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What Is BSDI?

Brittingham Software Design, Inc. (BSDI) in Califon, NJ, is a health technology space innovator composed of a team of software developers and health promotion enthusiasts.

BSDI is an award-winning proponent of providing health promotion technology. They aim to deliver and build the best software for health and wellness promotion for individuals and companies. They have more than 1 million clients enrolled, more than 3 million completed fitness assessments, more than 200 million steps taken, and more than 4 million accumulated exercise minutes.

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BSDI takes pride in its almost three decades of producing flexible technologies that integrate daily lifestyle habits to improve population health. With their experience in the industry, it is no surprise that they are considered one of the top corporate wellness providers. They believe that a well-executed exercise with the right tool is the most useful combination in enhancing wellness.

The Fitness Analyst®Opens in a new tab. has been the top choice of 4,000 wellness studios, commercial gyms, and personal training centers in 22 countries for over 20 years. Fitness Analyst® is an essential resource for wellness facilities and has been the partner tool of coaches in proving the value of their training.

It documents a client’s progress toward their goals over time, using scientifically valid biometrics and fitness assessments. They provide a comprehensive compilation of a range of fitness tests and population norms into one system. To make it easier to navigate for coaches and trainers, BSDI created a “folder and page” user interface, which also includes context-sensitive help for easier access.

Fitness Analyst® is a client training solution that runs on local hardware and can run a local database. It runs with any version of Windows except Windows 8.0 (it works on 8.1). There are no planned further releases to the package, and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) questionnaire uses the criteria from the sixth edition.

Motivation AllianceOpens in a new tab.® is BSDI’s corporate wellness product, which provides a health promotion portal that is highly configurable and driven by customer design. To adequately assess participant outcomes, it uses the power of movement and gamified programming. It is the first gamified corporate wellness portal that delivers an engaging and social experience beyond badges and points. 

With their extensive experience in the industry, they are continually working to improve Motivation Alliance and update Fitness Analyst. They aim to create a suite of consumer problems to inspire more people to be the best version of themselves.

BSDI had humble beginnings. It was unexpectedly founded in 1991 by Dr. Mark Brittingham and his wife Pam Brittingham, research scientists in the field of artificial intelligence. BSDI started when they created fitness assessment software for a local health club.

The fitness tests held by the gym were encoded in a computer to be printed and saved. The then inefficient fitness testing software became the starting point of BSDI when Dr. Mark decided to build better software for fitness testing.

Over the years, they made constant improvement of the features of the software, until it gained the attention of prominent academics. In particular, it was Dr. David Nieman, FACSMOpens in a new tab., who encouraged the founders of BSDII to start the company.

In 1995, BSDI became a hit at the IDEA Personal Trainer Conference in Baltimore. They were able to sell dozens of copies of the Fitness Analyst at the trade show, and it continued in the weeks that followed.

That period was also the time when Fitness Analyst was released in 21 countries and went international. The next year, The Motivation Station debuted as intranet kiosks in corporate-wide wellness centers wherein members and employees could track their workouts.

In 2000, BSDI released its first web software portal focused on wellness facilities and the personal trainer market, aiming to expand the corporate wellness market called DirectWellness. Their product integrated both traditional organizational wellness tools and fitness and coaching assessment capabilities.

The web portal idea came from a client who was then using the Fitness Analyst and suggested to have a version where employees across the country can be monitored and taken care of. Sensing an opportunity to expand into the health promotion market, they shifted and built the first Motivation® health promotion system.

Motivation® is a technology for building health promotion web portals. It was one of its kind because staff could change the content of all pages, which is a new feature then. The design’s structure revolved around typical health promotion tasks (e.g., logging workouts and tracking incentive program participation).

Motivation® brought innovation into a high degree of customization to the market. At the time, their competitors were companies with a strong content of on-site coaching but with weak technology foundations. BSDI was primarily a technology company rather than a health promotion software provider, so companies with active health promotion programs lean on them for their flexibility.

From then on, BSDI’s software transitioned from DOS to Windows software. As they expanded into the overseas market, they continued to build customer-centered services. They made sure to consider clients’ ideas in improving the software’s features. They even named elements of the software after clients. To establish a strong client relationship, they sent out new editions with a personalized letter to let them know that they have added their favorite features.

In 2011, BSDI’s HRA (Wellness Profile) was validated by the UNC Bioinformatics Department. By the next year, the first version of Motivation Alliance® as a health promotion portal was released.

BSDI also hosts a blogOpens in a new tab. to update users about their activities as well as to share health and wellness articles which their users can integrate with their lifestyle. You can reach and connect more with BSDI through their FacebookOpens in a new tab., TwitterOpens in a new tab., and LinkedInOpens in a new tab. accounts.

