxwell Health makes benefits management simpler and accessible. For more information about their pricing model, contact Maxwell Health.Opens in a new tab.

Customer Types

– Employers

– Small-sized companies

– Mid-sized companies

– Business advisors

– Families

– Insurance companies

– Retirement companies

What Support Does Maxwell Health Offer?

– Video

– Chat

– Mobile App

– Email

– Website

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