Non-Traditional Employee Benefits That Attract and Retain Top Talent

When it comes to attracting the most talented employees around, upgrading the benefits and perks your company offers can be a very worthwhile investment. This is not about giving employees one-off benefits and following employee perks scheme trends, but instead finding ways to ensure your business provides employees with the best resources to improve their job satisfaction, motivation, and health.

These are some of the employee benefits and perks that make a real difference to employees, attracting better job candidates in the process.

Counseling and Employee Assistance Programs

An employee assistance program, at the most basic level, is an employee benefit.

EAPs are voluntary, work-based programs designed to assist employees in overcoming personal problemsOpens in a new tab. that negatively affect the employee’s performance and often refer to other professionals or agencies who can offer more or extended care in particular areas.

EAPs grew out of industrial alcoholism programs of 1940; however, most employee assistance programs now cover a broad range of issues such as elder or child care, relationship challenges, financial or legal problems, wellness issues, and traumatic incidents such as workplace violence.

An employer that supports the physical and mental health and wellness of its workers is increasingly important to today’s talent pool. An employee assistance program isn’t just a selling point to potential employees either. They can also help employees address problems in the workplace and approach their work in better health and with less stress, helping you to tackle employee burnoutOpens in a new tab..

Financial Education and Estate Planning Coordination

The recent survey found that 12% of American workers missed work as a result of financial stress, and 22% reported lower productivity at the workplace due to financial problems.

Consider implementing a financial wellness program as part of your employee benefits package to assist your employees in reducing financial stress and preparing for their future retirement. Like other wellness programs, a financial wellness program aims to improve employees’ financial health, reduce stress, and improve their overall well-being.

Potential employees are looking for jobs that will help prepare them for future life. Implementing a financial planning program enables your business to offer new recruits greater financial security by positioning them to save to get on the property ladder, start a family, or prepare for their retirement. Providing easy access to an estate planning attorneyOpens in a new tab., or financial aid to help employees hire one themselves, shows potential employees that your business will support their longer-term life goals as well as their career progression.

Employee Community Service Programs and Volunteering Opportunities

Modern employees are, on the whole, more socially conscious than ever before. As a result, an employer that offers them opportunities to give back to the local community or support causes that they care about will be more able to attract their attention and keep them engaged at work.

Enabling employees to take part in volunteering activities increases employee engagementOpens in a new tab. and also helps your workers develop their confidence and leadership skills, creating more well-rounded and capable employees.

Mental Health Workshops, App Subscriptions, and other resources

Inadequate mental health support not only reduces the quality of life of your employees, but also directly impacts motivation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. Investing in the mental wellness of your employees and offering quality mental health resourcesOpens in a new tab. not only tackles these issues and reduces health and stress-related absences but also helps to attract top talent looking for long-term employment that will support their overall quality of life.

Employers can assist employees in a variety of ways. It makes sense to establish support networks within companies to allow employees to address their concerns, but you may also consider bringing in other services, such as therapists, to assist your staff in getting into the correct mindset. Another example could be giving workers paid mental health days and app subscriptions.

Technology Reimbursement

Offering employees reimbursement for the technology purchases that enable their work is a big bonus for new employees. This is particularly effective at attracting top talent if your company is one of the many businesses that has made the switch to remote working over the last few years.

Getting the devices, internet, phone services, and other office necessities that employees need to work effectively can be a significant expense, especially if a new recruit needs a lot of new equipment to get started in their new role.

A technology reimbursement scheme enables your company to hire the best people for the job even if they don’t have the right setup before you hire them. It also shows that your company is prepared to equip them with everything they need to excel in their new role, rather than expecting them to either make do with inadequate resources or cough up for technology purchases they will only use for work.

Without a technology reimbursement scheme, some of the most qualified people for the position may not apply because of the cost of acquiring or upgrading their computer or office equipment.

Paid Industry Certifications

Offering new employees the opportunity to earn industry certifications means that you can hire people who are well-suited to a role, but don’t yet have the necessary qualifications. It also makes your company more appealing to ambitious new recruits seeking to advance their skills and career. As a result, they will see your company as more of a long-term opportunity to grow as a professional, rather than a position where they will only use their existing skills without learning new ones.

Modern Office Space With Relaxation and Leisure Areas

The ability to relax and socialize with coworkers is an important part of any workplace. A well-equipped breakout area that offers more than the typical coffee maker and microwave has a positive impact on employee health, mental wellbeing, and job satisfaction. Even simple additions to your leisure areas such as table tennis or football can provide an invaluable way for employees to blow off steam and interact with each other in a more social context.

Creating ultra chill breakout rooms, nap pods, meditation spaces with puffy bag chairs, greenery, and artificial grass flooringOpens in a new tab. will bring an authentic startup vibe to any office and positively impact employee retention.

In-office Massages

An in-office massage facility such as a massage chair or foot massager can have surprising benefits. More than half of all office workers suffer from back problems. Employers that take steps to tackle this problem will be able to attract more health-conscious employees and retain staff for longer. Discomfort, poor posture, and other problems caused by working at a desk all day have a negative impact not just on employee health, but consequently also on their motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction. Being constantly distracted by pain or discomfort will reduce anyone’s work output and general attitude at work.

Half-day Summer Fridays

Employees will want to get outside and enjoy the nice weather when summer arrives. Allow them! Throughout the summer, everyone may look forward to half-day Fridays. If working part-time on Friday isn’t a possibility, then the work-from-home option combined with flexible working hours is also a great deal. While some companies are hesitant to adopt the practice, there are numerous advantages to doing so. The main concern is that giving time off on Fridays will have a negative impact on productivity. However, the majority of companies that have experimented with half-day summer Fridays reported the opposite. For example, 35% of employees at Buffer reported that they had got more done, 55.8% reported getting done the same amount of work, while less than 10% saw a decrease in productivity.

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