Best Height Adjustable (Sit-To-Stand) Desks For Less Than $500

Need a new desk for your workspace or home office? We reviewed some of the best height adjustable desks for less than $500. Read on to learn about desks and pick the right one for yourself!

Sitting for extended periods of time on a daily basis can lead to numerous health issues — such as obesity and issues with the spine, especially if you do not have a comfortable desk and chair.

However, one in four American adultsOpens in a new tab. sits for more than eight hours a day. Additionally, four in ten adults get little to no exercise, according to a study published by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

The physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle lead to mobility issues such as weak legs, hips, back pain, and bad posture.  A study conducted by the American Cancer SocietyOpens in a new tab. revealed a link between long periods of sitting and untimely death due to health complications.

How do you avoid such a situation? By using height adjustable desks or standing desks that allow you the choice to work while standing or in a seated position. They are also known as sit-to-stand desks, standing workstations, or stand-up desks.    

Many options are available in the market, and it can be overwhelming to pick one that best suits your needs. We have compiled a quick guide to help you choose one that is best for you — and one you can buy for under $500. Go over our guide and our picks to choose the right desk for yourself.

Types Of Adjustable Height Desks

Adjustable-Height Free-Standing Desks

You can adjust the height of your desk according to your preference. They come in several designs, styles, and colors. Height can be adjusted by a hydraulic system, electric motor, or a counterbalance mechanism.

Adjustable-Height Desktop Add-Ons

A budget-friendly solution to your desk worries. It gets attached to your old desk and uses a swing-arm mechanism. The right choice if you want a quick solution, but you may not get provide desk space.

Fixed-Height Desktop Risers

These are elevated platforms that you can add below your desk to the height. A popular choice as they are set at quite a reasonable price point.

However, once you pick a height, it is difficult to change the height again, and you may have to remove everything on the desk to do so.

Fixed-Height Standing Desks

Similar to fixed-height desktop risers, the desks are height adjustable, but every time you need to raise or lower the desk — you need to clear your desktop.

Sit-Stand-Recline Desks

These desks do not rise up or down, but the person gets to sit in a reclined position — similar to how astronauts sit. An excellent choice if you suffer from neck or back pain, or have a back condition.

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7 Things To Consider When Choosing A Height Adjustable Desk

1. Size Of Your Workspace

Depending on your work routine and the number of items you need on the desk at all times, choose a size that can accommodate all essentials.

For instance, if you use multiple screens and also require some space for paperwork, you need a big desk. But if you only use a laptop and do not need much surface area, a smaller desk will work just fine.

2. Desktop Or Free Standing

You can buy a new desk or a simple desktop attachment to place on your desk; both have a height adjustment option.

3. Height Adjustment

The purpose of buying a height-adjustable desk will be defeated if it is not in sync with the user’s height. The desk should rise up, lower down, and lock at a height that keeps the user comfortable in all positions.

A good way to adjust the proper height is to check the standing height while keeping your elbows on the surface area. At the optimal height, your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle from the ground.

Whether you are short or tall, the desk should allow you to work in a comfortable position without causing any strains.

4. Weight Capacity

When in the market to buy a height-adjustable desk for less than $500, you will find desks that can shoulder weights of up to 350 pounds.

Sounds enough, right? But do you really need to put that much weight on your desk?

Even a desk with a desktop PC and its many accessories weigh less than 100 pounds. So why spend more to hold more weight than you need to?

Remember, the more weight your desk can carry, the heavier it will be.

Standing Desk

5. Electronic Or Manual Controls

Electronic controls allow you to raise or lower the desk with a button, while manual variants require you to crank the lever a couple of times to attain the right height.

It is best to choose a desk-based on your requirements and the budget. Desks with electronic options tend to be a bit expensive.

6. Durability

Since you will invest a reasonable amount of money into a desk, make sure the desk is durable and can last a good number of years.

7. Price And Warranty

A height-adjustable desk can cost anywhere from $150 to $2,000 — the higher the price, the more functions and aesthetically appealing they become.

In this guide, we have only reviewed desks that are available under $500. These are some of the best desks that provide ample coverage, considering the price point. Your investment will remain safe with the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

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Best Height Adjustable Desks For Less Than $500

Safco Muv Adjustable Height Stand-Up Desk

Product link: Check out the latest price HEREOpens in a new tab.

Economical Height Adjustable Desks

Mechanism Fixed height adjustment with screws
Adjustable height 35 inches to 49 inches
Weight 60 Lbs
Dimensions 22 x 29.5 x 49 inches
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

The Safco Muv adjustable height stand-up desk is an easy-to-use desk, which lets you pick a height between 35 to 49 inches and has a melamine laminated surface area and shelf.

The desk is durable, and thanks to a modern design, all wires and cables remain neatly organized and hidden.

There is ample space on the MUV – courtesy of the two shelves and a keyboard tray – you can easily place your files, speakers and printer, on the desk.

You can move the desk without having to lift the desk as it has four casters and two locking breaks to remain firm on the ground.

