Marketing Ideas for Your Recruitment Agency in Future

Marketing your company is important because it helps you to sell your brand products or services.  

Strategic marketing will often result in the growth of your business. The end line of any business is making money and marketing plays a major role in reaching that end goal. 

Marketing is what drives sales and without marketing, many businesses would not even exist. If you succeed in educating your customers, keep them engaged, and can create a strong reputation in the minds of the customers by selling smartly to them, then your business will most probably do well.

Marketing has gained a lot of importance today with digital marketing, as this helps to connect with the audience immediately. Marketing your agency in a crowded industry like recruitment is a huge challenge.

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You need to stand out in the crowd by working hard to help you go far.

There is no specific strategy such as the “right” recruitment strategy. Every company has its ways of recruiting candidates based on their location, industry, recruiting teams, and culture. You can also send a customer reflection survey this is an amazing way to make your clients remember you.

If you need to separate yourself from the field and think about what recruitment marketing ideas should be implemented that nobody else is implementing. In recent years there is a splurge of recruitment campaigns that are making for great food for thought when it comes to inspiration.

Why do you need a recruitment agency?

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the struggles of managing a team, many companies are hiring with some of them even having a surge in demand for immediate hiring.

Today’s workforce is attracted by much more than a salary. They value the company’s culture, potential job growth, friendly leadership, work-life balance, and recognition.

Many of the companies hire through various agencies, and the main aim of the recruitment agency is to help the job seekers in search of new job roles.

The need for a company to use the services of a recruitment agency is that firstly you can save a lot of time. You do not have to attract candidates and going through lots of profiles and applications to find the right candidate.

A recruitment agency will do all that and give you only a few of the top candidates as per your requirement.

The recruitment agency will be able to find candidates faster as they already have a vast talent network. This way you will be able to tap into this large pool and help in short-listing the candidates. 

The agency will have experts in candidate selection, and this vast experience will only help you benefit. They are professionally trained to assess the candidates. They will use their best practice methods to hunt for real experts from good aspirants. 

The recruitment agency will let you tap into the specialist knowledge which your in-house recruiters may not possess. These agencies are specialized in recruiting for specific industries, roles, or levels.

This means they have an upper hand in understanding their targeted job market segments and thus providing you with useful advice to find and hire better candidates.

Marketing Ideas for your Recruitment Agency in Future

If your company wants to draw in some of the best talents, then it is important to have a recruitment marketing strategy. There are so many rising voices to point out about the role of recruitment agencies.

Some feel they are too expensive, not efficient, do not understand clearly what kind of candidate the company requires, etc. Recently the CEO of a company in Belgium made a bold move of posting a message “We pay a 10K Euro fee for an IT developer, we prefer to give you that money when you join us.”

This message created a lot of hustle in the world of recruitment agencies, as that company clearly stated that they wanted to avoid the intermediary costs by hiring through an agency. Just in Europe, there are about 1.5 million candidates who get hired through agencies.

Recruitment is a giant market and there is constant growth for decades in this field everywhere in the globe. Some marketing ideas that could help your recruitment agency in the future are:

1. Going Digital – With the major developments because of the emergence of information and technology many marketers’ focus has shifted from traditional methods to digital methods. The recruitment industry has also followed a similar path. Earlier recruiters used bulletin boards or posted an advertisement in the newspaper to announce new positions.  But today, consumer marketing techniques are used to attract top talent. Many of them around the globe feel that social media is the primary source of finding the right candidate. The digital hiring model has seen the traditional profiles being displayed by the online footprint showcasing the candidate’s skills and experiences. The digital data of a candidate that you find online, taking part in online interviews and meet-ups help in assessing if the person will fit for the job.

2. Defining Goals – Defining goals forms an important aspect for every recruitment agency. It is of no use if you are just collecting as many job applicants as possible just because there is a shortage of skilled workers in the industry.  Setting up clear goals will guide you through to successful recruitment activity. Each of your goals should be specific and measurable. Go for several candidates only whenever needed like maybe increasing qualified applications by 10% every 90 days. You need to track the data to find out if you are reaching your goals. Use HR software to track the specific metrics and this is best to explore what is out there.

