Best Desks To Buy Under $300

We reviewed some of the best desks on the market for you to choose from. Read our in-depth guide to pick the right desk that meets all your needs!

Despite the many innovations in ergonomics, a desk and a chair continue to be the essentials of a modern workspace. Regardless of what you do, the right desk has an impact on your performance.

The market for office furniture in the United States is expected to pass the $3-billion mark by 2025Opens in a new tab.. An average American spends 8.8 hours seated on a desk every day, so the productivity of an individual does depend on how comfortable he/she is on a desk.

From reaching out for a file to a perfectly positioned laptop and the availability of sufficient legroom — there are many things to consider in your quest to find the perfect desk.

The good news is that buying the best desk for you would not burn a hole in your pocket with our affordable picks.

To help you pick out the best from the lot, we reviewed some of the best desks for under $300. Read our complete guide to learn about desks and to pick one that suits your needs.

Benefits Of Having A Good Desk

Here are some of the many benefits of having a good desk at home or office:

·       Reduces chances of injury and helps maintain the right posture

·       A good desk is comfortable and improves one’s productivity

·       A good desk keeps the space neat and all wires concealed

·       Decent storage space keeps the workspace clutter-free

Desk Designs To Consider

There are a variety of options available in the market, and it can be a little overwhelming to pick one that’s best for you.

What you do and where you plan to keep the desk can help you make an informed decision. Here are some options to choose from:

Executive Desks

The desks are mostly seen in offices with ample space. Often executive desks are used by top-tier managers and lend a formal feel to the office.

They have drawers to stow away documents and supplies and are often kept in the middle of the room. If you need more space, you can choose between an L-shaped or a U-shaped executive desk.

Computer Desks

It is a compact version of an executive desk. A computer desk has enough space to hold a desktop computer or a laptop.

Compact Desks — Laptop And Writing Desks

Compact desks include small computer desks that offer the same functions but can fit in smaller spaces. These desks are perfect for people who use laptops.

If you want to store items such as files or office supplies, a compact desk may have a small drawer or two — but the space is usually limited.

L-Shaped Desks

One of the most practical office desks with ample space. It comes in two parts – the primary desk and the return – the main desk makes up the workspace, while the return helps house stuff and keep things organized.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find something for any available space.

U-Shaped Desks

Similar to the L-shaped desks, U-shaped desks have additional pieces. Instead of two, they have three parts: a primary desk, a credenza, and a bridge. They come with ample storage options and are usually big in size.

Standing And Adjustable Desks

Since spending too much time sitting around isn’t good for anyone; a standing and adjustable desk is a good option to go for. (Check out our review of Best Sit-to-stand desk under $500Opens in a new tab.)

You can choose between a sitting and a standing position. The desks either have a standard height, or the height is adjustable with a manual or electronic mechanism.

Construction Material


Most traditional furniture in your home or office has a wooden finish. Wooden furniture has an elegant look and is durable. You may put a glass on the table top to avoid scratches.


Whether the space in question is small or big — a modernistic metal desk easily fits most spaces. They are built to support a good amount of weight thanks to their metal frame, but you may need to put some padding underneath the legs to avoid any damage to the floor.


Though not as sturdy as metal or wood, but a laminated desk is an excellent choice if you have a habit of spilling drinks on your desk. A laminated desk can easily be cleaned with a quick wipe.

They mimic the look of wooden furniture, and you have a variety of design options to choose from in the market.


If you want something stylish to improve the aesthetic appeal of your space, a glass desk is an excellent choice. Glass desks are easy to clean, but cannot bear much weight.

Storage Options

Depending on the nature of your work, you may choose a desk with various storage options. The more items you need to store; the more storage space you would require. If you only use a laptop for work, a small desk will work just fine.

Here is the difference between a small, medium, and a large desk, with respect to desk space.

·       Small-sized desks are usually less than 40 inches

·       Medium-sized desks are between 40 – 60 inches in length

·       Large-sized desks usually have a surface area bigger than 60 inches

7 Things To Consider When Buying A Desk

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a desk:

1. The Height

Since you would spend a lot of time sitting down on your desk, please make sure it is comfortable. You should be able to keep your arms comfortably at a 90-degree angle on the desk.

2. Legroom

The standard legroom required by a person is between 28 – 30 inches. If you are too tall or short, choose a desk with comfortable legroom for your size.

3. Keyboard Housing

To avoid Carpal tunnel syndrome and neck strains, you should buy a desk with a designated place to keep the keyboard.

4. Shelves And Cabinets

If you require space to store files, documents, books, or other essentials in your desk, you should choose a desk with shelves and cabinets on top.

You can also choose a desk with cabinets and drawers below the tabletop to store items.

5. Cables and Wires

Whether you use a desktop with all peripheral devices or a laptop — you should buy a desk that allows for proper cord management to keep your desk from looking clumsy.

6. Padding Underneath

To avoid any damage to the floor, make sure the legs of the desk are padded with rubber. If you need to move the desk around, padding will prevent scratches on the floor.

7. Price & Warranty

A desk can cost you from as little as $50 to above $10,000. The price varies based on style, design, material, and usability of the desk.

You can buy something adequate for your office in under $300, with all the basic essentials. The warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Ideally, it should be covered for a year. Though the longer the warranty period the better!

Best Desks Under $300

Here are the three best desks in the market and what you should consider before choosing one for yourself:

Tribesigns Large Desk

Product Link: Check out the latest Amazon price HEREOpens in a new tab.

