Corporate Fitness Works Review

Corporate Fitness Works is a health, fitness, and wellness company headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The organization aims to develop customized fitness center management programs through the help of its 600 fitness professionals with different professions and experience. They aim to match their employee’s expertise to be able to answer the fitness needs of their clients. 

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The company does not offer the typical fitness programs in gyms. Their management also goes beyond folding towels and logging running miles. They are partners of organizations and companies dedicated to drafting a positive company culture and attracting and retaining positive and healthy employees. 

Their roots trace back to the year 1988, where founders Sheila Drohan and Brenda Loube came up with the idea that they can bring health and wellness to where most individuals spend their day, and that’s at work. They believe in the notion that employee fitness is essential in their everyday lives to be able to increase the productivity of both the employee and the company as a whole. We have written a detailed article, “100 Ways to be Productive at WorkOpens in a new tab.,” which lists down ways employees can increase their work productivity.

With this in mind, they started developing worksite fitness programs tailored to the goals and needs of their customers. Their first corporate client at that time was SprintOpens in a new tab.. From there, they were able to continuously improve their fitness center management expertise, leading them to where they are right now. 

For Corporate Fitness Works, their secret to success is the deep relationships they have formed and sustained with their customers. They always make sure that their programs are on par with the trends and technologies. This mindset led their clients to believe that they are continuously improving in whatever way they can. 

They also make sure that they build a healthy company culture among their employees. We have written a detailed article, “What Is Team Culture In The Workplace? (Five Ways To Build Company Culture)Opens in a new tab.,” which explains the essentials of creating an ideal workplace culture for your company.

Since they are a fast-growing company, they dedicate their time looking for new team leaders that will contribute to their mission to move everybody. They also make sure that these individuals have the same core values as them—professionally coaching their clients to reach their health goals without forgetting to have fun. 

Aside from this business, they also make sure that they give back to communities. In 2013, they established a program called Move to ImpactOpens in a new tab. as an initiative to connect with the communities where they work, live, and play. Their project revolves around inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, you’ll see the executive team and their employees volunteer at races, gather healthy meal donations and lead youth enrichment programs. 

All in all, they have already volunteered a total of 5,600 hours in the community. They have also raised more than $150,000 as a donation for charitable causes. 

Now owned by Michael and Beth Vivio, Corporate Fitness Works already has 100 clients in 23 states under its belt. Overall, they have a total of 15,000 employees in expansive corporate campuses. Their clients range from government agencies, universities, real management groups, retirement communities, and hospitals. In fact, its very first client Sprint still gets hold of their services—even after 30 years of meeting. 

At the same time, their facilities’ size range grew from only 1,000 square feet before to a whopping 70,000 square feet now. 

Overview of Corporate Fitness Works Benefits

1. Collaboration and Teamwork

Imagine having an after-work boot camp for the Marketing Department or a dodgeball game face-off between the Legal Department and the IT Department. These are only some of the examples of the activities that Corporate Fitness Works spearheads. They make sure that the programs they layout promote collaboration and teamwork among the participants without having to sacrifice the content of the program. 

2. Advanced Technology

Most of their initiatives are data-driven. They prefer to mix technology with how they run things so that they can engage teams more, improve their tracking systemsOpens in a new tab., and become accessible anytime and anywhere. At the same time, they make sure that the things they implement are still simple. With this in mind, they came up with the following technological solutions: 

– Virtual programs tasked to allow members to undergo classes on their own time

– Interactive apps for book classes and for joining fitness centers

– Platforms to send out and post messages for community engagement and communicate with their respective trainers

– Programs to get a personalized and tailored exercise plan including at-home workouts

– Fitness quests and challenges

– Ability to book classes without having to call the physical phone

– Track progress of each member of the class

3. Trustworthy and Expert Trainers

One of the best selling points of Corporate Fitness Works is their trainers. They want to hire the best class of professionals to give out the best and most effective programs to their members. They also see to it that they come up with the best employee retention programs. This is to ensure they keep the best of the best and that these individuals sustain relationships with clients. 

