What are the Best Remote Jobs?

Remote jobs are the ones that are conducted away from the office either at home or elsewhere. While there are jobs that require you to have a college degree, some remote jobs do not require this qualification. These jobs have a broad range of benefits to the people who engage in them such as:                                                                           
• Enhanced productivity since the work schedules are flexible

• Reduced commuting costs

• Utilization of technology

• Promotes better work-life balance

So, what are the best remote jobs? Find what you’re best at, whether it’s a teaching, podcaster, analyst, data entry clerk, freelance writer, online marketer, developer, manager, or maybe an accountant. It is important that you love what you do.

Remote workingOpens in a new tab. has become increasingly popular in a couple of years mostly due to the advancement in technology. If you have been thinking about switching careers to work from home, these are some of the best remote jobs you should consider:

1. Statistical analysts

These professionals work in a broad range of fields including research, health care, marketing, education, sports among other fields. Their duties involve data compilation and analysis using software such as R, STATA, SPSS, and PythonOpens in a new tab.. Statisticians only require a laptop and a dataset and hence they can work remotely.

2. Software developers

This profession is considered the most prestigious in most parts of the world. Software developers are the geniuses behind the development of creative computer programs. Their work involves working with operating systems as well as the network of distribution software. These professionals are heavily relied on by companies in the tech industry such as Oracle, Facebook, IBM, SAP, as well as Intel. Software developers can also work remotely so long as they have access to a laptop or computer.

3Customer service

Customer service jobs can also be done remotely thanks to the advancement of communication apps and the internet. Currently, numerous companies have been outsourcing call center servicesOpens in a new tab. from customer care agents to work in various fields. Among the customer care jobs that one can do include:

• Travel agents: Involves helping traveler’s book transportation and accommodation.

• Technical support: Conducted through online chats, phone, and email to provide technical support

• Virtual support: Assist in email management, research, as well as management of schedules

• Online chat agents: Their work is limited to communicating through chats.

4. Information technology (IT) manager

These are experts who oversee the management of information systems in a company. These managers can work in various industries including government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations. IT managers leverage tools such as Asana, Trello, and Basecamp to do their work efficiently. The flexibility given by these tools enables these professionals to work remotely. Apart from working from home, these professionals can also monitor how other remote employees are working.

5Virtual accountant

Accounting involves the use of financial statements and numbers to give reports on the financial status of an organization. While accountants can be employed by various companies, they can also set up private practices. When employed by a company, they are collectively known as private accountants. Alternatively, when self-employed, they are termed as public accountants. The latter category requires you to pass a certified public accounting exam for them to practice independently. Whether working for an entity or self, these professionals can conduct their duties remotely.

6. Online marketer

People who work as online marketers can also work from home. Workers in this field specialize in creating content for social media and websites with the aim of marketing products. They also work to optimize content as well as advise the company owner on the emerging trends. Given that almost all the companies have websites that need managing, this makes it flexible for online marketers to work from anywhere around the globe.

7Freelance writer

Writing jobs range from technical writing, blog writing, and copywriting. Technical writing has to do with creating content for manuals and training. Blog writing involves writing about experiences while copywriting involves developing persuasive content with the goal of marketing. The advantage of writing is that it offers time and location independence in that you can work anytime from the place that you are at. The income from writing is “limitless” because one can work for extra money by putting in extra hours.

8. Podcaster

There are things that you need to have to thrive as a podcaster. First, you need a niche and an audience. Thus, if you are one of those people with many followers online, you could leverage your audience to succeed. You also need to have excellent speaking skills to help you convey emotion in your speech. When you are coherent, you will attract a lot of people. This job also requires you to have gear such as video recording and audio equipment. Some prior experience working as a podcaster is however relevant. Experience in technology and online marketing is also critical to help you sell your content. You can also use platforms such as YouTube to market yourself.  To ensure that your content gets more views on YouTube, you need to optimize it and set YouTube SEO. When your content gets more views, you stand a chance of making a fortune. That is why podcasting qualifies as one of the best remote jobsOpens in a new tab. to have. Thus, it is suggested that you also invest some time to figure out how to get more views on YoutubeOpens in a new tab., as that will draw attention to you and the content you’re trying to sell.

9. Data entry clerk

A data entry clerk is involved in entering, merging, and updating data onto a computer system. This job can also be conducted remotely as it only requires you to have a computer and access to the internet. This position does not necessarily require you to have a degree. Data clerks make about $19/hr. This amount can go higher depending on an employer and the amount of work that you commit to doing.

10. Project manager

To work as a project manager, you do not have to be onsite to oversee the progress of a project. Remote project developers leverage employee management tools and web conferences. With this software, they can successfully delegate work, monitor progress, train employees, and evaluate staff output. For you to work in this capacity, you need to be highly driven and independent. Project managers make about $90,000 annually. Therefore, this one of those lucrative remote jobs that you should consider doing.

11. Remote psychologists

Professionals in the health sector such as psychologists can also work online. But, how do they render services to patients? Remote clinical psychologists offer tele therapy and treatment solutions virtually to patients. For you to work in this field, you require at least a degree in psychology and a license to practice. You also need to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills for you to interact with patients with ease. Clinical psychologists earn approximately $104K to $126 per year. Therefore, if you have a degree in this field, you should start applying for such positions.

12. Teacher

The emergence of COVID-19 has led to an increased demand for tutors. As most students continue to stay at home, parents are looking for teachers to homeschool their children remotely. As a tutor, you can teach any subject from languages to sciences based on your competence. To work as a teacher, you need vast knowledge in teaching software and video chatting applications. Knowledge in these apps will help you interact with students, plan sessions, and teach. Tutors earn an hourly rate of $21.59. However, this rate varies based on the group of students you have and the hiring institution.


Working remotely offers you endless opportunities to earn a living. Given that you do it in the comfort of your home, you save a lot on transportation, meals, and commuting time. The above jobs are just some of the things that you can do. In a nutshell, remote working is possible and should be encouraged!

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