What is a Regus Virtual Office (Plus 10 Benefits for You and Your Business)

As time goes by, the number of people working remotely has gradually increased. This has increased the demand for the use of a virtual office for business owners and their employees.

Virtual offices are ideal for small and large business owners and provide employees access to flexible remote workspace that enable companies to reduce their corporate real estate footprint.

Regus’s virtual office offers you and your business different packages, be it for a small upcoming business or a large company. Regus provides virtual offices in all major cities and towns around the world.

 What is a virtual office? It is a technology that allows business owners and their employees to work remotely from home, library, train, or any space of your choosing without having to rent an actual space in a building. It offers you services that include:

• A city center business postal address. Using this rather than your actual address such as that of your home makes your business look professional.

• Phone answering and voicemail services. This includes a business phone number that, for example, a landline number, that helps you manage incoming calls from clients. Using this number instead of your actual phone number improves your level of professionalism.

• Mail handling services that help you in opening and scanning your post emailed to you.

• Access to professional virtual meeting rooms instead of “full-time” desk meetings.

• Reception desk services that help you arrange meetings in the virtual meeting rooms.

Regus Virtual Office offers you high-end virtual services that allow you and your employer/employees to interact with your clients remotely in a professional manner from anywhere around the world.

You might be overseas, say America, but your client is in the United Kingdom. Regus’s virtual offices will give you a UK address that will ease communication between you and said clients.

Regus virtual office has several packages which give you the advantage of flexibility in choosing the services you need. These packages include:

• A professional business address for your company. This acts as a good base, especially for an upcoming business.

• Virtual Offices allow you to build an instant presence wherever you need to be. Its features include thousands of locations, global business lounges, and phone answering services.

• Virtual Office Plus is our most comprehensive package. It gives you all our virtual office and workspace access. It has features such as the use of a business lounge network, daily use of the virtual meeting room, and 5 days’ desk/office space per month.

People often ask the question, “Is a virtual office worth it?” The answer is, yes. With the increase in the number of people working from home, there is an increase in the need for access to a professional way of communicating with your employees or clients.

Regus’s virtual office gives you a professional mailing address and phone number that allows you to conduct business without an actual physical office. This helps put your business several steps ahead compared to your competitors.


11 Signs You Need a Virtual Office

1. You cannot manage your mail. It will help you in the opening and scanning of your mail.

2. You want to show professionalism. A virtual office address gives your business a more professional look that gives it credibility compared to its counterpart home address. This can significantly increase your clients.

3. You want to conduct business operations in a new country. If you wish to operate overseas, it is high time you get yourself a virtual office. The number of business addresses and/or locations you can have are not limited to the virtual office.

4. You want to increase the visibility of your brand. Sometimes you might open your business in a new city or country. For it to be successful you’ll need your brand to be trusted by clients in these new areas. This is where a virtual address comes in handy whereby by using that area’s address the clients will trust you more compared to using an address that is alien to them.

5. You are being denied the chance to register for products and services. Most companies will deny your business the opportunity to use their services if they find out you are not operating from an office space. For your business to be allowed to sign up for specific services or products, you will need a virtual address that other companies will use in the verification of its legitimacy.

6. You want to minimize costs. Are you a digital nomad? Do you prefer working from the comfort of your home? Having a virtual office will help you cut on the costs you’d have used on renting an office or creating one at your home.

7. You often travel or prefer not to work in one location for long. Not only can you work in the comfort of your home with a virtual office but also on the road. Sometimes you might even prefer to conduct your business while seated in the library or the park.

8. You need privacy. The use of a professional business address and phone number helps you keep your home address and personal phone number private. This is especially important for your security.

9. You need a receptionist but you don’t want the risks and hassles that come with hiring an employee. A virtual receptionist helps you schedule virtual meeting rooms with clients.

10. When you are working for another company but wish to start an independent side business. A virtual office makes this easier for you.

11. If you are a starting business wishing to compete with big players. A virtual office gives you the same level of professional look as your competitors.

10 Ways a Virtual Office Can Benefit You

1. No need for relocation. Having a virtual office relieves the worry of having to move or relocate your business. Moving or relocating a business can be rather challenging and time-consuming.

2. Adds legitimacy, credibility, and professionalism to your business. A professional business address and phone number give your brand a legitimate, credible, and professional appearance.

3. Saves on money. Working from an actual office comes with expenses such as paying for transportation or gasoline. Renting an office can also be costly. A virtual office helps you avoid such costs.

4. Work from anywhereOpens in a new tab.. The ability to work from wherever and whenever can be very convenient. A virtual office gives you the flexibility of working from anywhere.

5. Saves time on the commute. Commuting each day can eat up a lot of your time especially with the increased traffic on our roads. A virtual office will allow you to spend the time you’d have used commuting on more important things.

6. Eco-friendly. As more businesses opt for the use of a virtual office, the number of commuters on the road will reduce thus reducing air pollution. It will also cut on the amount of waste discarded from workplaces.

7. Reduces employee stress. The amount of money spent on commuting plus the fatigue that comes with it can be very stressful for you. A virtual office gives you a certain level of peace as you can work from the comfort of your home.

8. Scale-up your business. Scaling up your business can be quite costly and stressful as it involves things like buying more equipment for your stuff, relocating to bigger buildings, etc. A virtual office allows for a smooth and affordable expansion of your business.

9. Work-life balance. A virtual office allows you to easily transition from work to family time.

10. Increased employee satisfaction and productivity. With reduced stress from commuting and the satisfaction of working from home, your employees will be more productive.

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