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ComPsych Corporation, located in downtown Chicago, is the pioneer and global leader of employee assistance programs (EAP). They have a worldwide reach and vast network of resources and providers. This network allows multinational employers to get the benefit of a centrally managed EAP, with consistent and flexible delivery of service for employees.

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What sets ComPsych apart from other employee assistance program providers is their extensive in-house staff of specialists, who provide a holistic assessment of and response to the needs of each employee.

ComPsych’s employee assistance programs deliver a comprehensive and global approach to addressing employee concerns through their integrated GuidanceResources continuum. Employee extensive programs allow organizations to stay ahead of workforce problems and enable everyone in the company to maximize productivity and contain costs.

ComPsych’s approach extends help to employees and their family members in addressing life challenges before they become stumbling blocks that affect both lives at home and performance at work. Their EAP services offer ways to creatively communicate and drive awareness and use, integration with other programs and benefits, custom design of data and performance metrics, and broader reach by having worldwide access.

ComPsych’s chairman and CEO Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz built the company in 1984. Year over year, ComPsych has fueled double-digit growth in the company since its foundation. This nonstop spike was made possible by their relentless focus on their core competencies and their commitment to providing only the best quality of employee assistance services. This commitment resulted in long-standing and robust customer partnerships and a stable financial grip.

With that, ComPsych Corporation has become the world’s largest provider and is the pioneer and leader of employee assistance programs. Under their GuidanceResources brand, their programs integrate components such as behavioral health, wellness, work–life services, HR, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and absence management services. We have written a detailed article, “25 Ways to Improve Workplace WellnessOpens in a new tab.,” which reveals the simple steps companies can take to improve workplace wellness.

ComPsych provides programs and services to more than 50,000 organizations. This figure covers more than 109 million individuals throughout the United States and 160 countries around the globe. Their “build-to-suit” programs help employers attract and retain their employees, which leads to increased overall company productivity and improved employee health and well-being.

ComPsych’s passion for exceeding expectations and consistently upholding its commitment to quality, integrity, ingenuity, and unparalleled service and partnership allows them to create customized programs that will fit each customer’s needs. With a continually changing business environment, their extensive experience in the industry has enabled them to adapt and respond to each unique issue of employees and to stay ahead of arising organizational challenges.

Despite having established its name in the industry, ComPsych is continually working to improve and update its employee assistance programs and activities. They aim to provide solutions to employee concerns to inspire them to be at their best and healthiest.

ComPsych hosts a blog and media coverageOpens in a new tab. webpages to update users in their programs and activities. They also disseminate information and articles on employee health and wellnessOpens in a new tab., which each user can integrate with their home and work lifestyle. For a wider reach, ComPsych also launched a YouTube channelOpens in a new tab. where you can watch videos about the programs they offer. You can reach and connect more with ComPsych through their TwitterOpens in a new tab. and LinkedIn accounts.

Overview of ComPsych Benefits

ComPsych’s GuidanceResources Solution has a comprehensive approach to the delivery of tools, resources, information, and expert advice to help people navigate the broad spectrum of different life issues. Since ComPsych’s founding in 1984, they have built their reputation on the highest quality programs and unparalleled service in over 30 years. They have a proven stable track record of financial success. Their industry leadership attracts new customers around the world.

ComPsych provides many benefits for companies that subscribe to their services. Their long-established expertise in employee assistance programs integrated with health and well-being promotion programsOpens in a new tab. efficiently leads employees to a better, healthier lifestyle. They make use of digitalOpens in a new tab. services in providing workplace services as well as in-person services.

1. In-House Team of Experts and Professionals

ComPsych’s GuidanceResources integrated programs help individuals navigate life issues, whether personal, financial, legal, family, or wellness-related. Having an in-house team of attorneys, business professionals, behavioral health specialists, work or life experts, and wellness coaches who all work together allows them to solve the multi-faceted nature of employee challenges. Hence, they match employees in need of in-person services with carefully screened professionals in helping them resolve issues.

2. Build-to-Suit Programs

ComPsych provides cutting edge programs uniquely designed to meet the needs of each client and organization every day and all over the globe. They bring together the right resources and expertise to develop customized programs that support employer goals. ComPsych’s programs continually advance and fine-tune their services.

3. FamilySource®

ComPsych creates customized solutions for home issues that could potentially affect an employee’s performance, such as a child or elder care, adoption, education, or housing needs. They assist in finding high-quality care, referrals, and information, and reducing the need for conducting their research during work hours.

FamilySource features highly trained and experienced Resource Specialists who can assess different situations, prescreened referrals, culturally appropriate and personalized information for care recommendation packages, assistance around the world, and an extensive and in-depth online content including video, articles, and books,

4. ElderOutreachSM

In addition to FamilySource, ComPsych also develops a personalized plan to provide care for an employee’s family senior member. They have trained professionals who provide consultation with family members on elder care choices as well as educational materials.

5. FinancialConnect®

ComPsych’s financial specialists provide help to employees on how to overcome financial challenges that can affect their workplace productivity. We have written a detailed article, “What is the Productivity Measurement Formula?Opens in a new tab.” which explains how organizations can objectively measure productivity.

They offer objective financial guidance to employees through their financial professionals or referrals to their local community providers. This service provides unlimited financial information on debt management, family budgeting, tax planning, and estate planning.

6. LegalConnect®

They provide employees with access to a full staff of legal experts and unlimited phone consultations. They provide a referral to a local attorney for a free 30-minute consultation and professional resources and then a 25% discount in fees after that. Employees can get information and guidance on issues such as divorce, adoption, estate planning, and real estate.

