LifeWorksOpens in a new tab. by Morneau Shepell is an award-winning Employee Assistance Program and Total Well-Being solutions provider. For more than 50 years, they have extended support and help employees through their everyday issues and concerns about family, life, money, and work. 

In the last 50 years, LifeWorks has evolved its services from an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to a Total Well-Being solutions provider.  They help organizations develop healthy work environments while improving the well-being of their employees. From their roots of delivering counseling as an EAP via telephone or face to face, they have made the shift by modernizing their employee assistance through the application of innovative technology. 

Their mobile-first user experience and flexible “anytime, anywhere” support services have become the first unified Total Well-being Solution. People and employees everywhere use it to enhance their everyday life experiences. Through their integration with Morneau Shepell, LifeWorks helps millions lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

– 200+ languages supported in 170 countries

– 80,000+ worldwide network of counselors, coaches, and specialized professionals

– 37 million people who love using LifeWorks

– 15,000 organizations that trust LifeWorks


In 1966, LifeWorks began in Canada. In the following years, they introduced the pioneer and market-leading Employee Assistance Program that provides 24-hour access to counselors. In 1996, 30 years after its founding, they launched another industry-first and world-class fully integrated EAP and Work-Life Services.

The company kept up with the rapid modernization of technology. In 2000, it was the first to add Health & Wellness solutions to its fully integrated EAP and Work-Life Services. By 2011, LifeWorks introduced more digital features and modalities, such as online chat, self-service booking, and video counseling. Morneau Shepell launched the Total Health Index in 2014, the industry’s most successful survey of employee health risk assessment and productivity metrics.

In 2016, LifeWorks merged with WorkAngel, a technology innovator and employee engagement specialist. This collaboration introduced the first unified Total Well-Being Solution. In the next few years, they continued to enhance their modern EAP and Total Well-Being Solution by designing personalized, bite-sized content, spot rewards, and the introduction of a community news feed. They also came up with preventative wellness solutions through personal and company team challenges as well as through Health Assessments. They continued innovating and enhancing their services by collaborating with wearable technology providers such as Apple, Google, and Fitbit. 

In 2018, Morneau Shepell acquired LifeWorks, bringing together best-in-class clinical support, technology, and user experience in delivering a Total Well-Being Solution for every employee.

For more than 50 years, LifeWorks has been providing EAP and Work-Life solutions, helping companies and employers improve their health and productivity both at work and at home. They also help hone and maintain healthy work environments for the benefit of the company. Their genuine commitment continues as they innovate and establish new benchmarks year-by-year.


The platform is led by a team that continuously reinvents the way clients provide well-being to their people. From global brands to small companies, they approach all clients with the same drive to get everything they need for their people. LifeWorks’ leadership team has extensive backgrounds in technology, HR, and employee wellness and engagement.

Stephen Liptrap, Morneau ShepellOpens in a new tab. President and Chief Executive Officer, has 25 years of senior executive experience in the tech and retail sector. He joined the company’s senior executive team in 2008. Liptrap is responsible for leading the company’s business operations and functions. He is also a public speaker and thought leader on conferences and events tackling HR issues facing organizations.

Pierre Chamberland is the company’s President, Administrative Solutions, and Executive Vice President. He is responsible for consultations and the overall management of the company’s outsourcing practice. Since joining the company in 1982, he holds the role of overseeing pension and benefits administration services for the company as a whole. Today, he continues to provide strategic consultations and project management support on client implementation projects.

Neil King is the Chief Commercial Officer, the US, and Executive Vice President. He leads the sales for the company’s administrative solutions business as well as public sector growth and customer relations management in the United States. He has been a pivotal contributor to the Company’s Kakuma—an initiative to build a technology hub as well as a high school for girls in a refugee camp in northern Kenya.

Rita Fridella is Executive Vice President of Morneau Shepell and President of LifeWorks. She has led the LifeWorks business line by bringing in more than 30 years of experience in the organizational health field. Fridella has previously served as Senior Vice President, Operations for Employee Support Solutions, and Chief Clinician for the company. Being a certified Six Sigma Black Belt since 2008, she has continuously led strategic initiatives to improve the company’s systems and processes. 

Jim Kelly leads the company’s growth in the US public sector market. He designs and delivers health, pension, benefits, and HR solutions to public and private organizations in the market. For almost ten years, he has been actively finding solutions to human capital challenges facing state and local governments.

