Best Desk Chairs For Less Than $300 – Reviewed, Rated & Compared

We compare some of the best desk chairs available in the market for less than $300. Read our guide to find a chair that offers the best comfort and style and what to look for before buying one.

Fun Fact: Americans spend eight hoursOpens in a new tab. sitting down every day, and to add fuel to the fire — 4 in 10 do not exercise on a regular basis.

What’s alarming is that too much sitting around is not only bad for you, but it also can lead to severe health consequences — the sedentary lifestyle has health risksOpens in a new tab. similar to that of smoking and obesity.

This is why to limit the damage, we suggest you buy a chair that is designed to help you maintain good posture and is also comfortable.

Having the wrong chair can also impact your productivity. Poor sitting position may lead to joint pain, numbness, or neck and back pain.

If you are in the market to buy a desk chair, you will be surprised with the options in the market.

We tested many chairs out there – and picked the best desk chairs for less than $300 – to suggest one that is best for you!

Why Invest In A Good Chair

Sitting for hours at a stretch leads to not only a strained back but also discomfort and fatigue. If you pick the right chair out of the many available you can limit the damage.

Studies show that the right chair can improve productivity by 17.5%Opens in a new tab. — another reason to invest in a quality chair for your employees!

Comfortable employees have a positive attitude toward work, take fewer breaks, and are more productive.

What To Look For In An Office Chair

Whether you have a home office or are looking to buy a chair for your office, we suggest you invest in a quality chair.

The problem is people often prefer looks over comfort and functionality. They may buy the best desk out there, but will not put much thought into the chair they choose.

You got to be very cautious with what you choose, apart from productivity your health matters too!

Here are a few things you should consider when choosing a desk chair.

Lumbar Support

Right above your tailbone, the part of your lower back that is curved inward is your lumbar. Whether you suffer from the occasional back pain or not, you need to ensure that the chosen chair has good lumbar support.

A good desk chair may have adjustable lumbar support to accommodate people of all sizes. Most chairs with lumbar support have different depths. So no matter how much your back curves, your chair will provide you adequate lumbar support.

Good lumbar support limits the strain on your lower back and years in a bad chair may lead to sciatica — a condition that leads to unbearable pain in the lower back.


The best seats in the market have a minimum of five adjustable settings, while some offer up to 14 adjustments.

The adjustable features are for: Arm height and width, tension control, backseat height, angle between the base and rear seat, and lumbar support. The settings can be adjusted through a dial or a bulb pump on most chairs.

Wheel Base

Most office chairs have a wheelbase, but you should choose wheels depending on the type of surface in your office or home.

·       Choose plastic wheels for carpets, but if you have wood or tiles it may scratch the surface

·       For hardwood floors choose something that does not scratch

·       For uneven floor it is best to choose a chair with brakes so when you stand up the wheels lock in place

Swivel Base

All office chairs are meant to swivel so that you can reach every part of the desk with ease. If your chair does not swivel, you may have to use your arms a lot to reach for stuff on your desk.

Comfort And Fabric

Comfort is the most critical factor when choosing a chair. To achieve maximum comfort, your chair should be made from quality material.

You should look at how comfy the cushioning is— ideally, a chair made from quality leather or cotton tends to be most comfortable.

The fabric should be breathable and even after hours of sitting on the chair it should not feel warm or uncomfortable.


If you invest in a good chair after thorough research, you should go for something that lasts you a good number of years. Your chair’s durability depends on the quality of material used.


Though not a priority, but an essential factor — you also have to focus on how good of a design your chair has. Does it seamlessly gel in with the surrounding environment of the space, or not?

All the chairs we have reviewed in the guide are aesthetically appealing.

Weight Capacity

A chair is meant to hold weight but there is a limit! You may be fit as a fiddle with the perfect BMI — but what if you run an office and some of your employees are a little on the heavier side? Do check the weight capacity before making a purchase.

Price & Warranty

All chairs in our review are $300 or less — a reasonable price to pay for a comfortable chair that is also durable.

The warranty on a chair varies from manufacturer to manufacturer — ideally, the more coverage you receive the better.

3 Best Desk Chairs For Less Than $300

OfficeFactor OF-4000BR

Product link: HEREOpens in a new tab.

Best Desk Chair (Our Top Pick)

Item Weight 32 Lbs
Weight Capacity 350 Lbs
Product Dimension 29.5 x 26 x 43 inches
Material Leather
Swivel Yes
Adjustable Hands Height, tilt, tension control
Warranty Five-year warranty

After many tests, we prepared this detailed guide and picked out the top three chairs in the market for you!

The OfficeFactor OF – 4000BR is a good chair to buy. The leather chair is perfect for tall and lanky people — All thanks to the weight-bearing capacity of 350 pounds.

The bonded black leather, design and finish on the chair, is excellent and you can expect ultimate comfort, stability, and support.

The ergonomic chair has a robust nylon base, which makes it comfortable. The OfficeFactor OF – 4000BR has a double-layered padded back and seat and a curvature armrest, to support your upper body.

The adjustable pressure height of the seat allows for more stability when used for an extended period of time.

The reason we picked the OfficeFactor chair is because of the many customization options it offers — the adjustments allow you to align the chair in the most comfortable position for your body type.


