HealthCheck360 Review

HealthCheck360 is a wellness company that aims to provide innovative wellness programs and health resources to improve employee health and reduce employer costs. The platform is a pioneer in offering wellness programs that are proven to be useful and beneficial for overall well-being.

As a wellness company, HealthCheck360 offers services that provide health risk management options. These options are intended to increase the workers’ morale in the company to achieve their peak performance. At the same time, they also aim to decrease the medical costs and compensation claims incurred by the company.

We have written a detailed article, “100 Ways to be Productive at Work,” Opens in a new tab.which explains the top strategies for enhancing workplace productivity.

HealthCheck360 is built to deliver useful and practical strategies toward the path of better health. They have proven their dedication to empowering individuals, companies, families, and employees to live a life of good health and informed decisions. They have done this through the development of high-quality services that would enable trusted clients to have good health.

Lastly, HealthCheck360 covers services that address the individuality and creativity that exist in each organization. The organization prides itself on the development of well-being strategies that focus on individual and population health to promote workplace wellness. Expect freedom and flexibility in choosing which services would best benefit your team. You can customize an all-inclusive program that is fit for your organization’s unique culture by choosing from their range of services. 

HealthCheck360 provides services that would enable employers to turn their wellness plans into reality. To prove this, trusted employers have done numerous reviews on how their organization benefited from the services offered by the platform. 

For instance, HealthCheck360 partnered with Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit UnionOpens in a new tab., known to be one of the largest credit unions in Texas. RBFCU houses 2000+ employees and 60+ locations, and they were on a mission to find an effective wellness solution that would support all their employees. They partnered with HealthCheck360 and a skilled wellness coordinator, Michelle. She assisted and fulfilled the client’s needs by building a relationship with their employees, planning wellness projects, and providing health lessons. The wellness program for RBFCU was highly successful. 

Aside from this, the wellness company has also worked with Central Utah Water Conservancy DistrictOpens in a new tab.. CUWCD is passionate in providing wellness programs for their employees, and they have over 12 years of history with wellness. However, they sought an upgrade to their wellness programs, which led them to work with HealthCheck360. 

The platform has collaborated with CUWCD for four years, and HealthCheck360 understood the passion and dedication of CUWCD with wellness. Now, they have a comprehensive wellness program that is fit for their unique work culture. Their employees can enjoy on-site wellness screening, health coaching, incentives, and fun competitions. The personalized and innovative approach for this company has benefited its employees’ well being. 

Overview of HealthCheck360 Benefits

Companies aim to find the best service that would fit their needs. HealthCheck360’s services offer a range of benefits that fit their clients’ needs. 

Consumer-Friendly System

HealthCheck360 provides a unique system that enables its clients to have a single point of contact for the entire program. In addition to this, they have designed a system that puts a personal touch on your wellness plan. They practice this through telephonic and online support that provides personalized assistance to their clients. This strategy motivates and supports its clients to make life changes that are healthy and sustainable.

Listed below are the consumer-friendly features that you can get with their service:

– Access

– Health Support

– Connected Health

– Notifications 


To provide the utmost convenience for their clients, they developed a mobile app called myHealthCheck360Opens in a new tab.. This app allows its clients to perform tasks with a simple push of a button. It enables clients to get their results, take surveys, and book an appointment.  Users are also able to track their progress through their health tasks and program completion, find information about their program, schedule a call with a nurse for personal support, and get a personalized to-do list. 

Aside from this, it also connects the user to a health coach who is skilled in providing motivation, information, and health strategies that would be beneficial for the client’s well-being progress. But it doesn’t stop there: clients can also submit for Lifestyle Rewards by taking a photo of them completing an activity. It is an all-in-one mobile app that makes their clients’ life more comfortable with the ease of technology.

Lifestyle Rewards

HealthCheck360 prides itself for delivering one holistic program for your wellness, benefits, and goals. Lifestyle RewardsOpens in a new tab. puts a premium on the customization capability of its users. You are free to choose and customize incentives that are fit for your organization’s needs.

Users can receive rewards from various activities that would benefit their well-being like walking, nutrition, and sleep. You also have the freedom to choose how to reward your employees.  You may do this in the form of reimbursements, credits, or both. In particular, here are the rewards that your employees can enjoy through Lifestyle Rewards.