The MUV is available in cherry color and will last you a good number of years. The center shelf can hold around 100 pounds; the keyboard shelf can hold 25 pounds, and the two bottom shelves can shoulder a combined weight of 50 pounds.


·       Can hold a good amount of weight

·       Made from durable material

·       Easy to move around

·       Comes with a keyboard tray


·       Some users feel assembling the desk isn’t easy

S Stand Up Desk Store 60-Inch Crank Adjustable Height Sit-To-Stand Up Desk

Product link: Check out the latest price HEREOpens in a new tab.

Value For Money

Mechanism Crank adjustment
Adjustable height Lower layer— 28.9 inches to 42.6 inches

Upper layer — 33.5 inches to 47.3 inches

Weight 96 Lbs.
Dimensions 59 x 28.5 x 47.2 inches
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

Coming up on number two in our best height adjustable desk review is a desk from the popular S Stand Up Desk Store — a 60-inch crank adjustable height sit-to-stand up desk with heavy-duty steel frame.

Whether you feel like sitting or standing, you can adjust the desk position with a lever. Choose between a height of 28.9 to 42.6 inches, and the upper panel can be adjusted between 33.5 to 47.3 inches.

The crank adjustable height standing desk has a two-tier design – you can keep your screens on the top part of the desk, while the keyboard, mouse, and other peripheral accessories can be placed on the bottom.

The metal frame is reinforced with a silver-gray powder coat, which gives it a good look. The featured shelves are available in black or teak, and the frame comes in black or silver.


·       No need to clear the surface area when adjusting the height

·       Built from durable materials

·       Easy to assemble

·       A reasonable surface area to keep all necessary items


·       The crank mechanism is not as efficient as an electric motor, so you have to twist the lever a couple of times

·       Many users feel there could have been more shelf space

S Stand Up Desk Store’s 48-Inch Electric Standing Desk

Product link: Check out the latest price HEREOpens in a new tab.

Best Height Adjustable Desks For Less Than $500 (Top Pick)

Mechanism Electric motor
Adjustable height 29.5 inches to 45.25 inches
Weight 101 Lbs.
Dimensions 47.2 x 29.5 x 51.6 inches
Warranty 5-year warranty on the motors and a 3-year warranty on controllers, cables, and buttons

Since your health is in question, you should pick a desk that has a lot to offer at a decent price point, and that is precisely what you can expect from this 48-inch Electric Standing Desk from S Stand Up Desk Store.

It is our top pick, and we feel it is the best height adjustable desks in the market for less than $500!

Adjusting the height could not be easier – just press a button – and the desk will be in your desired position. You have the option to choose a height between 28.5 to 45.2 inches — which is a reasonable configuration option for people of all sizes.

To help you get the most out of your desk, the manufacturer offers a 15 feet power cable with three outlets and a user manual that explains all the functions on the desk.

The Electric Standing Desk is easy to move around, and you can change the location of the desk without damaging the legs or the ground below. The desk has a three-inch furniture caster and two locking brakes.

It provides a good surface area and can hold a maximum weight of 154 pounds, which is more than what most people need.

The desk will last you for decades to come, as the frame is built from high-quality steel. Also, the paint is powder coated and doesn’t fade away quickly.


·       Has a robust housing which can shoulder a good amount of weight

·       Easy to adjust the height

·       Aesthetically appealing and fits in all spaces


·       Some users feel there could have been more shelf space

·       Some users feel the mouse doesn’t function properly on the naked surface of the desk

Benefits Of Height Adjustable Or Standing Desks

Walking meetings and game rooms have become quite common in modern workplaces. And our bodies are not designed to sit all day. Having the option to choose between a standing or a seated position lets you remain comfortable during work hours. 

Some other benefits of height adjustable desk are better metabolism and better bone and muscle health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Height-Adjustable Or Standing Desks?

Prolonged sitting can lead to many illnesses, so people should try to work out regularly. Standing desks allow your body to relax, and switching positions can lead to better blood flow.

Does Standing Help Burn Calories?

After four hours of standing, males can burn up to 252 calories, while females can burn up to 196 calories.

Is There A Way To Convert My Existing Desk Into A Standing Desk?

Yes, you can. Purchase a standing desk converter, which is also a cost-effective solution against buying a new desk.

Do Standing Desks Help With Body Pain?

People often develop a bad posture due to a poor choice of desk or chair. It puts a strain on the neck, shoulders, hips, and back. If you switch between a sitting and standing position, the stress on your body will be significantly less throughout the day.


We spend hours every day sitting down staring at a screen, but what’s the point of all the money if it goes into paying your medical bills?

Get your spine in shape by investing in a reliable height adjustable desk. If you have to choose from one of the models in our review – go for the Stand Up Desk Store’s 48-inch Electric Standing. Reliable, cost-effective, and with a variety of options, it deserves its place as our top pick.  Check out Amazon for the latest Sit-to-Stand Desks HEREOpens in a new tab..

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