What is Human Resource Management? Where Can I Study It? Is It Hard?

People are a vital resource for any business or organization as they are responsible for executing strategies, processes, and plans for making a business successful. Human resource management is a term used to describe the formal systems of management of people within an organization.

This article will guide you through essential details of human resource management and how to study and pursue a career in this field. 

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What is human resource management?

 Human resource management involves the decisions related to the employment, development, and well-being of the people working in an organization and the firing of unwanted staff. Effective human resource management gives rise to employee satisfaction which in turn enhances the organization’s profitability.

Larger enterprises typically have a separate department dedicated to human resource management for aligning the employee goals with the organization’s aims. HRM also deals in training and retaining employees along with maintaining a healthy workplace culture. 

What are the Functions of Human Resource Management?

There are various primary functions of human resource management within an organization; some of them are as follows:

1. Designing and analyzing jobs that involve an effective description of duties and responsibilities and the required skills, qualities, and expertise. An accurate job description helps to find suitable candidates with the necessary skills and experience. 

2. Supervising talent hiring in an organization that involves job advertisements, screening candidates, and scheduling rounds of interviews to find the required candidate requires ample time and effort.

3. After recruitment, it is the responsibility of HR to conduct a smooth orientation process for newly-hired employees and prepare them for more significant responsibilities in the company through effective training and enhancement of skillsets. 

4. Establishing a fair reward and performance appraisal system for employees plays an important role in retaining and enhancing employee productivity and loyalty. Regular recognition of employee’s hard work can pay off through increased profitability in the organization.

5. Performance management is an important responsibility in human resource management to ensure employees’ output, impacting the organization’s profitability.

6. Conflict management and dealing with other issues such as bullying, sexual harassment, or other personal problems of employees regarding the workplace.

What are the major concepts in human resource management?

Following are the major concepts taught in a human resource management degree program.

• Labor relations
• Employment laws and ethics
• HR management in organizations
• Talent management
• Risk management and worker protection
• Employee Rights and responsibilities
• Performance management and appraisal
• Workplace diversity
• Globalization
• Strategic human resource management
• Training and development
• Human resource information systems
• Human resource planning and retention
• Workers, jobs, and jobs analysis
• Employee selection and recruitment
• Cross-cultural management
• Creating remote workforces

Why is it important to study human resource management?

Human resource management is an essential function within any organization. As businesses grow, they need effective employee management systems and policies. This, in turn, has given rise to human resource management jobsOpens in a new tab. globally. To gain placements in the HR departments of organizations, you need to get a degree in human resource management, enhance your knowledge and develop the relevant skillsets.

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As an HR manager, you can influence people and make a positive difference in their lives by providing them a comfortable working environment. If you are good at communications and problem solving, human resource management can be a fruitful career choice.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, human resource management is an essential function of nearly every industry, hence as an HR professional, you would have a wide range of organizations for sending job applications. 

Where can I study human resource management?

Human resource management falls amongst important subjects being taught at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. In Bachelors, there are lesser programs that mainly focus on human resource management, and you ought to choose it as an elective in a business degree. Bachelor’s programs usually take three to four years.

However, at the Masters’s level, there are specialized programs that you can opt to get a professional degree solely in human resource management. After completing your Bachelor’s degree in business subjects, you can go for a Master’s program that typically lasts between one to two years and enhances your knowledge regarding the core concepts of human resource management.

Is human resource management difficult to study?

Human Resource Management is an exciting and rewarding subject in the business field. Although HR degrees can challenge students regarding laws and policies, however, through proper preparation and efficient study habits, studying human resource management would surely not be difficult for you compared to other business disciplines.

How to get an HR degree online?

In contrast to studying on campus, it is indeed possible to get a human resource management degree or certification online through various institutes. These online programs are making it easier for students to study conveniently at their own time and space. An online degree can also save you from the hassle of getting a student visa and going abroad to study in your favorite university.

Moreover, an online degree is a good option for you if you are a working professional due to the flexible scheduling options. It can save your time and money that is spent on accommodation in another country or commuting.

However, a drawback of online education is that you mainly depend upon yourself for studying as there is less connection with the professors and other fellow students. Thus, it would be best if you selected an on-campus or online degree after critical thinking regarding your circumstances and preferred choices.

Top skills gained from Master’s Degree Programs in Human Resource Management

Following are some of the important skills you can gain as a student after finishing your Master’s degree program in human resource management. 

• General understanding of business operations
• Research and analytical skills 
• Organizational and project management skills
• Negotiation and influencing skills developed through interactions with fellow students.
• An understanding of complex regulations
• Required IT skills
• Data compilation and interpretation
• Written and oral communication and interpersonal skills
• Leadership and team-working skills
• Decision-making and problem-solving
• In-depth knowledge of relevant fields of HR, such as employment laws, employee rights, and duties

Major Jobs in Human Resource Management and Average Salary

Following are the best careers for human resource professionals:

Human Resource Managers 

Job description: coordination and planning of HR activities and management after execution, guiding employees in the recruitment process, benefits programs, training, labor disputes, and relevant administrative needs

Non-Profit Human Resources Expert

Job description: recruiting, administering benefits, training, and development, assisting with policies and strategy in a nonprofit organization that works to better the world around it.

HR consultants

Job description: dealing with employee incentives and rewards programs, company culture after mergers and acquisitions, employee motivation, retirement plans, recruiting, and outsourcing HR department functions.

International human resources professional

Job description: recruiting candidates into global positions, training and development standards for an international organization, implementing benefits plans, labor relations, and employee programs.

HR Executive

Job description: devising an HR strategy for the company, including policies and goals, creating referral programs, updating HR policies, and overseeing hiring processes.

The average salary of a Human Resource Professional in the US is somewhere between $40,000 to $80,000 per year, depending upon education and experience. For example, Master’s degree holders are likely to get better salaries than Bachelor’s degree holders; however, it varies from person to person and within different organizations. 

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