– Premium Discounts

– HSA Contributions

– Cash Rewards

– Points Programs

– Gift Cards

Lifestyle Rewards would serve as an advantage for the employers and the employees. Listed below are its benefits:

– Higher Employee Engagement

– Engaged Benefits

– Improved Social & Emotional Health 

– Better Physical Health

– Medical Management

Fun Activities 

The myHealthCheck360 mobile app also enables its clients to create healthy habits and break their unhealthy ones through enjoyable features. Challenge your friends through fun challenges in myHealthCheck360 mobile app.

Excellent Program Compliance

HealthCheck360 recognizes the heavy responsibilities of the management. That’s why they have formulated a system that eliminates the administrative hassle: Reasonable Alternative Standard (RAS)Opens in a new tab. management. Here are the some of the forms of coaching that you can access with HealthCheck360: 

– Nicotine Cessation

– Custom Coaching

– Metabolic Risk Coaching

– Weight Loss

Flexible Screening Options

Clients enjoy a smooth screening process from beginning to end with HealthCheck360. HealthCheck360 refrains from disrupting the flow of your operations. They pride themselves with flexible screening options that cater to your preferences.

The platform recognizes that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all screening process. As a solution, they have formulated three types of screening options for you:

– At Work

– At Doctor

– At Clinic


The platform also recognizes the importance of participation in their clients. They have accomplished this hard task through extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, rewards, incentives, and communication with users. Their participants only have good reviewsOpens in a new tab. for their service.

Financial Well-Being Program

HealthCheck360 understands the impact of financial stress. They aim to address this through their financial well-being solution, MetLife Retirewise®. This program provides financial and retirement education. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a MetLife Retirewise® client to take advantage of this feature.

Experience in the Field of Wellness

You can count on HealthCheck360’s line of expertise in the field of wellness. They have over 1500 companies subscribed to Retirewise®ï¸Opens in a new tab. and almost 80,000 attendees requesting appointments.  

Overview of HealthCheck360 Features

HealthCheck360 offers a variety of unique features that would be beneficial for the overall health and well-being of their clients.  Listed below are the highlights of HealthCheck360. 

Initial Clinical Evaluation and Examination

– Diabetes Programs

– Prevention for Diabetes

– Management for Diabetes

– Women’s Health Programs

– Stress-Related Problems

– Stress Management Training

– Stress Avoidance

– Tobacco Cessation

– Sleep Disorder-Related Programs

– Musculoskeletal Problems

Health Assessment and Screening

– Health Risks Screening

– Doctor Forms

– Biometric Screening

– Venipuncture Biometric Screening

– Finger Stick Blood Test

– Off-Site Lab Testing

– Immunization

Health and Fitness

– Fitness Programs

– Gym Network

– Fitness Challenges with Peers

– Walking Challenge

– Incentives for Activities

– Proper Nutrition Aid

– Weight Management Programs

– Health Coaches

– Health Coaching Software

– On-Site Health Coaching

– Telephonic Health Coach 

Wellness Education and Support

– Financial Wellness

– Financial Lessons

– Investment Advisors

– Student Loan Programs

– Financial Advisors

– Health Literacy

– Care Coordination

– Doctor’s Opinion

– Second Opinion

– Health Advocacy Programs

– Care Management Companies

– Utilization Management Companies

– Disease Management Programs

– Case Management Companies

– Clinical Maternity Programs

– Treatment Decision Support

How Much Does HealthCheck360 Cost?

HealthCheck360 promises to provide excellent wellness service for a fair price. To know more about their service costs, contact HealthCheck360Opens in a new tab.

Technical Details


Device Support

– Windows

– Mac

– Android

– iOS

– Web-based

Language Support

– English

Pricing Model

Payment is dependent on the following:

– Number of Employees

– HealthCheck360 Participation Fee

– Monthly Premium Incentive (First Year)

If you wish to receive complete information about their payment terms, contact HealthCheck360Opens in a new tab..

Customer Types

– Small Business

– Medium Business

– Big Business

– Nongovernmental Organizations

What Support Does HealthCheck360 Offer?

– Live Support

– Coaching

– Email

– Phone

– Mobile App

– Website

– Blog

– Progress Tracker

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