Carey McKenzie leads the platform’s Client Development organization and supports execution of the overall US business strategy. His role is to ensure each client’s success by achieving maximum value for their investments and drive the development and implementation of the company’s plans to deliver the best solutions and services to the market consistently. He started working with the company in 1999 as a senior data management analyst. He has held a wide array of positions in solutions architecture, service delivery management, technology, and client development.


LifeWorks’ platform aims to support employee benefit plansOpens in a new tab.. They take an integrated approach to employee assistance, absence management, health, benefits, and retirement needs. They provide the tools and expertise needed to help companies solve complex problems related to employee well-being, engagement, and financial security.

The platform takes the initiative in corporate and social responsibility. LifeWorks conducts volunteering programs, as well as workplace and community initiatives and critical incidents support for those in need. Aligned with their vision, they believe that they have a responsibility to help people everywhere and make them feel well and loved.

We have written an article, “How Do You Promote Wellness In The Workplace? (Why Employee Wellness Matters)Opens in a new tab.” which expounds on how you can develop a wellness culture in your workplace and explains why employee wellness is vital to company productivity.

Vision & Values

LifeWorks supports the 100% well-being of your workforce, for happier, healthier, and more productive employees. To achieve that, they bring in and integrate the best user experience and clinical support to improve the complete mental, physical, social, and financial well-being of employees everywhere.

Their four core values, which they uphold in every situation, represent a set of behaviors that distinguish them from other wellness providers from the rest of the world.

– Total well-being

– Speak your mind

– Difference makers

– No fear


LifeWorks hosts a blogOpens in a new tab. where people can explore updates and articles on leadership inspiration and editorial pieces on employee well-being. You can also read customer storiesOpens in a new tab. and access their webinars and eventsOpens in a new tab. to gain more insights about workplace wellness on their website.

You can connect more with LifeWorks and get the latest updates through their FacebookOpens in a new tab., TwitterOpens in a new tab., and LinkedInOpens in a new tab. accounts. You can also reach them on their YouTube channelOpens in a new tab. for their most recent videos.

Overview of LifeWorks Benefits

LifeWorks offers a wide range of perks and benefits that can help improve your total well-being. Their mantra is to make everyone feel loved and make the most of their careers. They help you reach your personal fitness goals with their gym and massage programs. They also hold company-wide well-being events and competitions to develop social wellness as well. 

We have written an article, “What Are Workplace Wellness Objectives? (13 Objectives and 6 Goals of Wellness Programs in the Workplace),Opens in a new tab.” to tackle the most effective wellness programs companies can integrate into the workplace and the positive effects that it can bring employees.

Furthermore, LifeWorks’ platform supports you when you need it the most. They offer access to an independent Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides confidential counseling and Work-Life services to all.

Total Well-Being Platform

Inconvenient technology and hassle logins tend to make employees disengaged in wellness platforms. Fortunately, LifeWorks’ mobile-first platform gives employees numerous reasons to come back. Through their total well-being platform, employers can connect, support, guide, and reward employees in one unified and holistic platform

– Wellness: LifeWorks provides everything you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

– Modern EAP: They offer 24/7 counseling and online well-being resources.

– News Feed & Recognition: Boost workplace culture and celebrate great work.

– Perks & Savings: Learn how you can save money on daily essentials.

A total employee well-being strategy lets employers support their people in every aspect of their lives. These include physical wellness, emotional distress, family bereavement, and financial matters. Employees who have the support and guidance that they need to achieve healthy lives are far more productive in their job.

Personalized Wellness

With LifeWorks, employers can take a proactive approach to employee wellness that is guaranteed to inspire action. You can personalize your company’s wellness plans by having fitness challenges, snackable wellness content, and effective integration with wearable technology. Through this, they aim to inspire and motivate every person in your team to become healthier and happier.

We have written an article, “How to Create your Own Workplace Wellness ChallengeOpens in a new tab..” It dwells on planning and executing workplace wellness challenges and how it can help build leadership.

Personalize your well-being content with the help of the world’s leading experts and have access to exclusive and bite-sized content. This content can be in the form of articles, videos, and podcasts on body, mind, finances, work, and relationships. These help employees maintain total well-being and make significant, meaningful lifestyle changes.

Engaging Health Assessments

Enable employees to understand the current status of their health across vital risk areas such as their physical condition, emotional well-being, and general health. With these assessment results, employers can learn how they can modify and bring about positive life changes to their team and get personalized recommendations from experts in the field.

