SaaS Softwares To Help Take Your Business To The Next Level

The contemporary business world today depends heavily on digital software and applications. 

Without SaaS tools, organizations would truly struggle with time management and costs. 

SaaS applications cut down on the need for manual labor particularly for repetitive tasks. They increase work productivity and accuracy rates for digital tasks. They help organize project management and streamlining communications amongst all team members across the board. 

When you cannot escape digitization, bracing SaaS applications is the only logical option. 

On the plus side, it can truly ease your way to success, if you master the right combination of tools for your niche.

Top 10 SaaS software to help take your business to the next level

The SaaS applications market has seen a consistent rise in revenue since 2012Opens in a new tab. and the graph was positively affected with the increased demand for digitization post the pandemic.

However, with this growth, there has been a remarkable rise in competitors within the field. Today, for every aspect of SaaS there are a ton of different products vying for the top spot.

To find the applications that best suit your project purpose can be an exercise in trial and error. To save you the hassle, we have curated this list of 10 SaaS applications that have the most promising track record in their niche.

You can start combining these tools in your project management and business communications to automate repetitive tasks and increase work productivity.

Here is how you can benefit from these tools:

1. Maze for concept testing

Maze takes out the veritable guesswork from product research. The tool is designed to help users get actionable insights about their product right from the very first step.

You can start to build your product decisions based on the user metrics and detailed data collected during concept testingOpens in a new tab. with Maze. The tool allows remote testing through browsers and multiple devices.

Maze also provides detailed testing reports generated after every testing phase. Each of the reports are visually dynamic and easy to follow. 

Both usability tests and user survey projects are easy to create on the Maze platform. The unique URL created for each project can be shared across teams for real time updates on the testing.

The platform integrates with all major design platforms including In Vision, Adobe XD, Figma and Marvel.

Maze offers three pricing plans. The free plan offers a single user seat and 1 active project. The Professional plan offers 2 user seats and 10 active projects. The Organization pricing plan is customizable and prices are available on request.

2. LightspeedOpens in a new tab. for cloud-based Point of Sale

Lightspeed retail is one of the leading point of sale systems in the market. It is an inventory management software with a very simple interface which is easy to learn and manage. 

The software is ideal for all businesses who want to maintain a digital inventory of their physical stores and franchises spread over multiple locations.

It offers inventory tracking and serial tracking for stocks in real time. It also allows users to create product catalogs with item segments based on size, material and colors. The inventory bundling feature can track product sales as part of a combination or offer package.

Users can create and dispatch purchase orders directly to the suppliers through the same interface.

LightspeedOpens in a new tab. offers pricing in five different plans. The basic plan costs around $69 per month while the Starter plan is priced at $99 per month. The Standard plan is available at $119 per month. The Advanced plan comes at $169 per month and the Pro pricing plan is priced at $299 USD per month.

3. PitchOpens in a new tab. for collaborative presentations

Pitch is a cutting edge tool for collaborative presentations for digital teams. The interface is built for real-time collaboration and intuitive workflows. 

The platform is particularly supportive for an inspiring pitch decks and partnership proposal presentationOpens in a new tab..

There are several templates on the Pitch platform just ready to be customized and included for your project. The platform supports cloud, SaaS and web based deployment. They have a dedicated 24×7 live representative support available for any technical issues.

Pitch offers three pricing tiers. The starter plan is free for individual use. The Pro plan is available for growing teams and is priced at $8 per member per month. The Enterprise plan is completely customizable and prices are available at request from the company.

4. HootsuiteOpens in a new tab. for social media marketing

Hootsuite is a unifying platform for the entire social media marketing of organizations. 

The platform is equipped to handle small organizations and larger enterprises alike. You can log in to a single interface to handle posting, post scheduling, and commenting and social media analytics for all popular channels.

The interface is very easy to use and has a full range of functionality for complete social management

Hootsuite offers four different pricing plans. The Professional plan is priced at $49 per month. The Team plan is priced at $129 per month. The Business plan is priced at $599 per month. The pricing for the Enterprise plan is customizable and available on request. 

5. ZoomOpens in a new tab. for virtual meets

Zoom has collected unprecedented popularity post pandemic when the entire world had to seek out better digital communication tools. The platform is a must for digital meetings and client sessions.

