How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with the Katchy Indoor Insect Trap (Plus 10 Reasons Why Every Office Needs One)

If you are looking for a gadget that will help you control insects like moths, mosquitoes, fruit flies, and gnats at home and the offices, the Katchy indoor insect trap is a must-buy.

What is the Katchy indoor insect trap?

A katchy indoor insect trap is a gadget that usually uses three phases to enable you to remove annoying and disturbing mosquitoes, fruit flies, bugs, or gnats. It is uniquely designed to trap insects within your house or office and still can be used as décor. Its design also enables it to blend perfectly with other home or office items. It is effortless to use since all you are required to know is how it works. A Katchy indoor insect trap does not have an electric zipping. Thus, it is not noisy and keeps the noise suppressed. This insect trap has a clue board that traps the insects. The composition of the glue board includes synthetic rubber, olefin copolymer, and Tackifying resin.

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Does the Katchy insect trap work?

According to reports given by people who have purchased it to trap insects within their homestead, the gadget works effectively in trapping mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, and bugs. Therefore, if you are looking for a trap to help you eliminate insects in your house or office, a Katchy insect trap is the best choice. You will not complain of nasty mosquito bites and noise after using this trap.

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How does the Katchy insect trap work?

Katchy insect trap works by attracting and trapping insects. Therefore, It is advisable to place the trap where insects are more likely to be found. For instance, you can set it near a trash bean, insect-ridden fruit, or plants to ensure that it will trap more insects because it is close to their habitat. To get the best results, turn the lights off. The Katchy insect trap uses UV light to attract the insects close to it. The trap has a fan that sucks the insects after they get close to it. The insects that have been drawn in stick on the glue board and get trapped there. After the glue board is full, you are required to remove it and refill it with a new one so that it can continue trapping more insects, thus maintaining a conducive living and working environment.

How long does a Katchy insect trap last? Refills?

Since the Katchy insect trap has a glue board for trapping mosquitoes, gnats and fruit fly it gets filled with trapped insects. Therefore, you are required to remove the filled glue board and refill it with another one to ensure the trap remains functional. The glue board lasts about four weeks, and refills are available.

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Ten reasons why every office needs a Katchy indoor insect trap

1. Creates a conducive working environment

A Katchy indoor trap works by attracting and trapping mosquitoes and other insects, thus removing some distractors that might make people not work effectively in the office. For instance, if the office has mosquitoes, people working in the office will have a hard time concentrating because the mosquitoes will bite them, and the bites are very itchy.

2. It reduces pests in offices

Even though a Katchy indoor insect trap does not necessarily kill insects, it plays a role in reducing insects’ population in the office. Once a mosquito, moth, gnat, or fruit fly is trapped and gets stuck on the glue board, it cannot escape back to the environment; therefore, as more insects are trapped, the insects reduce in number.

3. Low noise enabling people to concentrate and work effectively and efficiently

A Katchy indoor insect trap uses UV light to trap insects, and it does not have electric zapping that keeps the noise very low, enabling one to concentrate maximally. People will work effectively because the gadget will not distract them.

4. A Katchy insect trap does not pollute the environment

Trying to control insects using sprays or other chemicals may introduce smells and pollute the work environment. A Katchy insect trap does not pollute the environment.

5. It does not occupy a large space

A Katchy indoor insect trap fits being placed in offices because they do not occupy an ample space than other gadgets that could trap or control insects like mosquito nets. The Katchy insect trap can be placed near dustbins in offices; thus, it won’t occupy large space that might inconvenience people as they work.

6. It is easy to use

It is an insect trap that is very easy to use and does not require to be checked often.  The trap can be checked once per month because the glue board lasts four weeks.

7. It looks like a piece of décor

After purchasing and placing a Katchy insect trap where you think it is fit, it may also look like an office décor other than it trapping insects.

8. Requires little maintenance

After purchasing a Katchy insect trap, all you have to do is to keep refilling it with a new glue board every month to ensure it continues to attract and trap insects in the office.

9. Cost-effective

When comparing the Katchy insect trap to other insect controlling gadgets, the Katchy is very cost-effective and durable.

10. By controlling and trapping insects, you eliminate distractions

There is nothing more irritating than a fly or gnat buzzing around people’s heads and distracting those around. 

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