The Best Standing Mat For You and Your Workplace

A standing mat is a great and very important accessory to a standing desk. Without a standing mat, the full benefits of a standing desk would not be accomplished. This is because without the use of a standing desk mat, using a standing desk would place a lot of strain and stress on the human body starting from the legs. This is why it is important that you get a standing desk mat with your standing desk as this will greatly reduce or even completely eliminate the pain that would otherwise come with standing on your feet to work. I have had the opportunity to work with both a standing desk and a sitting one, and it is based on that knowledge that I will be providing you a review on the best standing desk mat you can buy.

Standing desk mats can be categorized into two classes which are;

The Traditional Standing Desk Mat and The 3D Standing Desk Mat

The traditional standing desk mat is the normal everyday mat that can be picked up in any store. You will usually find these in kitchens where chefs use them to alleviate the pain of standing all day cooking. These mats do not have any special features and are just plain. They are usually about 1 inch thick which is why they can provide the comfort and support they provide for those who use them.

The 3D standing desk mat is quite recent and more suited for an office environment. This type of mats come with many features which make standing on your feet to work quite enjoyable. It is not uncommon to find foot massaging features on 3D standing desk mats which helps to relieve the fatigue that might come with standing on your feet as well as to massage your feet. 3D standing desk mats are also known to have features that encourage movement such that the feet are not stuck in one position and can get a semblance of work out.

The Best Traditional Standing Desk Mat – Imprint Cumulus Pro Standing Mat


If you are looking for a great flat (or traditional) standing desk mat to invest your money in, you cannot do any better than the Imprint Cumulus Pro standing mat. For one, this mat can be used in different scenarios and under different circumstances. This includes in the kitchen (by chefs and any other person that has a reason to be in the kitchen for a particular period cooking), by teachers (in the classroom) and by workers (at their standing desk). Buy yours from Amazon HERE!!Opens in a new tab.

The Imprint Cumulus Pro standing mat can be relied upon to provide you with optimum support and comfort. It was designed in such a way as to be environmentally friendly and free of toxicity. This mat was made with the Cushion Core technology which translates to increased comfort for the user. The edge is non-curl with a contour bevel design.

The Imprint Cumulus Pro while devoid of the extra features that come with 3D standing mats is a pretty comfortable mat. And with its aptitude to help reduce foot ache and fatigue, you are sure to feel more comfortable on your feet which will, in turn, lead to you being able to concentrate on work and ultimately to an increment in your productivity.

This mat is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute. This institute is a member of the American Chiropractic Association which leads to the conclusion that the mat is not just useful for standing to work on your feet but that it is also quite healthy and beneficial for your feet and in effect, the health of the entire body.

Also, this mat comes with a lifetime warranty which means that you are protected in case you purchase a less than desirable product that is by no means your fault.

The Best 3D Standing Desk Mat – Terramat Standing Mat


The reason I have chosen this particular mat as the best standing desk mat is diverse and will be listed shortly. If what you are looking for is a standing desk mat that is definitely worth the money you are spending on it, then, you should go for the Terramat standing mat.  Buy yours from Amazon HERE!!Opens in a new tab.

The Terramat standing mat is a very thick mat; in fact, it is about 60% thicker than most of the other mats you will find around be it 3D standing mat or traditional standing mat. This translates to increased comfort as well as high durability. A mat that is that thick would provide better support for the legs as well as more comfort. It will also not wear out easily which means that it will last for quite a long time.

This mat has features on it that will somewhat make it impossible for you to not move your feet around. It has 3D features that will encourage you to stretch and massage your feet while standing and working. It was specifically designed with five supports, each for a specific purpose and all targeted towards making on your feet an amazing and healthy experience. This mat offers the user 11 different standing stances which means that you will never get bored standing on it.

The following are the 5 supports that this mat has;

Pressure peaks: The Terramat standing mat features pressure peaks on its terrain which apply pressure on a certain area of the feet. This leads to the burden you are liable to feel while working on your feet being dissipated and eased.

Balance bar: the mat also has a balance bar. The purpose of this bar is to help users of the mat reduce whatever discomfort they might be feeling while working on their feet. It is situated at the front of the mat.

Power wedge: there is a feature located towards the back end of the mat called the power wedge the purpose of which is to encourage and support a worker standing on their feet working at their desk to stretch their feet.

Massage mounds: there are two mounds on this mat which are on either side. The mounds are so placed such that they can be used by each foot. Their purpose is to help massage the foot and ease the pain and discomfort that might have been acquired while working on your feet.

Support track: yet another awesome feature that you will find on the Terramat standing mat is the support track. The purpose of this track is to assist the standing worker to flex his/her hip flexor in an attempt to maintain the flow of blood to this area of the body.

With all the features of this mat which renders it the best mat for standing in terms of comfort and health, it is quite impossible for it to come cheap. It comes at a price of about $100 on Amazon which is quite high when compared to most other nights. This particular mat is worth the price, however, much more than most other mats at this price. It provides optimum value for the money spent and will last for a very long time too. If you are looking for a standing mat that will provide you with optimum comfort and will be durable, the Terramat standing mat is definitely your best option.

Other standing desk mats exist that you can get in case you find a reason to be satisfied with the above such as price.

Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat: if you are looking for a mat that is cheaper than the Imprint Cumulus Pro standing mat while providing a great amount of comfort at the same time, you should go for the Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat. This mat is great if you are going to be standing infrequently and not for a long period of time at a stretch. This mat provides the highest degree of comfort than other mats in the same price range. You will find that for the short durations you use it, your foot pressure will be eased, and you will be as comfortable as possible.  Buy yours from Amazon HERE!!!Opens in a new tab.

Butterfly Standing Desk Mat: the butterfly standing desk mat is a cheaper alternative to the Terramat standing mat. With a creative butterfly design, this mat’s features will encourage you to constantly move your feet. It is manufactured from environmentally friendly materials which ensure that no harm whatsoever comes to the environment through it. It has features that will help you massage your feet such that whatever aches and pains come from you standing to work will be soothed.  Buy yours from Amazon HERE!!Opens in a new tab.

The Butterfly Standing Desk Mat, however, has a drawback which is that although it provides great comfort and support, it is not very durable. This is the problem that comes with its being that cheap.

If you, however, wouldn’t mind the fact that it is not durable, it is a great option for your standing desk.

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