Top 10 Recruiting Software Tools of 2020

A company is only as good as its people. 

Therefore, recruitment is arguably the most essential part of running an organisation.

Ideally, the human resource department works to hire the right staff members. However, recruitment can be a long and tedious process. Many companies are increasingly turning to recruitment software to make the hiring process more manageable. 

According to this reportOpens in a new tab. from Capterra, 75% of  recruiters use some type of recruiting software.

What is a recruitment software?

Recruitment software is an application that companies use as part of human resource management to help in the sourcing and hiringOpens in a new tab. of staff. It automates tasks such as data collection, which saves time and simplifies the process of finding the right candidates for a position.

There are many advantages to using this kind of software.

• Reduces the cost of recruitment.

• Allows companies to pick the best candidates for a job.

• Streamlines the recruitment process by making it efficient.

• Saves time through automation.

• Some use social media, which widens the scope of potential candidates.

• Helps in the management of interviews and makes it easier to accomplish some difficult tasks such as conducting background checks.

• Provides analytical data that guides recruiters on how to perfect the hiring process.

Categories of recruiting software

Recruitment software can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Cloud software

These are applications that are available online, unlike others that are only available on site. Cloud recruitment software does not work on a one-time license basis. These applications require users to subscribe yearly or monthly for a free.

2. Social software

These applications use social media platforms to find candidates. They promote job opportunities online and search for potential candidates on the same platform. They stand out as some of the best applications because of the analytics and tracking capabilities they give recruiters.

3. Integration software

While some recruitment software is standalone, integrated applications allow users to connect with other systems such as payroll software. They can be used as part of a suit to help in human resource processes.

Which recruitment software is right for your organisation?

There are different types of recruitment software that employers can use for various processes, based on their recruitment needs. Here are some examples.

1.  Applicant tracking systems

 ATSs are the largest category of recruitment software. According to the video below, they are easy to use, and employers use them in large numbers to store profiles of applicants, screen them, schedule interviews and automate other routine hiring tasks.

2. Candidate relationship management software

Candidate relationship management software is used by HR to automate communication with job candidates helping to improve relationships with them through features like automated email campaigns.

3. Video interviewing software

Video interviewing software simplifies the interviewing process. Recruiters can conduct interviews online and reach candidates from all over the world using platforms such as Skype.

4. Employee referral software

Employee referral software helps to streamline a company’s referral program by getting recommendations from employees of suitable candidates for jobs. This automates referral programs and also tracks any candidates referred by employees.

5. Human capital management software

Human capital management software allows employers to plan for and recruit the right workforce in the future. It helps identify any gaps in the workforce and enables recruiters to search for the right employees using analytics. Once potential candidates are identified, it also helps verify their skills and ensures HR processes are efficient for existing employees.

6. Recruitment marketing software

Recruitment marketing software helps streamline and automate the recruitment marketing process. It helps employees market their brands in a way that will attract the best recruits for job positions such as in social media campaigns on company websites.

7. Candidate sourcing software

Candidate sourcing software helps employers find candidates for a position by sifting through numerous online profiles using artificial intelligence. It collects data like resumes that will help in finding the best candidates for available positions.

8. Candidate assessment and testing software

Candidate assessment and testing software allows employers to test potential employees on different skills using procedures like aptitude tests and skill tests. The skills that candidates are tested on are those necessary for a job position on offer.

9. Job boards

Job boards are sites where companies can post their jobs. They also use them to search resume databases for candidates that match their requirements. They attract a lot of job seekers looking for work opportunities online.

10. Background check software

Background check software helps companies verify potential employees. It automates the process necessary for verification, such as looking at one’s criminal background, driving history, education verification, among other checks.

How to choose the right recruitment software

As you can see, there are many recruitment applications on the market. Employers may have a hard time picking the right one. If you are looking for recruitment software that’s perfect for your needs, here are a few tips that can help:

1. What are your recruitment goals?
– Your recruitment goalsOpens in a new tab. will help you decide the kind of software to purchase.

2. Which software has the best reputation?
There are many recruiting softwares in the market. The best have an excellent reputation with amazing reviews from users. Pick software with the best reviews for your company size and type.

3. Pick a software that offers a free trial.
– Some software companies give buyers a chance to try applications before purchasing. Take advantage of free trials to see if it will work for your recruitment needs.

Recruitment software to look out for in 2020

There are numerous recruitment applications in the market. Here are ten that are in demand in 2020:

1. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit not only helps in the hiring process but in managing the staff once recruited. Some of the tasks Zoho can help you accomplish in your company include shortlisting candidates. There is a free version, and it also offers free trials.

Zoho recruit starts at $25 for the standard version. It provides products for all types of businesses, from entrepreneurs to small businesses and large organizations.


  •  Web-based, Available for Android, iPhone/iPad
  •  Ideal for data management
  •  Great for teamwork
  •  Is a useful tool in B2B campaigns
  •  Easy to customize to fit individual needs
  • Allows social media integration


  •  Needs more customization
  •  Issues with technical support
  •  Can only store Twitter and Facebook accounts

2. Breezy HR

Breezy is an end to end tracking and recruiting software that helps in hiring staff. It’s ideal for hiring between 10 and 10,000 people, offers a free version and a free trial. Pricing starts at $143 for the Startup version. Breezy also gives flexible plans based on available job positions and provides employees with features that allow them to automate emails and texts, schedule interviews, and more.