For them to be a team that moves everybody, they hire those people with the following: 

– Highly skilled leadership that can be used for group exercise classes

– Degrees in kinesiology, exercise science, sports science, or any related field

-Certifications in First Aid, AEDOpens in a new tab., and CPR

4. Unique Training Approach

Take note that the Corporate Fitness Works’ approach is not like any commercial gyms. They make sure that even if they already have a wide array of clients, they still tailor their programs to their needs. 

At the same time, they also don’t upsell memberships. They are more concerned with teaching innovative fitness programs that will also cover workplace stress, chronic pain, and sitting too much. 

For them, fitness is not about sitting on the bench press all day or dusting off treadmills. They believe that engagement and fitness center management are essential things to involve every employee and bring people together one way or another.

5. Efficient Design Facility

A good fitness program won’t be effective if it’s not combined with a suitable design facility. It should work well whether they are located in fitness centers, residential properties, or corporate buildings. 

Corporate Fitness Works houses quality fitness centers that are supported by modern equipment, value-adding amenities, and advanced technologies. They believe in the idea that fitness activities are more than putting ellipticalsOpens in a new tab., bench presses, and treadmills in a space. It’s more about coming up with the best design that will create an unforgettable experience for the users. 

They also made sure that their designs are on par with industry trends and that they have equipment that is based on usage. To achieve that, they partnered with the best of the best in the industry. Their partnerships at work include getting the help of builders, engineers, developers, property managers, architects, and facility managers. 

“Our goal is to maximize fitness center spaces cost-effectively for property owners while focusing on the clientele that will be using them,” shares John Ruyak, President of CFW Design. “The design and equipment we recommend for a busy hotel with white-collar business people might be different than what you’d see at an office building with millennials.”

6. Data-Driven Approach

Corporate Fitness Works involves technology in their operations. They want to have a more data-driven approach when it comes to coming up with the best practices and pieces of training. For example, they use the data they receive from their 100 fitness centers and use this to see what programs work for them or not. 

7. Continuous Update and Education

They do not only offer physical services, but they also make sure to share their knowledge. As a way to service their clients continuously, they have established a blog that will not only give them the latest updates in the fitness world but will also post helpful articles. Some niches include best exercises, nutrition-related write-ups, and addressing health concerns. 

Overview Of Corporate Fitness Works Features

Fitness Center Management

1. Member recruitment, enrollment, and retention

2. Individual fitness consultation and personal training

3. Group exercise classes and programs

4. Daily operations, policies, and procedures

5. Membership utilization and satisfaction rate reporting

6. Faculty cleanliness and maintenance

7. Educational outreach programs

8. Safety and risk management

Programs For Companies

1. Physical activities and challenges

2. Desk exercise and stretch breaks

3. Recreational games

4. Educational events

5. Health fairs and screenings

6. Fitness program communications and promotion

Smart Design Services

1. Market demand and feasibility study

2. Business plan and projections

3. Facility design and layout that meets ADA standards

4. CADOpens in a new tab. blueprints

5. Program operations and development

6. Manufacturer supplied equipment training

7. Equipment recommendations and layout

Major Commercial Equipment Brands

1. Matrix

2. Life Fitness

3. Octane Fitness

4. Power Systems

5. SignaSports Flooring

Awards & Quality Certificates

Corporate Fitness Works remains to be the largest women-owned business in the fitness management industry. They hold certifications with both the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

How Much Does Corporate Fitness Works Cost?

If your organization or corporate company is interested in the services of Corporate Fitness Works, you may inquire about their payment scheme by calling them at 727-522-2900 or dropping a message on their websiteOpens in a new tab..

Technical Details

Device Supported

– Web

– Mobile

Language Support

– English

Pricing Model

Corporate Fitness Works’ programs and fitness centers aim to provide solutions, including physical activities, health screenings, and educational and recreational events, to assist with their clientele’s needs. Please contact Corporate Fitness WorksOpens in a new tab. for information regarding their pricing model.

Customer Types

– Corporate companies

– Government agencies

– Universities

– Real management groups

– Retirement communities

– Hospitals

– Residential Properties

What Support Does Corporate Fitness Works Offer?

– Mail

– Phone

– Facebook

– Twitter

– LinkedIn

– Pinterest

– Instagram

Popular Corporate Fitness Works Alternatives

– Fitspot

– Kinema Fitness

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