Landing New Clients as An Employee

Motivating your employees is key for them to land new clients. Utilizing techniques like referral programs, free items, vouchers, increased autonomy, performance rewards and highlighting core values will help spark this. If you want your business to be a success, then it’s all about getting your employees into the mindset that will make it happen.

Gaining new clients and customers is always a challenge for any businesses. It’s common knowledge that it’s easier to keep and work on your existing clients, but at some point, if you want your business to grow, then you’re going to have to be proactive in bringing in more business.

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Sure, you can get involved in marketing projects and campaigns like running television ads, online adverts, or billboard advertisement, and these can be effective. However, these forms of advertising are is also very expensive.

The most low-cost way of attracting new clients is word-of-mouth, and a great strategy is having your employees land new clients for the business. How do you do this? Here are some ideas on how to incentivize your employees to attract new, loyal customers.

Free items with the company logo

One effective way to get your employees to share your business is by giving them free swag.

If they receive some kind of item with the company logo, and they wear it, they become a walking advertisement. Make sure the item is eye-catching so it will spark up a conversation between your employee and the potential customer.

The trick here is to actually give your employees something they want. T-shirts, stationary, hoodies, and all merch like this can work very effectively, as long as it’s created in such a way that it actually looks good, and people actually want to wear it.

This is also a great way to build up morale and a good community and culture within your business!

Creating a referral program

A great way to incentivize your employee to seek out new clients is creating a referral program. Your employees should be rewarded for bringing in a new client. Whether it is a voucher for a nice dinner, or an extra bit of cash on their paycheck, the incentive for them to find new clients is there.

Even if you’re running an online business, you can create custom links, coupon codes, or referral links especially for your staff that they can hand out to people to get them to sign up to your business or to save money. This is a great way to accurately track how many people your employees are getting to sing up or make a purchase, and you can even make a friendly competition out of it, perhaps offering an exclusive monthly prize to the person who converted the most people.

Set Goals

This may sound like the most basic of self-improvement tips, but it’s one of the most important. You can’t say you’re good at archery if you’re not sure if you’re capable of hitting a target. By setting goals, you create a motivation to hit a target. It’s basic human instinct that when there’s something to aim for, it’s far more motivating than just wandering aimlessly and hoping for the best.

You can set goals and targets to whatever best suits your business, whether that’s monthly or weekly conservations, the amount of money made, number of sales made, number of positive reviews, and so on. It’s recommended that you start small and manageable, so the goals are easily hit and everyone gets a sense of achievement before upping the game, but make sure you’re not moving the goalposts too often that they annoy your employees and become unreachable. Be fun and make goal meeting into a game.

Employees utilizing social media

A fantastic strategy to use is giving your employees special coupons to offer out to their friends and family. They can be two-for-one coupons, a discounted item, etc. By making these special coupons only for employee’s friends and family, it will spark their interest knowing that this is a unique deal. Make sure you have a digital copy of the coupon as well so your employee can share it on social media.

Have a great relationship with your employees

If your employee respects you and the business, they will feel more motivated to share their experience. You want your employee to feel some kind of ownership for the business. If they are proud to be apart of it, they will try and grow it. This seems like common sense, but it needs to be reiterated. A happy employee is always a great thing for the productivity of the business.

Another part of this is trust. Engaged employees will be aware if management understands the unsatisfactory aspects of the job. They will also be keen on management working towards mitigating these aspects. Make sure you are active in doing this as this will gain the trust of your employee. The most trust they have in you and the business, the likelier they will try and capture new clients. One more thing to try is employee satisfaction surveys. You can do these monthly, bi-monthly, etc. and it will give you a strong idea of how happy the employees are. If the employees are not happy, this will allow you to address the issues that they have and fix them (if appropriate.)

Employee autonomy

If employees feel like the decisions, they make will affect the bottom line, they will feel more engaged. Giving your employee autonomy is a great way of increasing their implicit motivation, and in turn, will make them much more engaged with the business. Autonomy is linked to job satisfaction, and job satisfaction is linked to an employee landing new clients. If customers are dealing with an employee that is happy to be there, they will have more positive experiences then if the employee was unhappy. If the customer has a higher level of satisfaction, then the more money they will spend with your business, and the more customers they will refer.

Performance incentives

You can directly motivate your employees by giving out rewards to applicable employees. You can gauge who deserves in many different ways. You can have performance metrics, or you can try customer service surveys filled out by clients. If employees know that they can receive financial rewards for doing a great job, then they will be much more motivated to perform. This will bring in a dose of healthy competition to the company, and will incentivize your employees to try and outperform each other, increasing the productivity of the company.

Your employees know the businesses core values

Better customer service will be displayed when the employees under what your firm stands for. Everyone will be on the same page. A customer should have the same kind of experience inside your business, even when they are dealing with different employees. You will create a cohesive unit when everyone is working with the idea of the company values. To communicate your values, you can hold weekly meetings, have communication literature in the staffroom, outline them in new-hiring orientations, etc.

Be Transparent

The most important point on this list. You need to make sure you’re being transparent with your employees every step of the way throughout your business to ensure that people know what you’re up to and feel as though they’re a part of your business.

If your employees feel like traditional employees, which means that they feel like they’re working under you and are only there for labor reasons, then they’re not going to be motivated whatsoever to attract new clients. They’ll simply do their hours, achieve the bare minimum, and then go home.

You need to inspire a sense of ownership for the business among your employees in order for them to be motivated enough to go above and beyond the call of duty, and one of the best ways to do this is by being transparent.

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