Overview of BSDI Benefits

BSDI provides a lot of benefits for individuals and companies who subscribe to its services. Their expertise in technology integrated with health promotion programs efficiently leads users to a better, healthier lifestyle. BSDI’s team of hands-on software specialists and health promotion specialists offer client-centered services to achieve wellness objectives.

BSDI gives great importance to personal connections with clients and their goals. Motivation Alliance and Fitness Analyst provide beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness and fitness programming by focusing on customization and client-centeredness. Their program allows employees to maintain their well-being while working and increasing their productivity at the same time. We have written a detailed article, “How Should An Employee Maintain Their Well-being And Work Productivity?”Opens in a new tab. which explains how employees can invest on their well-being while working a stable job.

Alliance Technology Solution and Alliance Service Solution

BSDI’s flexible features allow companies and individuals to take health promotion programs at their pace, particularly with Alliance Technology Solution and Alliance Service Solution. Alliance Technology Solution’sOpens in a new tab. DIY Motivation Alliance is a health promotion portal that allows you to design your wellness program. You can configure it for your population and create a new culture of health. 

On the other hand, Alliance Service SolutionOpens in a new tab. allows companies to run health promotion programs by letting BSDI be their Wellness Department. This feature takes into consideration companies that don’t have the time and resources to run their programs. BSDI’s wellness specialists themselves will build a plan that fits clients’ needs.

1. Social Engagement

The gamified platform, which includes various team competitions with graphic materials, positive feedback, and message board, keeps members engaged in their wellness.

You either pick among the eight different game types and a multitude of seasonal and general themes or have it set up and run by a dedicated Virtual Wellness Administrator. Virtual Wellness Administrators guide members in team challenges and incentive programs and on how long the duration of the challenge will be. Team challenges vary from the number of steps, minutes of exercise, weight loss, and many more metrics.

This feature includes logging diet and activity, tracking progress, and importing biometric data. It lets participants gain points and allow them to level up and earn incentives. This feature satisfies clients’ desire for achievement, through cooperation and competition. 

2. Incentive Programs

BSDI also allows you to have flexibility in designing incentive programsOpens in a new tab. that fit your company. You can make one with optional multiple levels and rewards. Incentive programs can help engage employees in participating in health promotion programs.

3. Communications Support

For the clients’ convenience, BSDI notifies users through bulk emailing and customized content and marketing materials, which you can edit based on your members’ preferences. This feature allows you to reach and establish a connection with your members. Additionally, social tools like message boards and chat rooms engage each member while sharing their achievements and fitness goals and routines. 

4. Mobile Engagement

BSDI integrates with over 200 apps and wearable devices plus a companion mobile web app to drive member engagement, even on the go. BSDI’s mobile web app allows the participant to log steps, gain points, complete daily challenges, monitor their team ranking, and contribute to their team performance from the comfort of their phones. It also enables them to have a holistic look at their wellness activities with the accessibility of information in the portal.

5. Health Assessments

To help capture and monitor the condition of your members, BSDI provides a detailed Health Risk Assessment and Wellness Profile. Furthermore, the Health-Related Productivity Loss Instrument is built in to show an analysis of productivity loss from any medical impairment.

6. Flexibility

With BSDI, you have the flexibility to configure functionality and design to your needs. You can design a multi-tier incentive plan with custom badges, turn off HRA, integrate biometrics from an external source, and facilitate Check-In. Participants can enroll in the software either by entering data straight into the system or by importing data from an HR database.

BSDI’s flexible Administrative panel allows program directors to configure participant experience, design content, perform data analysis, set up enrolment process, import data files, edit calendar items, and utilize coaching interface.

7. Real-Time Data Analysis and Quarterly Reporting

For more effective wellness monitoring, BSDI software allows real-time data analysis with query centers and prepared reports. The dynamic query centers let you filter by groups and export files to come up with powerful snapshots and an overview of your program.

Additionally, each quarter, participants receive detailed reports on Incentive and Team Challenge Programs. BSDI also provides annual wellness reporting, including system usage statistics, HRA summary of results, and analysis of HPLI attendance record.

8. Security

Companies can rest easy and feel confident with the assurance that BSDI’s data centers keep each client’s private health information secure. In any industry, you need to protect your intellectual property and the information of your clients and participants. BSDI’s built-in software security measureOpens in a new tab. puts clients’ protection as a top priority.

BSDI is a contractor for the US Department of Health and Human Services, major banks and hospital systems, and Fortune 500 companies. This fact proves BSDI’s capacity to meet the most rigid criteria for safety and security in the industry.

