Is Now the Time for Real Estate Digital Transformation?

The real estate industry has been one of the more stubborn sectors of the economy that has resisted change over the last decade. Today, we see real estate finally succumbing to digital transformationOpens in a new tab.. The impact of the pandemic on commercial real estate is impossibson into the digital age.

The Value of Real Estate

The value of real estate can be seen through the lens of two key individuals: the buyer and the sellerOpens in a new tab..

In the context of work, real estate is vital due to the following examples:

  • – Real estate to serve as a private office
  • – Real estate as a coworking hub
  • – Real estate to facilitate office design

Real estate is a truly diverse asset. It is only limited by the plans and creativity of the owner. Michael Ippolito talks about the future of work and real estateOpens in a new tab. and explains the concept of coworking, enterprise divisions, and the company scale, with special emphasis on the employees of a company.

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Digital Interaction is Key

Today, we see corporate real estate and technology growing stronger togetherOpens in a new tab.. With advancements in data analysis and the importance of digital marketingOpens in a new tab. strategies, corporate real estate technologyOpens in a new tab. is now essential. 

However, a common criticism of the online space is data privacy and transparency of informationOpens in a new tab.. Convenience and accessibility also bring many problems, especially for those inexperienced with how invasive the internet may be. It still serves to be diligent when dealing with others online.

Companies must rely on a bulletproof system of real estate and technology integrationOpens in a new tab.. Owners and management must keep a keen eye on seamlessly integrating the traditional methods with the new system.

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Has the Pandemic Accelerated the Digital Transformation of the Real Estate Industry?

I discussed how the pandemic had affected the real estate industry, positively and negatively, with Jonathan Schultz over on our YouTube channel. In this interview, we talked about three key points:

  • – Jonathan Schultz’ renovation project – Onyx equities
  • – How Gen X is consuming the real estate market share
  • – The Digital Form of Real Estate and whether or not it will last

If you want to know more about the current status of the real estate industry and would like to learn more about the unique problems and opportunities the pandemic has introduced, check out the full interview at in a new tab.

What are your thoughts on the digital transformation of the real estate industry?

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