What is Workplace by Facebook?

Facebook, as we all know is one of the social media giants that has attracted many businesses towards it. Today, many organizations are taking assistance from Facebook to shine in the World Web market. Even Facebook is also helping businesses by introducing many features that set it apart. Recently, Workplace by FacebookOpens in a new tab. has grabbed the attention of many businesses.

So, what is Workplace by Facebook?  It’s a communication hub for organizations to collaborate and communicate. Previously known as Facebook at Work, the platform allows employees to replace distribution lists and internal emails. Be it a big or small workplace; every organization needs an effective communication tool and Workplace by Facebook has got them covered.

Workplace by Facebook was launched to bring businesses the benefits of a social media platform. It is a mirror image of Facebook; the only difference is some of the features it offers. In the United State alone, hundreds of millions of Facebook users are making this app a tool for their teams. Perhaps, the platform is a private social network that can be used by both individuals as well as businesses. Businesses can use the platform as a major communication hub where they can send a large volume of videos, audios, and messages along with scheduling events.

Developed with a mobile-first mindset, workplace by Facebook is combined with easy-to-use features and next-gen technology to transform culture, workflows, and communications within the organization. This communication and messaging tool help employees to create profiles make groups, and instant messaging among employees sharing common departments.

This application serves as the central communication hub for both managers and employees. It allows organizations and their employees to send messages, watch and record videos or live stream, which are useful for corporate presentation. The benefits of Workplace by Facebook – it is inexpensive so small businesses can reap benefits from its features.

Benefits of Using Workplace by Facebook

This social network solution is designed for employees and managers. In addition to improved collaboration and better communication, it offers numerous benefits. Let’s have a look at them…

1. Employee Engagement

As the name suggests, employee engagement is about how much staff is investing in an organization and motivated to work. Certainly, employee engagement needs a lot of effort, especially for distributed organizations. And let’s be honest, getting everyone on the same page or a room is a hard nut to crack. Here workplace is a rescuer. It enables knowledge sharing and seamless top-down communication.

It allows open conversation and every employee can contribute to it. Certainly, Workplace by Facebook is designed to focus and engage everyone within an organization. Managers and team leaders can run polls and take the opinion of the employees.

2. Two-way Communication

– It uses live video for direct and authentic sharing

– Auto translates

– Get real-time feedback like reactions, comments, and likes. Share data and information via the News Feed.

Workplace by Facebook is a communication yet a collaborative platform that brings the interface of Facebook to the enterprise. It offers the same features and tools like Chat, Live videos, groups, News Feed and more. It has taken two-way communication to a new level as it permits everyone to communicate with one another.

This enables transparent and better communication that also helps in sharing knowledge and work. Moreover, it also opens the way for feedbacks through likes, reactions, and comments.

3. Effective Collaboration Tools

– Workplace Chat

– Project groups for detailed conversations

– Machine learning means Workplace gets more relevant and smarter over time

Workplace by Facebook is designed to help internal collaboration between employees.  It does this by blending the functionalities of messaging and group discussion. Workplace is an excellent tool that combines the real-time urgency of quick messaging with more detailed discussion in groups.

Certainly, this digital collaboration tools like social networks should help organizations improve customer support, automate workflows and encourage employee interaction on a platform they are already used too.

4. Boosts Use of Existing Tool

– Easy deployment with single sign-on and one-click provisioning

– Connect to prevailing tools

– Find the latest applications in the integration directory

– Create custom integrations with the Workplace service partners

Be it a small business or a large enterprise; it is a fact that business owners invest a lot of time and money in workplace tools. As Workplace by Facebook is packed with many familiar features that employees love to use and connects with many existing apps and software businesses already utilize, Workplace by Facebook boosts the adoption and usage of existing tools you’ve paid for.

Features of Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook offers many features that are helpful for all sizes of businesses:

Groups – Allows users to create multiple groups with teams within the company. Groups allow members to share documents, content, and ideas.

Multi-Company Groups – Groups can be created with third parties, meaning employees can create groups to communicate directly with customers and vendors.  Multi-company groups can share documents, communicate, share ideas and interact on the platform.

Work Chat – This feature lets users communicate with their team in real-time along with sharing links and documents. Just like Facebook Messenger, users can also make video calls.

Live Video – If you want to “Go-Live” with your company about the latest product launch, latest development, or breaking news, Live Video on Facebook Workplace alerts employees (or a smaller group of employees) that a live video is in progress.  Videos are recorded and indexed to enable future quick search functionality.

