Aduro Life Review

What Is ADURO?

ADURO Life, located in Washington, is an innovative human-to-digital platform based on enabling a people-first system. It is a medium allowing leaders to listen and connect to their employees through intelligent technology directly. With ADURO Life, employees are cared for well and empowered through positive company culture, therefore generating more holistic business success.

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Fostering a healthier and happier workplace culture leads to better productivity outputs. A highly motivated and highly engaged company culture happens when people are valued.

ADURO Life offers a system capable of measuring and improving human performance with the use of digital technology. Every employee has a customized profile according to their preferences. Then, their mobile phones track their well-being. 

From here, an intuitively programmed system responds to their human analytics and health. An interface featuring a status overview of all employees is also available for the leaders of the organization, allowing better prediction of the business direction.

By doing this, the HR team is also equipped with accurate and up-to-date information to help them provide the exact support an employee needs. The system allows them to monitor employee tracking, employee access to wellness programs, goal measurement, health coaching and monitoring, program management, in-person training, live online training, webinars, and training documentation.

ADURO Life also believes in accurately measuring employee happiness before your top talent leaves. One study found employees are 20% more productive than unhappy employees. 

ADURO Life’s Flourishing IndexOpens in a new tab. addresses this concern. It unlocks valuable insights into what each employee needs to work and segment each population on the six flourishing human domains (validated research from Harvard’s Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise).

Based on the information gathered, a company can create different, intrinsic coaching programs that will pair your employee with a coach. Using the data ADURO provides, companies can now guide their top talents toward the company’s goals, aligned with their core values. 

ADURO life also prevents work burnout, which has severe implications on an individual, including heart attacks or death. WellMetrics® helps prevent work burnout. ADURO understands that when employees feel better, they will perform better. Through WellMetrics® screening event, employees can take the first step to improve individual and organizational performance.

Standard physical measurements during the biometric screening include weight, height, body mass index (BMI), weight-to-height ratio, blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood lipids. Once completed, employees receive the WellMetrics®Opens in a new tab. test results on the spot.

They also have the chance to achieve their personal Well-Being Assessment, which gives them complete insight into their overall emotional and physical health. A trained WellMetrics® Concierge is also available to review their results with them and direct them to the appropriate Human Performance coaching programs. 

According to satisfied employees, the program has helped them assess what they love to do while having a profitable career for the family. The program has also helped them understand that they have to change their perspectives in their life.

Satisfied leaders have shared how ADURO helped them develop a plan focused on the four core benefits of Human Performance to support their employees in reaching their potential. About 95% of their clients would recommend ADURO to others. 

ADURO Life is for any business who believes in the empowerment of their workforce. It is a technological tool for the human resources department. Companies with a large group of employees may have difficulty ensuring their people’s productivity and happiness. With a system like ADURO, the number of employees in the business will no longer matter. You will still see the workforce status of the company, right down to each employee.

Human Performance strategy is the basis of the system. This strategy has reportedly reduced millions of dollars worth of business costs. Companies streamline their business process by decreasing the operational bumps, such as low workforce motivation and employee absenteeism. 

Users of the system report  not only a drastic reduction of costs but also improved employee performance and satisfaction. With a competitive market for the workforce, leaders have the responsibility of making sure their talent is healthy and satisfied in their workplace. ADURO Life provides not only the ease of quick checking-up on their employees but also a system responsive to an employee’s daily status.

Overview of ADURO Benefits

ADURO Life is for company leaders who believe in the power shift to technology for their human resources needs. This system transfers HR functions into a digital system.

Through this transfer, businesses shorten Human Resource processes like responding to employee concerns and activating employee engagement. It also cuts costs by reducing mistakes in understanding employee well-being by actually listening to peoples’ needs. Furthermore, the system diminishes the distance between employees and leaders because they can quickly gather, assess, and access human insights crucial and valuable to the company.

Create Digital-to-Human Interactions

ADURO focuses on collecting relevant and up-to-date human performance data so that employers no longer have to. Their software listens to employees by keeping track of their overall health and recording it on their profile.

Based on their profile, employers can engage with them through customized human performance paths and coaching. With all of these data on hand, organizations can use these metrics to devise strategies for their workforce’s improved well-being.

Keep Track of Your Overall Health on Mobile Device

Their WellMetrics® system generates a Human Performance Profile for each employee. This system delivers data and human analytics such as biometric screeningsOpens in a new tab., well-being and flourishing assessments, digital biomarkers via apps and devices, and clinical data integrations. 

