WordPress IDX Plugins: The Present Real Deal

When it comes to attracting the perfect client and selling the properties, most real estate agents rely on online marketing as a solution. An IDX or Internet Data Exchange accomplishes the capability to browse for these assets. IDX has become an industry norm that enables brokers, agents, organizations, and professionals to display their MLS listings. While on the contrary, MLS is a Multiple Listing Service that lets brokers post their listings. Investors also employ these sorts of services to receive property appraisals. Essentially, to receive an integrative browsing option for available homes in a specific area, any real estate websiteOpens in a new tab. requires such a feature. 

IDX remains a highly-rated and recommended system that also provides reliable security measures. It employs modern encryption and safety technological advancements to assure secure user interference upon every interaction a member has with IDX. 

There may be several alternatives for realtors than ever, yet they all appear to offer the exact monotonous functionalities. As a result, let’s take a closer look at some of the top IDX plugins seeing how they stand out in today’s time. 

IDX is the way of converting raw data into a visual real estate advertising query onto your webpage, and finding suitable IDX plugins for WordPress can be challenging. So, let us see how a WordPress IDX PluginOpens in a new tab. is a game-changer in the industry. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free-of-charge, open-source content management system that has quickly emerged as the most prominent instrument for creating sites throughout the globe. According to various figures, WordPress runs more than 30% of the internet, notably the websites of some of the world’s largest corporations. WordPress has a modular framework that lets you combine and match plugins and applications. It assists you in building almost any website and amalgamating your IDX technology with third-party functions and integrations.

You’re on the right track if you’ve selected WordPress as your site builder. It has hundreds of plugins that allow anybody to create and design websites with little or no scripting. On the other hand, IDX is a collection of regulations, licenses, and technological techniques that allow you to access MLS profiles online, connect them to another website, and publicize them. 

Concept of Plugin

A plugin is any software you may install on your WordPress webpage to enhance its functionality and permit it to perform additional tasks. It might vary depending on the operations. WPL (WordPress Property Listing), for example, maintains property listings, RETS / IDX / VOW realty alternatives, and more expandable features. More than 5,000 real estate sites worldwide make use of it. WPL is a ‘ready-to-translate’ IDX plugin that makes switching languages seemingly easy. 

WordPress IDX plugins are software extensions used by property managers and brokerages to showcase dynamically updated enlisting via the Internet Data Exchange protocol on their blogs. 

What makes WordPress IDX Plugins the best in 2022?

Based on many of the six useful aspects, the plugins tend to set grounds in the online market. These are:

1. Cost 

While agents’ budgets are still a concern, the expense of IDX plugins appears to have steadied at roughly $50 per month.

2. Shortcodes and Widgets

Agents may use widgets and theme options to display online profiles on their sites in many ways.

3. Advanced browsing options

Clients will linger on your page browsing for properties because of the search functionality. Sometimes plugins merely offer standard searching features, whereas others include more advanced options such as polygon search or advanced lookup. It allows users to plot a particular zone on a map to receive more accurate results. 

4. Extra features of the listing page 

Additional attractions for advertising pages are occasionally bound to maintain clients exploring for homes on your webpage. The features include:

  • Walk scoring system
  • Social network sharing
  • Opportunity to save in bookmarks or add to favorites

Even an attractive and appealing layout, as well as customizing characteristics, helps to draw anyone’s attention. 

5. Email notifications

Furthermore, IDX may send email alerts to your clients anytime a new listing matching their criteria gets added to your web.

6. Share buttons/options

IDX also has social sharing features and browse confidentially alongside other relatives or friends. It enables viewers to promote your content across several social media platforms. 

7. An eye-catcher

Last but not least, it assists in attracting potential homebuyers’ interest. IDX creates an interactive map engine to improve and make visitors’ queries more interesting. With many buyers and sellers displaying house photos on their websites, having a modern IDX as the core powering your site or branding strategy makes you stand out.

The IDX plugin can give you lots of information about the users’ preferences. To get a financial and time-efficient solution for purchasing or selling a property, you must maximize each automated approach available. Fortunately, with a completely adaptable MLS dataset, IDX delivers whatever you require to develop a professional and reputable real estate portal. 

Nevertheless, mentioned below are some of the most used and preferred WordPress IDX Plugins:

MSL Import

You can begin using the MSL import WordPress IDX plugin right away because of its numerous features and functionalities. All in all, this plugin is all you’ll need if you’re starting in this sector and want to promote your must-see listings on a newbie webpage. For in case of extra assistance, MLS Import’s courteous support team is ready to help you or your client. Using MLS, you can take your real estate business to the next level.


This efficient and configurable IDX plugin gives you a fast and trustworthy hunt for enlisted properties for sale. Homefinder has added a unique selection of characteristics and themes with the new updates. Polygon search appears to be the standard protocol for IDX plugins nowadays, and iHomefinder has a lead on that. It has many listing extra features that will keep your reviews captivated and make them feel like a part of the experience. 


You can get more out of your real estate WordPress by surrendering to Realtyna. It integrates with the WPL platform, another WordPress IDX plugin that will help you alter (add or remove) data structures. You may also use the advantages of this versatile platform to build and present detailed property listings according to your specifications. Realtyna ranks among the best, having over a decade of expertise in the real estate industry.

Showcase IDX

This well-known plugin works on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It has all of the necessary attributes for creating a basic estate business blog that will gain traction for you. It also intends to improve customer interaction by providing realtors and brokers with a comprehensive MLS database to promote and showcase the region’s many available homes. 


This IDX plugin is quite popular among real estate WordPress web owners. Both desktop and mobile devices benefit from the simple and exquisite design. Its objective is to support individuals to engage with each feature by providing an easy-to-implement configuration. Coming with a free theme bundle and relatively rapid setup, Estatik is a prime recommendation for brokers. Its entirely customizable feature is another factor that encourages users to install Estatik.

Wovax IDX

The Wovax IDX plugin gives your site a user-friendly house hunting page that appears sophisticated, contemporary, and aesthetically pleasing. The plugin comes with all of the extras you’ll need to maintain your site adaptably versatile. It identifies the location straight into the WordPress website, allowing faster browsing choices.

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is yet another WordPress IDX plugin you could require for your estate market website. CRM admins may regulate accessibility, modify privacy, and monitor online activities, in addition to providing a terrific experience for users. It benefits real estate agents in managing their clients. It is a technique to combine software and strategy for converting prospects into perhaps long-term customers.

With 97 percent of homebuyers attempting to purchase a house via the internet, you ought to keep your listings accessible and prominent. And this is how you can get a step up in the competition!

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