10 Work Areas That Are Most Suitable For Digital Nomads

As we know, the global pandemic caused a lot of changes in people’s lives. For example, it led to thousands of employees in all corners of the globe having to leave their offices and start working remotely.

According to research, Covid-19 has likewise forced full-time workers and freelancers to try themselves in the role of digital nomads. Thus, let’s consider the best workplaces that would be suitable for such employees.

List of the Best Destinations for a Digital Nomad

If you decide to work as a digital nomad, you will be pleasantly surprised by how many opportunities are open to you. Since the number of such workers started to increase, local companies made a decision to accept these wandering experts. Moreover, country destinations made a choice to welcome temporary knowledge employees as well. The reason is that these work areas have seen the possibility to create their own professional corps and support their economies.

For instance, Barbados and Bermuda have recently decided to join other countries around the globe in launching remote working visa programs. There are a number of counties that are ready to greet digital nomads such as Estonia, Antigua, Dubai, the Caymans, Georgia, Croatia, and more.

Still, if the mentioned countries can be open to business for freelancers and wandering professionals, it does not mean they will be the best places where you can leave your car or switch on your device. Thus, let’s have a look at analyzed countries with remote working visas to decide which offer the best opportunities for wandering workers.


On the basis of research and surveys, Norway is considered the best country for wandering employees. It received a pretty high score for its length of remote working visa, nomad acceptance, good internet speed, etc.

Norway does not restrict employees from staying on a remote working visa. It permits an indefinite stay for a digital nomad as long as the required requirements are satisfied.

Also, Norway got a high ranking for “happiness”. Norway is known as one of the happiest countries in the world. That’s why it will be a pleasure to work as a digital nomad here.


If you talk to wandering employees and discuss the best workplaces, they will probably say that Thailand starts to be the hot spot for remote work. Thailand is full of heavenly beaches that can be transformed into “home” offices fast.

For example, Ko Lanta and Phuket are known as the most bustling nomad hubs in Thailand. Still, if coastlines with bright sun do not interest you, there are many other options in Thailand.

For instance, the Nimmanhaemin district of the northern city of Chiang Mai offers excellent Internet speeds, is walkable, and is very accessible. Also, there are a large number of convenient coffee shops where it is possible to work utilizing free Wi-Fi.


Vietnam is a popular place for ordinary travelers, but it also attracts nomads of all types. Wandering workers make a choice in favor of Vietnam for its strong community and affordable cost of living.

Vietnam is one of the top work areas for wandering employees since it offers a lot of resources for starting your business. Also, if a worker gets paid in USD, it will be much easier to support himself/herself.

Moreover, Vietnam provides you with the possibility to meet individual entrepreneurs, startups, and large corporations. Simply speaking, Vietnam is a great place where you can hang out with professionals in the same place, be inspired, and make connections.


As statistics show, Asia is of the greatest interest to nomads. Still, South America does not stand aside and carve out its own space with this community, especially Argentina. Buenos Aires and Córdoba are regarded as real jewels for those who intend to work as a digital nomad.

Córdoba is an inviting and trendy town. It is loaded with culture. Local cafes will be ideal places for working. When you need to relax and rest for your job duties, you can take to the streets to dance and have fun.

Also, if you get bored in Córdoba, you will have the possibility to go to Buenos Aires. This city is of high popularity for its bright digital nomad community.


Speaking about Southeast Asia, Malaysia is considered one of the most popular destinations among nomads. For example, Kuala Lumpur often attracts attention for its bustling atmosphere of a big city and it is a good alternative to laid-back beach scenes.

If Kuala Lumpur being the capital does not interest you, there is another option. You can drive your attention to Penang. It differs a bit from the capital, still, Penang is popular for its abundance of coffee shops for working and rich historical roots. Here you can visit George Town, the main attraction of Penang and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Being a definite front-runner, Mexico is a favorite destination and is on the list of the best workplaces for nomads. It has high scores from employees for its cost of visa and accommodation and length of remote working visa. These cost factors make Mexico probably the second-best country for wandering workers.

Among a number of nomadic hubs, you can take into account a small surfing town on the Pacific coast of Mexico known as Sayulita. Here you can meet a lot of surfing and yoga lovers. Still, Sayulita has a much smaller area in comparison with, for example, Bali. Despite the fact that Sayulita has not developed yet like Bali, you will not likely want to leave it.

Costa Rica

Coming back to Latin America, there is a destination that deserves attention and will be ideal for digital nomads. We are speaking about Costa Rica and it can also be a perfect place if you are a nature lover and searching for a spectacular vacation.

The atmosphere of Costa Rica will enable you to work productively. After performing job duties, you will be able to relax a bit, for example, to meditate. Also, Costa Rica can boast a wide variety of excursions and eco-adventures. This destination can also attract you with natural parks and unreal coastlines.


Mongolia is seriously underrated. It can be regarded as one of the best work areas for wandering employees along with other above-discussed places. It may take some time to get to Mongolia, however, it’s worth it. Mongolia is beautiful with accessible Wi-Fi on almost every corner.

There are many friendly areas around its capital that are excellent for nomads. Despite the fact that some may think that Mongolia is a wild place, it still has a thriving and supportive community for wandering workers.


Morocco surely deserves praise as an up-and-coming destination for wandering employees. Here you can spend time working and traveling across the country. Morocco is a perfect choice no matter if you are a solo nomad or are in a group of wandering workers. In Morocco, you will have a great time without a doubt and be able to work during the mornings and early afternoons.


The UAE is likewise a good destination for work if you are a digital nomad. Still, you should be ready for some language difficulties. However, the UAE has a high score among wandering employees for the cost of visas. In the UAE, visas are cheaper than in more expensive countries, for example, Antigua and Barbados.


Nowadays, we live in a time when technology evolves and organizations are getting used to a remote workforce. This also means that the interest in wandering workers will continue to grow.
Have you decided to leave your desk job and take your work on the road? Then, we recommend you analyze our list of top destinations around the globe mentioned above for calm and convenient remote work.

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