Responsive Digital Access and Support to People 

ADURO Life provides extensive support, paths, and coaching for employees. Support includes 300+ paths, practices, and habits. They also have digital interactions, live video, chat, group sessions, webinars, 1:1 telephonic coaching, and onsite coaching.

Their Ignite Movement strategy focuses on improving the Human Performance experience and presents a choice to people. The application gives employers information to help employees wherever they are and help determine the best path to move forward. Data on their software is available to help determine what inspires them to make the change in the first place.

Holistic Measurement of Human Well-Being

ADURO Life provides leaders an accurate and comprehensive measurement of individual and population profiles. Through the software, they can see if their people are flourishing in their company culture through six domains:

1. Happiness and Well-Being

2. Mental and Physical Health

3. Meaning and Purpose

4. Character and Virtue

5. Close Social Relationships

6. Financial and Mental Stability

These data are a combination of actively and passively collected data to form the individual profiles. 

Go Beyond Wellness

Keeping track of the wellness and well-being of employees is not enough. Instead, ADURO Life focuses on creating a holistic strategy to ensure they perform to their highest potential. People are also given access to wellness programs right on their phones. 

Personalized to Each Individual

Keep track of the interests of each individualOpens in a new tab. from growth and development, money and prosperity, health and fitness, and contribution and sustainability. Employees create their Human Performance Profile, where they can determine their professional, financial, social, or environmental goals.

Reduced HR Costs

HR is what keeps the entire company running based on the work produced and the support it can provide to its employees. With technology such as ADURO Life, companies reduce costs in the form of less medical claims, higher employee retention, reduced spending on admin programs, and reduced employee absenteeism.

Reduced problems within the Human Resources of a company translate to higher business productivity and a healthier company culture. 

Proven Results in the Real World

This digital platform has proven results in the real world. Large companies like Levi’s, DQ, Mercy Health, and Port of Seattle use this software. 

Access Anytime, Anywhere 

View up-to-date information from any Android or iOS mobile phone, cloud, SaaS, or web. 

Go Paperless

By digitizing the entire HR experience, companies reduce HR costs and help augment administrative tasks for HR reps, which decreases overall costs and improves overall efficiency. 

Individual and Population Insight

As a technological tool, ADURO Life makes accessing individual and population insight faster and easier. Leaders can have close-up access to employees’ specific status as well as to the population overview of their whole company at the tip of their fingers.

Try Their Free Demo 

Still unsure if ADURO Life is suited to your business needs? The company provides a free demoOpens in a new tab. with no strings attached. Interested businesses can quickly request one using their website.

Overview of ADURO Features

Overview of Aduro Features
Benefits Navigation Platform Wellness Companies Hubs
Corporate Sleep Point Solutions Disorder Vendor Solutions
Diabetes Program Solutions Tobacco Cessation Program
Women’s Health Program Health Coaching Software
On-site Health Coaching Telephonic Health Coach
Financial Wellness Programs Financial Coaching Tools
Financial Education Health Literacy Programs
Health Risk Assessment Biometric Screening
Physician Forms Home Screening Kits
Off-Site Lab Testing Programs Corporate Fitness Challenges
On-Demand Fitness Programs Corporate Nutrition Programs
Weight Management Program  


Awards & Quality Certificates

– Best and Brightest Companies To Work For Winner 2017, awarded by Best and Brightest

– Top 500 Fastest-Growing Companies 2016, awarded by Inc. Magazine

– Top 100 Best Place to Work 2016, awarded by Inc. Magazine

– 100 Best Companies to Work For 2016, awarded by Seattle Business Magazine

– Top 50 Fastest-Growing Companies 2016, awarded by Puget Sound Business Journal

– Next Practice Award – Leadership, awarded by Edington CBIZ

How Much Does ADURO Cost?

ADURO Life believes in designing a system fit for a company’s growth. Contact ADURO LifeOpens in a new tab. for inquiries about their pricing.

Technical Details

Device Support:

– Android

– iOS

– Cloud

– SaaS

– Web

Language Support:

– English

Pricing Model

ADURO Life provides a customized experience for its clients based on their business needs. For inquiries about their payment terms, you may contact ADURO LifeOpens in a new tab..

Customer Types

– Small Businesses

– Medium Businesses

– Large Businesses

What Support Does ADURO Offer?

– Email

– 24/7 Live Support

– FAQ Page

– Training

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