The Emotional Health of Employees in Today’s Workplace

In this newsletter, we talk about the importance of workplace experience and culture. We also discuss the adjustments needed to ensure a safe workplace, both physically and mentally.

In today’s workplace, employees need to have a supportive workplace culture. Comprehensive benefits and employee support programs empower workers and enable them to vent out their frustrations and grievances.

Management needs to be vocal about giving employees a voice of their own. Often, employees suppress their thoughts and opinions. This may lead to mental health concerns, reduced loyalty, and ultimately, lower satisfaction and productivity.

One year removed from the pandemic, company workplaces are now evolving. Hybrid work is now more common than ever. While business leaders have constantly been discussing their optionsOpens in a new tab., they should always consider their employees in major decision-making.

The Workplace Experience, Identified

Workplace experienceOpens in a new tab. encapsulates all the experiences an employee encounters in any professional setting or corporate organization. Good workplace experience is vital to ensure employee retention, high productivity, mental and physical health, and overall profitability.

In this digital era where the younger generations assume working roles and responsibilities, management must prioritize the experience. They can do so by improving technology, communication, and collaboration. 

Business owners need to find ways to make the workplace productive and enjoyable. The younger generations seek growth and development, above all other work-related factors.

If you do not account for any of the above, workplace stressOpens in a new tab. may occur. Once one of the employees experiences this, it can be predicted that the rest will follow. 

Employees experience workplace stress when the work pressure and demands are too much. This also happens when roles are confusing, vague, or not part of the job description. It is best to avoid this kind of stress to avoid low morale, low productivity, and poor mental health.

Another notable concept is workplace culture. Workplace cultureOpens in a new tab. is defined as the heart and soul of the workplace, which varies from corporation to corporation. 

Workplace culture represents what employees are integrated into. The environment, working conditions, and general attitudes and personalities of peers contribute to an excellent (or poor) workplace culture. 

Management must take note of workplace experience, workplace stress, and workplace culture to survive the major pivot to the digital or hybrid workplace era.

To learn more, reach out to my good friend and friend of OSW Ken Van SomerenOpens in a new tab. at the Wellbeing Advantage.

Change Management Matters

The professional circumstances today are very challenging and tiresome. Organizations need to make major changes that are employee-centric. This will help everyone survive the effects of the pandemic.

In one of our videos, I interviewed Cristina Herrera. Cristina is an innovator, corporate strategist, and people-centered change enablement expert. She is the founder of Cristina Herrera Consulting and has been well aware of the changes in the professional world as a result of COVID-19. 

She spoke about the major changes required in the post-pandemic era and emphasized the importance of securing employee health and welfare. There were several good points raised in the interview, a few of which are the following:

– What change management is and how this is important for a company

– Providing for employees during the shift to hybrid work and ensuring that they are knowledgeable enough to change and adapt

– The definition of workplace strategy and how it can affect change management

If you would like to learn more about Cristina’s advocacies and perspectives on the professional world, check out this interview on YouTube by clicking on the link below:


NOpens in a new tab.ow for your thinking time – take a few minutes and write down the answers to these questions:

1. Are you aware of how your workplace has managed its employees?

2. Are you satisfied with the changes and subsequent adjustments made?

3. How are you feeling in terms of physical and mental health?

4. If you were a decision-maker, what strategies would you integrate to ensure everyone’s safety and satisfaction?

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