Connect To Wearable Technology

The rise of technology has been key to taking preventive measures and tracking people’s healthOpens in a new tab.. Most employees, wherever they are, always have handy gadgets on-hand. Employers can utilize this through LifeWorks’ fitness tracker challenges in sync with wearable tracking technology to drive participation and deliver valid results.

LifeWorks’ gamification feature aims to further motivate and engage employees in taking care of their well-being. Create positive lifestyle changes for your people through individual and corporate challenges in the following:

– Weight management and nutrition

– Mental well-being

– Emotional health

– Forming healthy habits

– Activity-based challenges

– Financial well-being

– Fitness tracker challenges that facilitate participation

Reward Healthy Behavior

In LifeWorks’ platform, you can integrate progress-based incentives that you can use to reward employees when they make meaningful progress toward their wellness goals.

– Incentivizing consistent behavior is not a static model approach. Hence, it can help reinforce and inspire action.

– Access to wellness focus rewards can drive motivation.

Health Coaching

To ensure that you keep your people well and healthy, LifeWorks provides health coachingOpens in a new tab. from professional health experts. They offer recommendations and resources in health issues such as the following:

Smoking Cessation. Understand the effects of tobacco use and dependency and encourage users to work through the process of quitting for good.

Stress Management. This program helps users become more aware and embrace stress. Through coaching, they will learn to acquire the proper coping skills and how to break down seemingly overwhelming tasks into executable steps.

Weight Management. LifeWorks’ health coaches help develop healthy eating habits for each participant by recommending compatible exercises and setting realistic weight loss goals.

Sleep Hygiene. Through health coaching, participants can acquire the tools and information that can help improve sleep and sleep habits and mitigate the effects of sleep deficiency. Through this, users can identify personal barriers and obstacles that hinder their well-deserved rest. LifeWorks’ health coaches set achievable objectives for lasting lifestyle and behavior changes.

Modern Employee Assistance Program

Traditional EAP only has a 5% utilization rate and only reaches a few employees. LifeWorks’ modern EAP embraces the digital experience and supports all employees proactively, whether at work or home. Employers can implement EAP to help employees relieve personal problems that risk their health, well-being, or work performance. LifeWorks’ EAP enables users access to 24/7 counseling specialists.

LifeWorks allows users to access a network of master’s-level counselors and affiliates, which gives employees immediate access to specialized professionals in counseling and human services. These people can advise on various work and life issues such as financial or legal matters and retirement matters. Their EAP features private, virtual counseling sessions (through video, live chat, online groups, telesupport) with a network of counselors and affiliates in counseling, social work, human services, and psychology.

Their flexible EAP allows staff to receive assistance ranging from urgent responses to various well-being content. This benefit is especially advantageous to employees as they can receive guidance without undergoing uncomfortable and tedious processes. Their EAP covers matters such as the following:

Heath and Safety Concerns: stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, concern about another person’s substance abuse, gambling or other addictions, domestic abuse, grief, and loss, crisis and trauma

Financial and Legal Topics: budgeting, financial worries, and reducing debt, legal matters

Work-Related Issues: work-related problems and job stress, conflict at work, job burnout, workplace change

Relationship and Family Matters: adoption issues, relationship issues, separation and divorce, child care and parenting issues, elder care/caregiving issues,  education issues

News Feed and Recognition

The platform also looks into the users’ social well-beingOpens in a new tab.. Through their news feed and recognition feature, they keep participants connected with a personalized news feed of health and well-being content that matches their interests. This feature also lets employees be engaged in workplace culture. 

Community News Hub. Keep everyone connected and informed through the community news hub feature with targeted posts and push notifications. This hub lets everyone in the company share and distribute essential HR benefits to communicate effectively. With the whole team being a part of the news feed, people can also post their own personal and group achievements and news.

Push Notifications. Increase employee engagement with push notifications even when they are not actively using the solution. Push notifications boost app engagement by 88% (Localytics Data Team) and let users engage with the app on a more regular basis. 

Directory. The easy-to-use Directory feature provides access to employee profiles and contact details to enable everyone in the organization to know who’s who and get to know each other.

Perks and Savings

LifeWorks feature various perks and savings that can improve participants’ financial well-being. Their perks and savings features allow users to save on daily purchases and life milestones, such as buying a house or getting married. Through LifeWorks, employees can save up to $2,794 per year. Enjoy thousands of gift cards, store discounts, and cashback offers directly into your wallet. 