·       Looks beautiful and a great addition to any decor

·       The comfort is like none other

·       Made from durable material — it will last you a long time

·       A complete 360-degree swivel

·       Excellent for your back with good lumbar support


·       Some buyers feel the chair is too big and doesn’t fit well under a small table

·       Some complain the wheels are not good for hardwood floors

BestOffice B004ZVHKJE

Product link: HEREOpens in a new tab.

Best Economic Desk Chair

Item Weight 41.2 Lbs
Weight Capacity 250 Lbs
Product Dimension 26 x 24 x 24 inches
Material PU leather
Swivel Yes
Adjustable Hands Height, lumbar, hands
Warranty NA

The BestOffice B004ZVHKJE probably offers the best value for money. We feel it is the best chair if you are tight on budget.

The BestOffice B004ZVHKJE is loved in the business world for its reasonable price and sturdy build quality — it will last a good number of years in an office or home.

The chair is upholstered with PU leather and has an exceptionally comfortable cushion. The combination makes the desk chair durable. It doesn’t require much upkeep as well.

The PU leather is water and oil resistant, so in the off chance you spill some coffee or drop your lunch on the BestOffice B004ZVHKJE — You wouldn’t have to worry about any permanent stains!

If you have trouble maintaining your posture or are accustomed to throwing your back loose every now and then — the chair’s lumbar support will protect your back. So even if you sit for hours at a stretch you are less likely to develop back pain over time.

The best part is that assembling the chair is very easy. For better mobility, the BestOffice B004ZVHKJE has five wheel casters, a sturdy frame, and allows a 360 – degree swivel.


·       Can easily seat a person weighing up to 250 pounds

·       It rises to 23 inches so an excellent choice for people with long legs

·       Adjustable height

·       A 360 – degree swivel

·       Soft padding for comfort


·       Some users feel the PU leather is not breathable. The seat gets heated and feels uncomfortable after a certain period of time


Product link: HEREOpens in a new tab.

Best Premium Desk Chair

Item Weight 52.8 Lbs
Weight Capacity 450 Lbs
Product Dimension 25.6 x 30.2 x 42.9 inches
Material Mesh
Swivel Yes
Adjustable Height, arms, tilt, lumbar
Warranty Five-year warranty

Let us now introduce you to our top pick: The HON HVL705 AKA The HON Wave Big and Tall Executive.

A dynamite of a chair with the best look below the $300 range. We think the chair is worth dropping a few extra bucks on — for the premium quality and comfort it offers!

The office chair is designed for people of all sizes. It has a weight-bearing capacity of 450 pounds and we hope you weigh a little less than that!

The back and the seat is made from a twin mesh with quality cushions, which makes the chair breathable — so you can remain sweat-free and relaxed in summers.

You can also adjust the back support as well as the height of the chair — this is our best pick if you are in the market for a new chair.

But there is one issue: There is no headrest on the chair. The HON HVL705Opens in a new tab. is the best choice for people who seek comfort. The adjustable arms keep you comfortable in all positions.


·       Supports a maximum weight of 450 lbs

·       Sturdy and stable

·       The chair can fit with most desks

·       The lumbar support is excellent


·       Some buyers feel the chair sinks if the person is underweight

Trying Out A Chair

If you want a chair for yourself or your employees it is better to test the chair out before buying one.

The chair you choose should have the following:

·       An adjustable backrest designed to match the shape of your spine

·       Your feet should reach the floor and should not hang

·       Should have armrest adjustability so you can relax shoulders as and when needed

·       The chair should offer arm-height adjustment

·       Good back support

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Looking to Buy New Chairs, Problem Is All Are A Different Height, What Should I Do?

The chairs mentioned in our review are perfect for all heights, however, all chairs are made different. It is better to try out the chair first before deciding to buy one.

Best desk chair on the market?

This prize has to go to Herman Miller Aeron ChairOpens in a new tab. in our opinion.  It is the most popular office chair.

Do All Chairs Allow For Seat-Height Adjustment?

Yes, almost all chairs come with a lever that can be used to adjust the seat height. If you pull it when sitting down the chair will drop, and if you pull it standing up the chair will rise.

I Am Quite Tall And Don’t Have Too Much To Spend , Can I Find A Comfortable Seat?

Yes, there are many available options out there, so you may find something that is right for you. Also, consider the chairs mentioned in this guide.   

Will  A Comfortable Chair Make Me Lazy?

Not at all, in fact, studies suggest that people are more productive and feel good when they are comfortable.

How Can I Maintain  My Desk Chair?

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your desk chair:

·       Check if an upholstery tag is available to learn how to wash or clean the upholstery

·       Haul away dust regularly with a vacuum

·       Use a damp washcloth and a mixture of soap and warm water to clean the chair. Remember to dab and not scrub

·       Use quality stain removers — first use it on a discreet area which may be hard to see to ensure that the product does not harm the material

·       Apply a leather conditioner if your chair is made of leather

·       Clean and lubricate casters

·       Always keep the chair away from direct sunlight

I Have A Sinking Desk Chair, How DO I Fix It?

The good news is you can do it yourself. Watch this videoOpens in a new tab. and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Our Advice

For better posture and productivity, we suggest you choose a chair that best serves your needs. Buy one that is comfortable and provides good support to your back and neck.

After many tests and a detailed review of the features for our guide, we think the best chair under $300 is — The HON HVL705Opens in a new tab. AKA The HON Wave Big and Tall Executive — and is worth paying a premium for!


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