Shortcuts to Motivate Your Employees in Record Time

Every manager and executive looks for a way to have a more productive workforce. The search for the best ways to motivate your employees may be frustrating to you as an employer. It usually results in inefficient measures that add little or no value to the employee and the employer or manager. The methods given below however, will have your workers enthusiastic and more productive in no time. 

5 Warning Signs That Engaged Employees Are Not Rewarded Properly

In simple terms, engaged employees are members of the staff of a particular establishment who are enthusiastic and committed fully to the course of the company. These people are proud of their jobs and good at it. Unfortunately, many managers do not reward this set of people properly. Here are warning signs for managers that these enthusiasts are not properly rewarded.

1. Frustration

Since these enthusiasts are human, it is inevitable for frustration not to set in if they are not rewarded properly over a long period. If you are very observant, you will notice that they are not as happy as ever when working. All that runs through their mind is why I am giving my all to this bunch of ungrateful creatures.

2. Fraud

Another sign that you will notice is the increased fraud rate in the establishment. You may want to see fraud as a big crime and you want to take them to court. However, you need to ask yourself why they are committing fraud. By committing fraud, they are telling you that they deserve a lot more than the rewards you give them.

People whose conscience will not allow them to commit fraud will leave your establishment for greener pastures. If you are unfortunate enough, they will leave your company for a rival company. Your opponents will always be willing to pay more to have such people on their team. Therefore, you should worry yourself if your enthusiasts are leaving your establishment.

3. Reduced Outcome

One other sign that infers that your enthusiasts are rewarded poorly is reduced outcome. This is evident in companies that give their staff specific targets. For instance if one of your enthusiasts usually hit a total sale of about $10000 per month, poor reward will reduce his or her sales to maybe $8000 per month. The problem here is not laziness but poor reward for so much effort.

4. Ineffectiveness of Your Enthusiasts

If you do not give a target to your staff, you may also get a warning from the ineffectiveness of your enthusiasts. This may be evident when they make mistakes that they do not make in time past. It may be in their relationship towards customers. Extreme cases will see them stop caring so much about your success. 

Enthusiasts are usually the first set of people to get to work except for unforeseen situations. However, an improper reward system tends to make them hold back from coming to work as early as they do. If they used to resume at 7:00AM, with time, their resumption time would change to 7:15AM or 7:30AM.

5. Rewarded Poorly Employees

A seventh sign for you to know that your engaged employees are rewarded poorly is in the fact that they tend to dodge difficult tasks. They do not want to do such tasks because they will be forced to give in their best, which they do not want to do. The solution to these warning signs is not to fire your enthusiasts. You should know that such people are hard to come by. Hence, what you need to do is to improve their reward fairly.

Shortcuts to Motivate Your Employees

First, learn what is important to your workers. What drives people is different from one person to another, so try to identify what is important for each worker. This can be done by simply asking them or observing and listening to them. Secondly, make sure you are motivated first. Employees can tell when their boss is unfulfilled or bored with his or her work. Therefore, always find what drives you and set a good example by enjoying work that you do; you will notice that your workers will be enthusiastic too.

Delegate instead of Micro-Managing

Every employee wants to feel that they are making a worthwhile contribution. Delegation increases employee self-confidence and so they do a better job. Also, set clear and achievable goals. Workers need a clear sense of direction, to know what is expected of them. They will then be able to work enthusiastically towards these goals.

Listen to Your Employees

Get to know about life outside work for members of stuff in the organization. Workers need to feel that you care about them not just about the work they do. Genuinely listen to what they have to say and if you are sincere in personal actions, it will show and pay off.

Emphasize on Well Done Work

Most people only comment when something has not been done right and forget to say something when something good is done. Appreciating good work will encourage employees to do better.

Do Provide a Clear Rewarding System as a Way of Motivation

Come up with a structured system that has a variety of rewards for workers. The rewards can be a promotion, awards, increased time off and other such rewards. You may as well offer opportunities for continuous learning. Constant training is essential to keep every employee aware of all developments in his or her area of work and a well-trained employee will be more productive.

Engage Members of Staff in Activities that Encourage Team Spirit

These can be retreats, fun days, Christmas parties and other such events. This will help an employee to relax and feel like part of a team. And lastly do offer assistance on the career goals of an employee. Find out where workers in the firm want to be in a few years career-wise and offer them opportunities that will help them get there.

Don’t Be Limited with Money

The mistake most employers make is assuming all their employees want is more money. This is a very misleading notion that may leave you with unproductive employees. Remember that your organization is made up of people with hopes and dreams just like you and therefore they may have other motivators other than money. These strategies will assist you in trying to motivate your employees in a short time.

Engaged Employees: The Future of a Successful Organization

An organization cannot be successful without engaged employees. These employees are the ones dedicated to their jobs and committed to do the best they can to achieve the goals the company is asking them to reach. If the management only pays attention to bringing in clients and product development then they are missing part of the equation to success. The management must also work to engage every employee fully.

 Most successful management teams understand the fact the employees of a company are its great assets. This holds even truer when there are hard economic times. However, can all these companies work towards satisfying not only the shareholders and clients but also addressing the needs of the employees at the same time? This is not always easy to accomplish. In hard economic times, many times the employees are not taking care of and only the external concerns are a priority. In good or bad times, a balance should be maintained between all concerns to keep the employees engaged.

 Engaged employees work more efficiently not just as individuals, but also in team situations. This means that projects get done more effectively leading to a more satisfied customer base. A company that actively works on employee engagement will be much more successful than one that does not. It will have a much better track record of pleasing the customers too. Employee engagement must be constantly monitored to catch any problems early so they can be corrected.

 Disengaged employees can cost the company in a number of ways. Customers are not as satisfied when there are these types of employees affecting the quality of work they receive from them. One lost customer can leave a negative impact on the company for many years to come. Remember this one customer will tell many more people about his or her dissatisfaction.

 Also having to replace the disengaged employees, who won’t change, cost the organization in time and money. Also delivering customer satisfaction might be delayed because of the change in staff.

 A company needs to analyze and locate the areas of the organization where the clients are not engaged enough. It also needs a home where improvements will make the most of its investment. The problem with lack of engagement many times can fall to the manager of that particular area of the company. If this is indeed the case then the problem needs to be addressed on that level.

 Sometimes long whole departments can be resisting training on new procedures or techniques. This leads to a whole pocket of the problem of disengagement. In this case, the efforts must be addressed to the group as a whole.

 The goal of management has to be to always keep the employees that are always engaged or can become re-engaged with a bit of attention. After all, these employees are not only the present success of the company, but the future success too. Without dedicated employees, no business can attain the highest success it is striving for. 

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