– In-store coupon codes

– Gift card discounts up to 15%

– 100% boosted cashback on your wallet

– Online coupon codes

– Up to 20% off theme parks & attractions

– Restaurant discounts

– Gym discounts

– Host offers or requests your favorite merchant

– Up to 40% off on movie tickets and 25% on shows

Furthermore, you can calculate how much you can save in a year with their LifeWorks Perks Calculator.Opens in a new tab.

Workplace Learning Solutions

Choose a training format to suit your employees’ needs. From instructor-led workshops, e-learning to virtual classrooms, LifeWorks offers various training methods that can drive your organization’s success. By actively and continuously enhance your people’s knowledge and skill set, you improve retention, productivity, and engagement in the company altogether.

We have prepared an extensive article on how e-learning helps build employee knowledge and engagement, “7 Reasons to Implement E-Learning in Your Organization.”

– Work, Health & Life Learning Sessions. Provide your people with learning solutions for topics ranging from career, health, legal, financial, and family issues.

– Support For Employees Everywhere. Through their interculturalOpens in a new tab. learning services, you have an advantage in supporting domestic employees as well as for employees living in other countries. This feature gives support to global leaders, business travelers, and groups that work across cultural borders.

– Learning Tailored To Your Company. Targeted learning and training help support the workplace’s overall learning and development strategies with several topics such as money management and work-life balance.

– Develop A Resilient And Successful Workplace. This strategy can address requirements such as reintegration, coaching, sensitivity training, workplace assessments, and investigations and mediations.

Reporting and Insights

Through reporting and insights, employers can make informed decisions about the decisions concerning their people. Every company must meet its business goals and develop productive teams. LifeWorks’ Total Well-Being Platform lays down analytics and insights that can help track behavior and utilization across your organization. By understanding well-being trends, LifeWorks let you fine-tune your HR programs to improve overall results in the business.

– Focus on critical matters with analytics

– Measure engagement and company values

– Utilization and participation reports

– Annual insights reports

– A dashboard of priority data

– Workforce demographics and client satisfaction data

LifeWorks Language Assistance (LLA)

Another stellar feature of LifeWorks’ EAP is that they provide both verbal and written language interpretation at no cost to every participant receiving counseling. The interpretation service is also inclusive to licensed counselors contracted by LifeWorks.

These are the services that they offer with LLA:

– Spoken interpretation in most languages to all users who contact them by phone

– Bilingual counselors who can communicate in your preferred language when you call

– Get access to interpreters at no cost when you work with your counselor.

– They can translate written information into the user’s language at no cost for them.

– Written communication in the user’s language for certain documents

– Written information available in select languages on LifeWorks’ website


To get firsthand experience of the services LifeWorks provides, you can visit and request a demoOpens in a new tab. on their website.

Overview of Interactive Health Features

– Total Well-Being Platform

– Health Assessments

– Modern Employee Assistance Programs

– Perks and Savings

– News Feed and Recognition Feature

– Health Coaching

– Wearable Technology

– Snackable Content

– Workplace Learning Solutions

– Reporting and Insights

– Language Assistance

Awards & Quality Certificates

– Health Information Resource Centre (HIRC) Gold Award for Best Mobile Digital Health Resource at the 21st annual Digital Health Awards

– Dr. Martens: Rebel Soles Merit Awards for Digital Health Media

– Canadian Nuclear Laboratories: Total well-being starts with safety Merit Awards for Digital Health Media

– 2018, Great Places to Work 

– 2018, Employee Engagement Vendor of the Year Award

– 2017, The World’s Next Great HR Technology Company

– 2017, HR Reporters Readers Choice Awards, Wellness & EAP

How Much Does LifeWorks Cost?

Improving your people’s well-being just got easier with LifeWorks. They have a very flexible approach to employee wellness. If you have sales, perks, or general inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact them today. If you wish to receive complete information about their payment terms, contact LifeWorks.Opens in a new tab.

Technical Details

Device Support

– Windows

– Mac

– Android (Web-based)

– iOS (Web-based)

Language Support

 – English

Pricing Model

If you wish to receive complete information about their pricing model and payment terms, contact LifeWorks.Opens in a new tab.

Customer Types

– Businesses

– Companies

– Organizations

– Managers

– Employers

What Support Does LifeWorks Offer?

– Video

– Chat

– Telesupport

– Life Coaching

– Email

– Website

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