Zoom also offers a chance for companies to use it for webinars and digital workshop deliveries. The tool is fast replacing in-person meeting venues and helping with complete virtual communication solutionsOpens in a new tab. for digital companies.

The interface is easy to use and widely accepted via multiple companies, schools and individuals. The platform supports multiple simultaneous video feed hosting.

Zoom offers five major pricing packages. The Basic plan is free to use and offers personal meetings. The Pro plan is priced at 14.99 USD and the Business plan is available at 19.99 USD. The Enterprise plan is available at 19.99 USD per month per host but is only applicable for a minimum of 100 hosts.  

6. SEMrushOpens in a new tab. for online visibility 

SEMrush is the ideal tool for improving a website’s online visibility. It is a must-have if you want to deal with competition with other websites in your niche. SEMrush offers keyword suggestions to help enrich your content with powerful key phrases that have a higher rank and authority.

The tool is also ideal for conducting backlink analysis and SEO audit on competitor sites.

SEMrush offers four pricing plans. The free plan allows up to 10 keywords and a 100 page per month site audit. The Pro plan is available at 119.95 USD per month and is ideal for Startups and freelancers. The Guru Plan is priced at 229.95 USD per month and is ideal for growing marketing agencies. The Business plan is available at 449.95 USD per month and it is ideal for ecommerce businesses. 

7. HubSpotOpens in a new tab. for inbound marketing and sales

HubSpot allows you to consolidate your entire marketing functions within a single interface. This way you can concentrate your efforts into building customer relationships, nurturing leads and growing your business at scale.

You can have all your customer data at the same place to conduct thorough audits on ROI and concurrent marketing campaigns.

HubSpot offers four different pricing plans. 

The Free plan allows business owners to start cultivating website leads. The Starter plan is priced at $50 per month and is ideal for developing marketers and small marketing teams. The Professional plan is priced at $800 per month and is ideal for larger marketing teams. The Enterprise plan is priced at $3200 per month and is best for large companies and advanced marketing teams.

8. FreshdeskOpens in a new tab. for customer support 

Freshdesk can help amp up your customer support. 

This cloud-based software helps to convert multi-channel customer requests into consistent tickets for an efficient resolution system. It also helps to automate the customer resolution workflows and allows customers to benefit from self-service on the apps.

Further, it is easy to manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and measure the effectiveness of the resolution through advanced metrics. The AI chatbot and field service management options allow the tool to handle customer support both onsite and offsite throughout the day.

Freshdesk has four pricing plans. The Free plan is available for unlimited agents and email-ticketing. The Growth plan is priced at $15 per month. The Pro plan is billed at $49 per month. The Enterprise plan is priced at $69 per month. 

9. XeroOpens in a new tab. for online accounting

Xero is a performance oriented online accounting software platform to allow businesses to consolidate all of their accounting channels under one interface. 

The platform connects the business to their banks and regular accounting tools. The platform can also be integrated to other multiple payment services and third party apps to collect and maintain payment records across diverse platforms.

It is basically a cloud-based ledger for all your clients, automatic data entry and smart bank reconciliations under one integrated system.

Xero offers three pricing plans. The Starter plan is priced at 27 USD The Standard plan is available at 52 USD and the Premium plan is priced at 67 USD. 

10. CalendlyOpens in a new tab. for appointment scheduling

Calendly help you schedule all your client meetings without the need for multiple email threads and communication hassles. 

The app integrates with contemporary communication tools including Zoom, Microsoft, and Slack to help connect with your clients instantly.

You can automatically assign meeting times and schedules for the projects through a single interface. 

The automatic reminders and follow ups on scheduled meetings help to minimize the chances of cancellations or missed attendees for important meetings.

Calendly offers four pricing plans. The essentials plan is available at $8 per seat per month. The Professional Plan is available at $12 per seat per month. The Teams plan is available at $16 per seat per month. 

The Enterprise plan is available for a minimum of 30 seats per year and the price can be customized according to the features of the package. 


Each of these tools help to cut down the chatter of multiple channels and bring the entire logistics of your marketing, accounting and business communications under individual cohesive platforms. 

This way, you have to log in to fewer online software to complete the maximum number of tasks. 

Automation of repetitive tasks and multi-channel distribution can help you get a significantly higher ROI for your time and effort in each aspect of your business.

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