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What Is Asset Health?

Asset Health is a corporate wellness provider that helps its clients strengthen their corporate well-being. They do this by providing employees support for their body, mind, and spirit. Asset Health goes beyond just facilitating wellness programs. They help their clients engage with their employees fully and make a corporate culture centered on personal well-being.

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Six decades’ worth of experience proves the effectivity of their services. Asset Health has the flexibility, accessibility, innovation, and accreditation that should be your main criteria in choosing a corporate wellness provider for your corporation.

The company’s platform makes use of technology to make it easy for employees to take part in the company’s wellness activities. It also incentivizes them in various ways, providing support wherever they need them. Asset Health’s account managers are also hands-on and may go on-site to encourage your employees to become more participative.

Aside from its platform, Asset Health also keeps a blog dedicated to personal health and wellness. Their blog Motivate HealthOpens in a new tab. is a treasure trove of knowledge for people who want to keep themselves and the people they love healthy. Their articles are well-written and backed with facts, making sure that the knowledge you gain will help you live a longer, fuller life. Asset Health regularly publishes these articles and shares them on their accounts on Facebook Opens in a new tab.and TwitterOpens in a new tab..

Asset Health adapts to your company’s needs and can support all kinds of program designs that you might already have. It keeps track of your employees’ progress through comprehensive reports, letting you know that you are hitting your KPIs consistently. Lastly, Asset Health offers both technical and customer support services to help empower your enrolled programs.

Satisfied Asset Health users have reported an improvement in employee health, morale, and performance. Employees say that they gained the knowledge and tools they’ve since used to keep themselves healthy. Most importantly, employees report that through Asset Health’s services, they feel more motivated and rewarded for taking care of themselves.

Asset Health Benefits

Asset Health’s services provide a lot of benefits for both its clients and their employees. Its most substantial offering is its promise to take care of employee well-being in body, mind, and spirit. It makes use of technology to encourage, motivate, and inspire its users to lead healthier lives, all through their effort.

Asset Health’s team is hands-on and will always be available to offer their support to achieve their clients and their employees’ wellness objectives.

Online Wellness Hub

Asset Health’s platform is designed to be user-friendly to encourage active participation from employees. Whether on the phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, their platform provides a seamless experience and easy access to its many features. The platform tailor-fits itself based on the user, giving them precisely the support they need wherever they are on their health journey. We have written a detailed article, “Workplace Technology,”Opens in a new tab. which provides examples of technologies that help create a healthier workplace.

1. Health Measures

Asset Health lets its users know their exact health measurements anytime they access the platform. Its proprietary Health Assessment (HA) includes behavioral health integration and behavioral analysis. A user-friendly dashboard shows the user’s health measures, based on integrated results from on-site screenings and off-site labs. This dashboard gives the user complete knowledge of their health measurements at all times.

2. Communications Support

Enrolled users can receive notifications through SMS and emails. These reminders are personalized, dynamic, and organic. Receiving updates from Asset Health doesn’t feel robotic, and its users will feel taken care of.

Furthermore, the Asset Health Creative Team provides full communications support, including design and content creation.

3. Incentive & Reward Management

Asset Health supports incentive-based management programs by its clients. Employees could use the platform to see the incentives they’ve earned from participating in wellness activities.

4. Knowledge Management

Another benefit of using Asset Health is that employees get access to a library of interactive and multimedia classes. These classes are designed to be engaging and customizable based on the employee’s HA results.

5. Goal Tracking & Challenges

Asset Health allows its users to set personal health goals and helps them track their progress. Users get to follow their exercise, sleep, nutrition, relaxation, reflection, relationship management, and weight patterns. A dynamic wellness challenge platform allows its users to give themselves progressively higher targets, giving them better health measurements in the long run. It includes a leaderboard where they could track their progress compared to the rest of the company.

6. High-Tech High-Touch Support

Employees will no longer miss their commitments thanks to Asset Health’s Wellness Program Scheduling Tool. It’s an online calendar that lets users sign up for wellness program events. Program coordinators, meanwhile, get an easy event setup and tracking functionality out of the tool.

The users can easily report any problems with the service or the platform. Asset Health’s technical and customer support provide exceptional service to resolve any issues arising from the use of the platform.

7. Coaching Programs

Asset Health has coaches who could direct employees toward a better, healthier life. These coaches are trained to help people learn about their motivations, understand what drives them, and helps them achieve their health goals. All the work will still come from the user, but the coaches are there to affect positive behavioral change through Asset Health’s Path to Wellness Program. We have written a detailed article, “How Do You Motivate Staff to Improve Productivity?”Opens in a new tab. which provides some strategies on how organizations can improve employee performance.

8. Strategy & Integration

Every company is different. Asset Health helps in designing strategies and wellness programs based on the client’s company culture. They will support a variety of programs that will help build a culture of success and well-being in the company, as well as improve the engagement rate employeesOpens in a new tab. with wellness programs.

9. ROI Reporting & Analytics

Clients of Asset Health can check reports anytime through an administrative reporting dashboard. Both corporate clients and employees will receive regular reports to review their performance.

For clients, they could review their ROI from the service through comprehensive reports they receive throughout the program, an Executive Summary Report, and a Comparative Trend Report. Meanwhile, employees receive personalized health reports. We have written a detailed article, “How Do You Promote Wellness In The Workplace?”Opens in a new tab. which explains how organizations can put together wellness programs to boost their employees’ health.

Asset Health has a robust analytics reporting process that compares the client’s costs against the positive, tangible effects of the service toward its employees. It helps define the benefits the client gets from the platform.

Overview of Asset Health Features

– User-friendly platform

– Integrated online and offline biometric results

– Technical and customer support

– 24/7 ROI reporting

– Coaching programs

– Scheduling tool

– Analytics reporting process

– Goals tracking and challenge setting

– Incentive-based participation

How Much Does Asset Health Cost

Asset Health can deliver motivational support to clients wherever they are. Contact Asset HealthOpens in a new tab. for inquiries about their pricing.

Technical Details

Device Support

– Desktop & laptop

– Tablet

– Android

– iOS

Language Support

– English

Pricing Model

Asset Health’s programs are holistic, empowering their clients in mind, body, and spirit. For inquiries regarding their payment models, please contact Asset HealthOpens in a new tab.

Customer Types

– Small businesses

– Medium businesses

– Large businesses

What Support Does Asset Health Offer

– Email

– Phone

– 24/7 live support

– Coaching

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