7. EstateGuidance®

ComPsych’s EstateGuidanceOpens in a new tab. is a user-friendly tool that allows employees and the members of their family to write a living will, last will, and a document for final arrangements efficiently and cost-effectively. It walks users through the entire process and guides them with a series of questions by providing easy-to-understand terms in each step. This tool is convenient and accessible anytime and anywhere via desktop, tablet, or mobile app.

8. HealthyGuidance®

To improve corporate health and productivity and to empower employees to make healthy lifestyle changes, they have formulated HealthyGuidance. HealthyGuidance provides health assessments such as lifestyle coaching, worksite wellness challenges, weight management, and tobacco cessation, all in mobile and online tools with incentive tracking.

9. HealthChampionSM

HealthChampion, on the other hand, is ComPsych’s health navigation solution that helps employees manage and understand their health benefits, provide answers to clinical questions, resolve claims and billing issues, and understand the appeals process and make an educated decision. HealthChampion breaks down the complex health care system for employees to access them with ease.

10. Behavioral Health Savings

ComPsych offers high-quality behavioral health care, which also helps organizations to manage costs adequately. These behavioral health savings are possible through an innovative model of quality care, with easy access and streamlined administration. Their exceptional team of in-house experts coordinates with other providers to ensure seamless and appropriate care.

Their programs include full integration with EAP and work–life services, 24-hour pre-certification, industry-leading claims administration, a worldwide network for easy access, effective utilization management at care levels, and comprehensive reporting of program outcomes.

ComPsych also offers services that address behavioral health issues that can cause or complicate disability claims through their DisabilityAssist program. This program helps shorten the duration of employee absence, lower disability claim costs, and prepare employees for a productive return.

11. Absence Management

ComPsych’s Absence Management offers a convenient alternative to absence policies in a company or organization. We have written a detailed article, “24 Ways Your Office is Making You SickOpens in a new tab.,” which explains why employees get sick in the workplace,

It guides leave requirements and employee legibility. It also handles the administrative tasks involved in absences and manages leave benefits on behalf of the employer. Absence management provides a fair and consistent leave administration for all employees.

12. FMLASource®

In line with the US Family and Medical Leave Act, ComPsych formulates the FMLASource. This cost-effective program tracks, reviews, and processes leave requests following the FMLA, with the oversight of expert legal staff. FMLASource helps the organization reduce the number of absences of employees while protecting itself against legal action.

FMLASource features quick and accurate answers to any FMLA questions, available consultation for managers/supervisors, consistent application of FMLA policies, expert consultation on federal and state leave laws application, online FMLA leave request and tracking of absences, detailed weekly to quarterly leave reports, and monitoring of disability and worker’s compensation.

13. HR Consultation

ComPsych provides a ready one-stop HR resource for large and small organizations. This HR resource offers guidance on a wide range of HR challenges. They provide valuable information and resources and offer long-term solutions to any issues. HR consultations allow employees to make better decisions and use internal resources more efficiently.

Consulting is available for employee performance issues, substance abuse and legal practices, workplace violence and employee security, crisis intervention, and culturally sensitive training, seminars, and workshops.

14. Critical Incident Services

ComPsych’s flexible solutions allow them to respond to critical incidents in any place around the globe. They provide expert guidance and in-person counseling to help employees deal with crises and get back on their feet.

Their critical incident services feature custom plans and preparation for emergencies, immediate response by critical incident specialists, on-site counseling sessions for groups and individuals, and post-event reporting and consultation.

15. High-Performance Entrepreneurial Culture

By engaging with ComPsych, you get to be a part of a work culture anchored in diversity and teamwork. They are known for embracing creative thinking and producing innovative approaches to workplace solutions.

ComPsych aims to optimize the effectiveness of their most valuable resource—their people—to maximize the company’s success. They accomplish this by attracting, developing, rewarding, and engaging effectively performing workforce.

16. Positive Work Environment for ComPsych Employees

ComPsych is the global leader in employee assistance programs and makes a difference in people’s lives. They encourage and inspire employees through rewarding and exciting career growth and opportunities. They provide a comprehensive benefit plan, including matching 401k, promotion within, and opportunities to expand your skills. To add to that, they have complimentary snacks, juice, coffee, and tea in each of the breakrooms.

This positive work environment promotes a sufficient work–life balance for both employees and the company.

17. Website Tools

To get firsthand experience of the services ComPsych provides, you can visit and know more about their tools on their website.

Overview of ComPsych Features

– Employee Assistance Programs

– Behavioral Health Programs

– Work-Life Services

– Health & Wellness/Health Navigation

– Absence Management and FMLA AdministrationOpens in a new tab.

– Organizational Report

– Career Opportunities

– Press Room

– Corporate Resources

– Interactive tools, calculators and in-depth financial assistance available on GuidanceResources® Online

Awards & Quality Certificates

How Much Does ComPsych Cost?

ComPsych believes that well-cared employees lead to better company productivity. Contact ComPsychOpens in a new tab. for inquiries about their pricing.

Technical Details


Device Support

– Mobile

– Web

Language Support

– English

Pricing Model

ComPsych has holistic employee assistance programs that put each employee’s needs at the top priority. For inquiries regarding their payment schemes, please contact ComPsychOpens in a new tab..

Customer Types

– Businesses

– Companies

– Benefits Managers

– Employers

What Support Does ComPsych Offer?


– Mail

– Email

– Phone

– Twitter

– Facebook

– LinkedIn

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