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DHS Group is a complete, integrated healthcare platform for patients, hospitals, employers, and more. The platform itself was built in 1997, and it has since delivered a wide variety of services and features.

With technology continually evolving, they are not left out. The platform has created various ways to maintain the high quality of its services. An example of this is the HealthSpective app. It is accessible anywhere, anytime, and with any device. DHS Group fully caters to everyone who seeks responsive, expert services based on the client’s needs. 

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Clients can rely on the professionalism of DHS Group’s experts. They cover healthcare, benefits, strategy, and wellness in their system. Examples of their work are the management of healthcare data, engagement programs for the clients, and efficient registration and provision of healthcare to patients and institutions. This holistic work approach is its key selling point. The team ensures that you can gain the best experience with the least hassle. You can rely on DHS Group for an all-in-one package.

DHS Group is for employers, healthcare providers, hospitals, health plans, schools, brokers, and third-party insurance administrators. Detailed regulation, HIPAA privacyOpens in a new tab. training, Medicare audit, and accurate data reporting are also parts of their expertise. Their professional services are available in their headquarters in Houston, as well as in Cleveland.

Overview of DHS Group Benefits

Why should you choose the DHS Group? The platform is designed to help the client gain full control of their benefits and decisions. You can’t do this alone; thus, an established team dedicated to resolving your problem is guaranteed.

Additionally, a modern solution called HealthSpective is here for optimal use. You can save time and money with an app doing the stressful work for you. Personal handling of healthcare strategies, administering a population, and managing the healthcare plans of an institution can become comfortable, stress-free, and risk-free with DHS Group. 

1. A Team of Seasoned Experts

DHS Group is a well-oiled machine offering practical solutions. The team of consulting experts in DHS Group is known for its effectiveness, accuracy, and updated knowledge of the state and federal regulations.

Qualifications for the team are strict. To set an example, lead compliance auditors in DHS Group should have at least 15 years of work experience. Because of this high standard, the services are guaranteed to be of top quality. They can conduct a thorough analysis of the issue and its relevant factual data, build up a professional connection with the client, and then implement proper guidance and action to achieve the best results. 

2. Powerful Integrated System for Data Management

HealthSpectiveOpens in a new tab. is a fully integrated application of health and wellness solutions developed by DHS Group. It is a comprehensive platform with several modules designed for determining key health metrics and its issues. Moreover, it compiles all the critical data and facilitates the whole process of data management. This entire system combines modern technology with engaging services based on their clients. It ensures peak performance and client satisfaction.

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3. Accurate Analytics for Full Optimization

In DHS Group, the objective is to resolve issues and optimize its benefits to its maximum amount. Achieving this goal has become modern with the several modules of HealthSpective.

To be specific, the HealthSpective AnalyzeOpens in a new tab. module is here to solve your issues in analytics. With this, accurate assessments of the employees’ health, as well as the risks and costs, are done thoroughly. We have written a detailed article, “50 Workplace Stress StatisticsOpens in a new tab.,” which provides an empirical view on the phenomenon of stress in the workplace. 

Afterward, these analytic reports are combined and compared with relevant data. Doing so can help you in measuring and balancing out your healthcare plans. It also provides help in surpassing the challenges posed by medical care requirements. This integrated platform eventually helps the client by building an optimal healthcare plan to maximize health benefits and investment solutions.

4. Timely Provision of Strategies and Tools

With all the work done by reliable experts and modern solutions, DHS Group can provide appropriate guidance for their clients. It is even better when they provide solutions before the problem can occur.

If you need more assurance, HEDIS Proactive ReportingOpens in a new tab. has been open to the public for over the past few years. Health plans, strategies, and tools are guaranteed to reach the clients early through this service. Precise predictions for enrollment are also available. This way, you can be sure you’re making the right decisions.

Clients have been secured with HEDIS Reporting experience since 1997. DHS proves to be a trusted platform that combines technology and hands-on management.

5. A Broad Scope on Overall Health and Wellness

DHS Group covers all the bases. As its platform evolves with time, its scope also targets a wider range of clients. DHS Group supports physical fitness, mental health, and financial health.

Engage, another HealthSpective module, has been created to support the employees through several methods. This module guides and encourages the employees to prioritize their health and well-being. Biometric screenings and digital mind training are available, as well as fitness games and challenges to shake things up. A complete assessment and guidance on the client’s financial state, goals, and stress-related issues are also supplied.

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6. Education Programs Made Simple and Affordable

Schools are also among the primary clients of DHS Group. The platform has already worked with several universities and K-12 programs. Said programs include Auburn University School of Kinesiology and Kent State University. PEP Grant programs are also obtainable in Chico Unified School District, Denver Public Schools, and Holley Central School District. 

These education programs aim to provide students a modern, rewarding way to track their health and progress. It also helps them start healthy habits, which can sustain them for their whole lives.

The HealthSpective app boasts several learning components that are easily accessible. Aside from the app, DHS Group has also developed the Movband 4Opens in a new tab.. It is a wireless device that can sync easily with the app.

Ever since its development, the Movband 4 has improved. It is now waterproof, has a battery life of two weeks, and can track the student’s fitness activity easily. Schools and universities have utilized the Movband 4 in their physical education classes. With this, DHS Group ensures that its services can have a positive effect on the youth.

7. Digital Coaching for Convenience

Dynamic interaction with the clients is a big plus on this platform. Employees will be in complete control of their resources.

Using a module in the HealthSpective application called OperateOpens in a new tab., the administration process has become easy, quick, and convenient. It provides reports and feedback in real time. You can file for necessary documentation with only one application, instead of going to various resources.

More than that, DHS Group makes sure that you are informed of the funding choices available so that you can lessen the risks and maximize your benefits.

8. Focused Collaboration with the Clients

If you are stressed out and in doubt of your plans, DHS Group will guide you every step of the way. You will find a connection based on regular consultation and engagement from the start to the finish of the service.

AssistanceOpens in a new tab. and delivery are always at the ready. This venture is made possible by conducting several presentations and conferences to validate data, as well as detailed assessments and reviews. There is also on-site support for the client, as well as assistance for off-seasons. Medical care services go smoothly with DHS Group.

9. Proficient Training and Testing

Among their effective services and features, DHS Group also offers quality HIPAA privacy trainingOpens in a new tab. for the employees of their clients. There is no need to search any more or add more stress to your plans because this integrated platform delivers training online. There is no more hassle. Time is on your side, and managing your schedule around the training sessions is now comfortable.

Proficiency examinations are also available online, and employees can access them anytime and anywhere. To ensure quality training and education, pass or fail parameters are established. These parameters are entirely based on the needs of the employees, making this whole experience more customized and polished.

Overview of DHS Group Features

– Expert guidance

– HealthSpective modules

– Efficient linking of healthcare with patients

– Data management

– Affordable services

– Maximum plans for health benefits

– Specialized analysis

– Engaged client experience

– Health and wellness coaching

– Medicare part C and D compliance

– Secure deadlines

– HEDIS reporting

– Proficient audit

– Online HIPAA training

Awards and Quality Certificates

– SOC 2 Type II Certification (July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017)

DHA Group Pricing

DHS Group puts you in control of your future. Contact them now to check their pricesOpens in a new tab..

Technical Details

Device Support

– Android

– iPhone

– iPad

– Mac

– Desktop 

– Laptop

– Windows Mobile

Language Support

– English

– Spanish

Pricing Model

Contact DHS GroupOpens in a new tab. for inquiries regarding their payment model.

Customer Types

– Small business

– Medium business

– Corporate business

What Support Does DHS Group Offer?

– Online

– Phone

– On-site support

– Training

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