3. Candidate Profile – Describe your ideal employee in detail. Create a candidate profile as this will keep you focused on the desired result for your organization. A candidate profile will help you in identifying that specific individual rather than a vague idea of an employee. Be specific as possible when you are drafting a candidate profile. Push it as far as possible, like the kind of hobbies they enjoy, what they are looking to accomplish in their career, etc.  Sometimes when you are looking for more than one type of employee, then create multiple profiles by giving them a name so that they match with each type of ideal employee. This will help when you are talking about them in a meeting, as by taking names everyone will know about what you are talking about.

4. Recruitment Page – Nowadays everyone first looks up the internet when they want any info. So, if a person is looking for a job, he will go straight to the home page of any recruitment agency. Hence, create a dedicated page for potential new employees too, rather than only for your employers. This page should help them with every bit of information so that they can decide on whether they will know what positions are available and with whom they can work. Ensure that the landing page is mobile-friendly and can be optimized for a small screen as most of them look around from their mobile phones. Make sure that the recruitment page displays all about what your company is, your values, and what fringe benefits they would be offered. It should be like a hub where every employee will go to create a great experience.

5. Drafting Content – Good quality content will always bring in qualified recruits. Use a combination of blogs, videos, brochures, and maybe even podcasts or webinars to inform about the working of your company. Your content creators should follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a best practice. This will help when people search using keywords through Google Planner or Ahrefs, etc. A supplement can be provided along with SEO efforts with a pay-per-click campaign. This will help in bringing in more traffic to your content. Google and other search engines will allow you to buy ads when people search with certain keywords. This will make way to run extremely good targeted ads.

6. Email Marketing – During recruiting events, it is quite tough to get quality candidates whether it is in person or virtual. Sometimes you will not find the right kind of candidates through traditional methods. Try drip email marketing campaign. This way you can identify ideal previous applicants from your talent database and encourage them to turn out at recruiting events. Send emails over a while with content information on the calls to action. This will help in warming up the candidates to join the mailing list and re-engage them.

7. Dive Into Your Data – When you are posting regularly on sites like LinkedIn, you can notice how many people like your post or how many have watched your videos. This data will give you some insight into what content people are watching, but it does not let you know if there is any positive effect on your business growth. Platforms like Google Analytics will let you see how your marketing is working giving you a host of insights like how much traffic is coming to your site, what content your audience is engaging in when they are coming to your site, and requests for more pieces of information, etc. This insight is very valuable, as it will give you details on whether your marketing is delivering the returns and whether you need to develop insights to optimize your practices.

8. Referral Program – Sometimes a reference becomes more precious than finding a new employee. A reference will help in cutting past the lengthy application process and you will be able to find someone who is already highly qualified and just right for the post. Create an employee referral program with rewards. This will help in encouraging your entire workforce in finding excellent employees. Offer a pleasant bonus or extra vacation days, or maybe a cash gift card as rewards for referral programs. Let not your employee do a lot of legwork to collect his reward. It should be as easy as sending a mail to the HR person.

9. Programmatic Job Ads – To help meet the hiring needs it would be good if you can implement programmatic job advertising. Programmatic ad means bidding, buying, and optimization of job ads by using the software. The top spots for your work are picked up for you and you get paid based on performing the ads, or in other words you get paid for the number of applications your job gets. This software will help jobs that need more help to get boosted automatically without putting any effort manually. Thus, programmatic job ads will act as an effective way to use your budget and see results on your job ads.

There are other ideas as well to improve on your marketing for your recruitment agency, but it all depends on how you implement them and put them into action.


A strong integrated marketing campaign can put your organization above your competitors in the eyes of aspiring employees. This is what you ultimately need from the viewpoint of a marketing strategy of a recruitment agency.

Recruitment methods will change depending on the location. Focus on recruitment activities and marketing strategies so that you get the most for your investment. This way you can make your recruitment agency one of the best for top recruits.

Plan your marketing and carve out some time with your team to discuss ways of improvement. This is important for the future of your company.

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Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment AgencyOpens in a new tab.. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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