Analytics and Admin tools – Managers can also access all data about the latest usage and interactions. Users can read the number of posts or keep on track of everything going on.

Unlimited Storage – If you are concerned about running out of space, then relax! Whether you load pictures, files or videos, Workplace offers unlimited storage.

Security – Data security is the biggest concern for many organizations. Workplace by Facebook ensures that your data and other delicate information will not be published or stolen. Facebook assures that they have come up with several measures that will protect all sensitive information and data.

Notifications and Newsfeed – The main purpose of the Workplace by Facebook is to keep your team updated on what is happening within the company. For that, it makes sure that each user receives a Newsfeed and its algorithm ensures that it highlights what’s important. Moreover, it also notifies users when they are mentioned, receive a new message, or followed!

Latest Features:

Workplace by Facebook collaboration tool has a lot more to offer. Recently, it added some features to make the tool more effective and simpler for enterprises. Here are those features revealed by F8.

New Workplace Live API – This service is designed to add RTMP to the workplace. It is ready to use with a wide assortment of video encoders which includes Black Magic, Elemental and Teradek.

It also offers various identity protection security layers like Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure, and G Suite. Not only this, but integrates with compliance and security providers like CSDisco, Smarsh, Netskope, and Skyhigh.

Other features which are beneficial for enterprises are Chatbots. Facebook has even programmed many bots for the workplace and now it is adding support for TheBotPlatform, Pullstring, Kore.ai, Converse, and Avaamo.

It also connects with the top collaboration tools such as G Suits, Office 365, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive. It also includes a new interface for checking different files within the workplace.

How Does Workplace by Facebook Work?

As we have already read above that Workplace by Facebook is a space for employees and managers to brainstorm, share ideas, files and communicate with each other. More than a collaboration tool, it connects every size of organizations to familiar features like groups and chats along with integrates with various business tools used by the team to get work done.

Workplace is designed similar to Facebook, but for employees. The primary hub of the tool has a central Newsfeed where users can also set up instant messages or one-on-one video calls through work chat. Integrating with business apps like Dropbox and Microsoft officeOpens in a new tab., it allows users to share images, files, and presentations within the workplace and discuss them.

Workplace by Facebook is ad-free. It means, employees, get less distracted from their work and concentrate more on their professional communications.

Facts about Workplace by Facebook

– The Enterprise Business by Facebook is designed to build trust with customers and brands.

– Workplace informed Walmart (Their top customer) to a security breach that affected millions of customers.

– t is expected that Workplace will start using a new domain in 2019.

Is Workplace by Facebook free?

Workplace by Facebook is not free, especially for businesses. If you are looking to get started with Facebook, request a free trial. As of now, this platform is free for educational institutions and non-profits, but businesses have to pay $1 to $3 per month per profile, depending on the size of the organizations.

Although it’s not expensive, you can explore pricing optionsOpens in a new tab. for your business needs. You can enjoy three months trial period to get yourself comfortable with the platform. Even if you are not willing to invest in big plans, you can also choose a monthly plan.

Why Workplace is one of a kind?

If you are wondering what makes workplace set apart, then let me tell you there are many aspects that make it one of its own kind. Let’s have a look at them…

1. The platform is designed only for interaction. Unlike other platforms, it doesn’t offer something for users to buy. Even as it is ad-free, so there is no question of distraction.

2. It is Cell/Mobile first. As we have already read above, Workplace is a space for employees and managers to brainstorm, share ideas, files and communicate with each other. More than a collaboration tool, it connects every size of organizations to familiar features like groups and chats along with integrates with various business tools used by the team to get work done. The apps it offers are easy to use. The mobile first strategy will connect all users who are using cell phones. Even replying to clients anywhere and anytime is easier than before apps it offers are easy to use. You can also attend meetings on the go without going to the meeting room.

3. If you have a large group of employees without an official email address, Workplace still allows you to collaborate. (Please note, that users without company email addresses do have a few more steps to complete before accessing the platform). Users love using features they are already familiar with.

The Mobile App

Workplace by Facebook comes with two applications

1, Chat

Chat allows to chat, video and voice call along with sending emoji, audio, video, and images.

2. Work

Work app allows you to keep trackOpens in a new tab. of all the conversation. You can see all the conversation in your news feed on your landing page. You can even see the crucial groups to participate.

When you post something from your mobile in a group, it appears on the top. The screen below is generally used to post something to the group. There is also an option of ‘Go Live’ so you can broadcast live into your desired group.