Best Economical Desk

Weight 48.4 Lbs.
Dimensions 63 x 23.6 x 29.1 inches
Material E1 particleboard
Type Rectangular
Warranty 18-month warranty

Our first pick is a desk that sells at a reasonable price and is adequate for people of all heights — the big-sized 63-inch desk by Tribesigns.

Whether you use a laptop or a desktop — the desk has enough place to hold a desk lamp, multiple screens, and a printer. You will still have room after setting up all the essentials.  

The modern design makes it a good match for almost all office spaces. The Tribesigns desk stands tall on four legs and a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame, which allows it to shoulder a good amount of weight at all times.

You may scratch the surface or leave behind some stains — this is why the desk has a 0.98-inch laminated MDF to avoid stains and for easy clean-up.

The legs are padded, which not only protects the ground below but keeps the desk straight on an uneven surface.

Though the product requires you to assemble the desk at home, it can easily be put together in less than 15 minutes. Only the four legs need to be placed in their assigned slots.

You receive an 18-month warranty on the desk, which makes it a good option.


·       Easy installation

·       Can hold a considerable amount of weight

·       Sturdy-build quality

·       Goes well with all backgrounds in the room

·       An excellent choice for tall people

·       Competitive price


·       Some users feel the edges on the desk are quite sharp

Ameriwood Dakota L-Shaped Desk

Product Link: Check out the latest price on Amazon HEREOpens in a new tab.

Best L-Shaped Desk

Weight 70 Lbs.
Dimensions 53.62 x 51.31 x 28.31 Inches
Material Wood
Type L-shaped
Warranty One-year warranty

Next, we include the Ameriwood Dakota L-Shaped Desk; a desk that has a lot to offer.

What sets the desk apart from other L-shaped desks is that it comes with two small shelves to store things. The desk has enough storage space to store books, stationery, files, and speakers.

The bestselling color of the Ameriwood Dakota L-Shaped Desk is brown (espresso), but it is also available in black oak and dove grey.

It is made from laminated particleboard and MDF and comes in three parts – which, when joined together, provides decent surface space to work.

Even if you require two to three screens for work — you can effortlessly keep them all on the desk. No matter the number of items in use, the large grommet holes on the sides keep all the cables out of sight.

Though easy to assemble, the company recommends two people to put the desk together. It can hold a maximum weight of 100 pounds, while the shelves can hold 35 pounds.

If you require more space, you can order a model with a hutch (shelves on the top).


·       Ample space to hold a good stuff

·       Can hold a good amount of weight

·       Comes with shelves to store items

·       A hutch can be ordered for more storage space


·       Some owners feel instructions on the user manual are not easy to understand

Coaster Desk

Product Link: Check ut the latest price on Amazon HEREOpens in a new tab.

Best Desk Under $300 (Top Pick)

Weight 116 Lbs.
Dimensions 55 x 23.8 x 29.5 Inches
Material Wood
Design Rectangular
Warranty One-year warranty

Last but not least, we introduce our top pick – the Coaster Desk – which offers the best quality and features for the price. The sturdy Coaster Desk has two drawers and a cabinet — and the quality is definitely worth paying a premium for!

If your work requires you to keep a lot of stuff at an arm’s reach, or if you go through a good amount of paperwork every day, this is the best desk for you.

You can put the CPU of your computer in the large cabinet on the desk. And you can store essential everyday items in the drawers. The bottom drawer has enough space to store several files and folders.

The Coaster Desk weighs 115 pounds and is made from engineered veneer, particleboard, MDF, and a honeycomb board — a perfect combination of raw material to last years.

You get the best legroom with ample space on the side to store things. There is a sliding panel for the keyboard and the desk just looks beautiful.

You receive a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, so in the off chance if things go south, you do not have to worry about a thing.


·       Made from durable material

·       Can support a good amount of weight

·       Ample space to store essential items

·       A sliding tray to hold a keyboard and mouse


·       Some users feel the desk is too heavy

Tips To Choose The Right Shape

Choose a desk that best suits your needs and keeps you comfortable for hours. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a shape for your desk.

·       A u-shaped desk is your best choice if you deal with a lot of paperwork

·       A center desk is a good option for people who need the desk top to be functional from both sides i.e., the front as well as the rear. Center desks are ideal for people who hold meetings with people

·       Straight or rectangular desks can be put against a wall, which makes them a perfect fit for small spaces. Though they have less surface area, they usually have good legroom

·       L-shaped desks offer enough surface area and good storage space. If you want easy access to all your items, an L-shaped desk is the best choice to go for

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Home Office Desks Need To Be Assembled?

Yes, most desks require you to assemble the desk at home. However, they come with a manual that is easy to follow, and installing a desk does not require you to be an expert.

What Should I Look For In A Desk?

The best desk should have around three feet of space on the front to host people. Also, the height of the desk should be comfortable for you.

What Is An Adequate Desk Size?

The standard height of desks is 30 inches. Though they come in a range of sizes, some of the common desk sizes in the market are 48, 62, or 70 inches in length with a 24, 30, or 36-inch width.

Difference Between A Table And Desk?

Though the terms are often used interchangeably, desks are meant for school, office, or gaming, while a table is made for more than one person. Unlike tables, desks can be put up against a wall.

Where Can I Buy A Desk?

You can buy a desk at your local furniture market, or you can find some excellent deals online on amazon.comOpens in a new tab..

In Conclusion

The right desk can make all the difference in terms of productivity and work quality. We suggest you invest in a sturdy desk that is comfortable and lasts a good number of years.

The desk you choose should have enough surface area so you can be productive, without having to reach for items unnecessarily.

We included some of the best desks in the market for you to consider in our review. If you ask us, the desk that checks all boxes and is worth paying a premium for is our top pick — the Coaster Desk!

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