Their top-tier infrastructure, hosted at SAS 70 Level II-certifiedOpens in a new tab. data center, is run with over a dozen servers in a web farm. To continuously monitor traffic in their portals, they have created a high-accessibility feature of database clusters. It includes encryption at rest and in transit, power load balancers, and keen security appliances, powered by connectivity and environmental management systems.

BSDI’s access to these infrastructures has US Government Security clearances. It is managed and continuously monitored and audited by their in-house Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

9. Effective Coaching

BSDI provides movement and fitness assessment tools to effectively connect with members, track and manage interventions, and set up fitness appointments to build long-lasting healthy routines. Their extensive and configurable health promotion portal allows effective coaching and gives each participant a chance to make positive changes. We have written a detailed article, “What Is Workplace Feedback?”Opens in a new tab. which explains how supervisors can give constructive suggestions to boost employee morale.

10. For Employers

For companies and employers, BSDI’s software helps motivates employees to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. Motivation Alliance®’s configurable wellness tools and gamified feature can help improve employee engagement and instill a culture of a healthy lifestyle in companies.

11. For Hospital/Health Systems

BSDI provides a comprehensive set of assessments and biometric tools which can be used in hospitals and health systems to track the population’s change over time. In addition to that, BSDI’s software flexibility enables enrolling and engaging in different populations if your company plans to participate in community outreach programs.

12. For Brokers/Resellers

For insurers and third-party admins, BSDI offers cost-effective and feature-abundant platforms with flexible programming alternatives. This feature includes wellness and fitness profiles, biometrics uploads, and team challenges to track performance. They also offer check-in options for companies and individuals managing fitness centers. 

13. For Wellness Consultants

BSDI’s software works well for wellness consultants tasked with improving outcomes for the client while increasing retention and maintaining cost-effective service at the same time. Their social engagement features help boosts productivity and morale to get people moving, particularly the team challenge feature of the software. With their feature-rich software, BSDI offers options that can help save time and cost in achieving your client’s goals.

14. For Fitness Consultants

For over 20 years, BSDI has been an award-winning leader in fitness assessment. Their platform contains everything you need from assessment tools and programming options. These features can help improve the client’s healthy daily habits and strengthen lasting long-term change over time.

15. Free Demo

To get firsthand experience of the services BSDI software provides, you can request a free demoOpens in a new tab. of their tools on their website. 

Overview of BSDI Features

Fitness Analyst

– Folder and page interface with context-sensitive help

– Buttons for adding or changing data

– Group and location features

– ACSM and PAR-Q Medical Screening

– Over 120 fitness tests

– Extensive individual and group progress reports

– Body circumferences tracking

– Weight and calorie tracking

– Illustrated workouts

– Exercise history

– Phone and email support

– Training

– An extensive installation FAQ pageOpens in a new tab.

Motivation Alliance Technology Solution

– Game mechanics

– Team competitions

– Incentive programming

– Mobile engagement

– App & device integration

– Health assessments

– Communication & collaboration

– Security & compliance

– Flexible administrator configuration

– Reporting & analytics

– Coaching tools

– Help desk support

Motivation Alliance Service Solution

– Virtual wellness program administrator

– Motivation Alliance Technology Solution

– Quarterly team challenges

– Eligibility file upload

– Annual incentive programming admin

– Monthly participant email newsletter

– Health risk assessment

– Mobile engagement

– App & device integration

– Email help desk support

– Quarterly and annual reporting

– Check-in module for fitness facilities

– Site branding support

– Single sign-on

– Incentive prize distribution

– Custom work

Awards & Quality Certificates

In 2003, BSDI won Fitness Management magazine’s Nova7 award for Best Computerized Technology SupplierOpens in a new tab.. The votes came from customers and fitness professionals where BSDI collected more votes than all other companies put together. With Motivation Classic®’s release, BSDI claimed another Nova7 award. BSDI then went on to win this award every year it was awarded.

How Much Does BSDI Cost?

BSDI believes in achieving wellness together. Contact BSDIOpens in a new tab. for inquiries about their pricing.

Technical Details

Device Supported

– Mobile

– Web

– Wearable devices

Language Support

– English

Pricing Model

BSDI’s holistic and personalized health portal puts the power to change your life in your hands. For inquiries regarding their payment schemes, please contact BSDIOpens in a new tab..

Customer Types

– Businesses

– Hospitals

– Brokers/resellers

– Wellness consultants

– Fitness professionals

What Support Does BSDI Offer?

– Mail

– Email

– Phone

– Twitter

– Facebook

– LinkedIn

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