Let’s take an instance and see how useful this feature could be:

Suppose you are the CEO of an organization which is about to launch a new product. So, rather than sending email to the team, you can open a live stream and inform everyone about it. Your team can send you a message and convey their feelings and tell you how proud they are to be a part of your team.

There is also a group view. This view is to show you the latest updates from the team. You can search the information as we have already read above that Workplace is a space for employees and managers to brainstorm, share ideas, files and communicate with each other. More than a collaboration tool, it connects every size of organizations to familiar features like groups and chats along with integrates with various business tools used by the team to get work done or participate in it. You can even chat with the group members which is yet another best thing you can do.

Get Workplace by Facebook on your Computer

Just like your Facebook, Workplace is browser-based that doesn’t need any download. It has been pre-defined into four groups-

– Team and project groups

– Open discussion groups

– Announcement groups

– Social Groups

Let’s have a look at them in detail

Team and projects groups

This is the group where real work is carried out. For long-term adoption of Workplace, these groups are very beneficial. In these groups, a team can share documents and updates. Even they can solve each other problems as well.

Open Discussion Groups

This group is used by the team to communicate or discuss the projects, IT security, customer journeys or project management. These groups act as classrooms that offer all kinds of solutions. For IT or HR also, these groups are one of a kind.

Announcement Groups

These groups are designed for formal communications like the announcement of a product launch or any update. It is combined with a live broadcasting function which acts as a powerful channel.

Social Groups

These are one of the most special groups made by the Workplace. These groups are usually for social activities within the company that includes parties, connecting runners or even connecting people.

Where should you position Workplace by Facebook?

Undoubtedly, Workplace is one of the most influential platforms that compete with IBM, Jive or Yammer connections as they are also used to connect the people within the enterprise. As it also offers chat, video calling and calling, it can be a big competitor of Skype as well. However, Workplace doesn’t compete with technologies like Quip, Google Docs or MSWord. It’s an enterprise communication and collaboration platform.

How to Create a Workplace by Facebook Account

Creating an account in the Workplace (Facebook’s business-oriented version) is not a daunting task. You just need to follow a few steps and get started. Let’s have a step-by-step

Step 1: If you have received an email invite Marketplace, click on the “Get Started” option.

Step 2: When you open the page, you have to again click on “Get Started” again option.

Step 3: Now you have to add your information and then click into “Preview Profile.”

Step 4: Start by accessing the free trial. For that, click on the “Get Started” option on that very page.

Step 5: The next step is about creating a password and inviting co-workers. So, to do that click on “Invite Co-workers.”

Dashboard with Integrations and Analytics

The dashboard of the Workplace by Facebook allows the administrator to view analytics on users, groups, and activities. Also, it permits companies to integrate into their prevailing IT systems. It also allows companies to manage users from the dashboard along with adding and removing users.  You can integrate the Workplace with the following platforms:

– G Suite

– OneLogin

– Okta

– Azure AD

– Ping Windows

– Dropbox

Popular Enterprises that are using Workplace by Facebook according to Business InsiderOpens in a new tab., there are more than 30k companies that are using Workplace by Facebook. Some of the popular businesses that are using Workplace are:

1. Nestle

The company has adopted Workplace as its internal communication tool to connect its workplace and to serve the consumers in a better way. Commenting on the Workplace move, the Executive Vice President of the company and Oceania and sub-Saharan Africa, Chief Executive office Zone Asia said that, “Nestle is the people-first environment which relies on the talented teams who is managing more than two thousand Nestle brands across the world. To help employees in developing, the right tools are required, and here Workplace is the right fit.”

2. Heineken

The leading brewer and marketer of cider brands and premium beer have a portfolio of more than 300 regional, local and international beers and ciders. 80,000 employees operate cider plants and breweries in more than 70 countries.

Other companies that use Workplace are- Walmart, Dominos, Starbucks, Air Asia and more.

Is Workplace by Facebook an email killer?

Probably not! Workplace by Facebook offers employees a great way to collaborate, create connections and exchange ideas. Even it could be a great fit for organizations that already possess a great working culture, but it will resort to email notifications.

Workplace by Facebook is ISO 27018 Security Standards Certified

Workplace by Facebook enterprise solution is certified to ISO/IEC 27018: 2014 StandardOpens in a new tab.. This security standard is a privacy-oriented global standard that develops on information security management systems and established on guidelines and controls to protect Personally Identifiable Information in the environments of a public cloud. In short, it means that it will take security seriously.

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