  •  Web-based, Available for Cloud, Android, Windows, and Mac
  •  Easy to set up and use
  •  Customizable with lots of automation options
  •  Excellent customer care


  •  A bit pricey, especially if you want the whole package
  •  Issues with the video platform and email.

3. Workable

Workable is an online recruitment application that allows recruiters to hire talent. It focuses on tasks like evaluating potential candidates and scheduling interviews. Workable is ideal for any organization and provides a free trial for 15 days. Product pricing starts at $ 99/ job each month on their Pay as You Go Plan.


  •  Web-based, available for Cloud, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad
  •  Great design, easy to customize
  •  Easy to use


  •  Problems integrating with Outlook and other job boards such as Indeed
  •  Needs to improve on the candidate referral process
  •  Chrome extension doesn’t work all the time.

4. Smart recruiters

Smart Recruiter is an excellent example of cloud-based recruitment software. It sources for the right candidates, allowing recruiters to schedule interviews, conduct background checks, and more. It offers users a free trial on SmartStart for free, and product pricing starts from $ 10,000 per year.


  •  Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, and iPad
  •  Ideal for medium-sized businesses and large companies
  •  Documents the whole hiring process
  •  Provides accurate analytics
  •  User-friendly interface


  •  Needs better assessment tools
  •  The email option needs improvement
  •  Some problems with performance such as error  messages and slow loading.

5. Avature

Avature is an applicant tracking software that helps in certain aspects of hiring employees, such as simplifying the application process, cross-checking credentials, and managing company career sites.

Avature is ideal for larger companies. Recruiters can negotiate pricing with the software provider.


  •  Web-based, Available for cloud, Android, Windows, and Mac
  •  Compatible with iPhone/iPad
  •  Easy to automate and customize
  • Provides real-time data flow
  •  Releases frequent updates to improve the application


  •  Needs to improve the mobile experience
  •  Problems with clean up of profiles
  •  Has a long learning curve that makes it hard for new users to understand the app quickly.

6. Jibe Recruiting Cloud

Jibe recruiting is cloud-based software. It gives recruiters hiring tools such as sourcing platforms and analytical data. It also assists in the marketing of candidates on career sites. It is an excellent application for employers looking to improve their recruitment processes and promote their brand.

Pricing details are available on request from the software provider.


  •  Web-based, Available for cloud
  • It is easy to use
  •  Supports end-to-end hiring process
  •  Excellent integration among solutions provided
  • Offers a free demo


  •  Not available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad
  • Doesn’t offer a free trial

7. Spark Hire

Spark Hire is a video interviewing cloud-based application. It allows recruiters to conduct smooth interviews and is essential for HR departments who need to use the internet to screen potential staff. Spark hire costs $ 119 per month for unlimited interviews.


  •  Offers a free demo
  •  Web-based, Available for cloud, Android, iPhone/iPad
  •  Great for video interviewing
  •  Excellent one-way and two interview options
  •  Easy to customize and use


  •  Some bugs, such as difficulties saving  interviews
  •  Hard to use on mobile
  •  Recruiters  may miss out on candidates that are not tech-savvy as they may find it hard to use.

8. LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is a cloud-based recruitment tool that uses social media to bring together talented professionals.

Hiring teams use LinkedIn to network, post jobs, and find qualified workers. It integrates with the applicant tracking system of recruiters to ensure they can manage each step of the hiring process easily. 

LinkedIn Recruiter offers a free trial and is ideal for all business sizes. 

Premium product pricing ranges between $29.99 to $59.99 per month. Annual subscriptions get a discount.


  •  Easy to use and gives recruiters an option of sharing their searches with others in the company
  •  Gives recruiters access to a large pool of advanced professionals
  •  It’s easy to filter through available professionals and find the right choice


  • Many LinkedIn professionals are passive and do not get back to recruiters when contacted for job openings
  •  The process of creating a business page is tedious
  •  It doesn’t have a customizable dashboard
  •  Costly recruiter tool for small businesses.

9. JobAdder

JobAdder is a web-based recruitment tool that helps recruiters to manage their hiring process. It allows hiring teams to post jobs to various social  media sites and job listings as well as match job applicants to available posts.

JobAdder makes it easy for hiring teams to communicate with candidates and is ideal for recruiter agencies and corporates. 

Recruiters should contact the vendor for quote-based plans. 


  •  Offers a free demo
  •  Web-based, Available for cloud, Android, iPhone/iPad
  •  Great customer experience
  •  Easy to configure and use


  •  They regularly update the software making it hard to keep up
  •  No option to import databases from other sites such as LinkedIn to JobAdder.

10. BambooHR

BambooHR is an all-inclusive human resource management tool that helps recruiters track applicants, perform onboarding tasks, and other recruitment tasks. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Price is available from the vendor.


  •  Offers a free trial
  •  Web-based, Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad
  •  Use friendly and easy for recruiters to learn
  •  Has a great mobile application
  •  It integrates well with other software
  •  The employee directory displays a lot of useful information and is easy to customize
  •  Makes it easy to organize HR documents such as reports and onboard forms


  •  Payroll processing can be problematic
  • The reporting function is limited, not giving access to detailed analytics.

Are you recruiting?

These are some great examples of recruiting software you can use to get the right staff for your company. However, there are many other aspects to recruitment, including staying on the right side of the law. Find the right employment experts to work with your company to ensure that your recruitment processes are legal, fair and above board.

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