Is Coworking A Viable Option One Year Into The Pandemic?

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Coworking is typically defined as a situation in which multiple individuals utilize a single space together to be productive and share knowledge and information with one another. What is the catch? Well, these individuals do not work for the same company and at times, do not even work in the same industry. 

Those who subscribe to coworking utilize hubsOpens in a new tab. that serve as their second home. Entrepreneurs, freelance workers, and start-up founders gather into one working area to form a melting pot of innovation and productivity. 

What do people see in coworking?

The attitude towards work, in general, has seriously shifted. Today, people seek employment that offers a wide array of flexibility. Flexibility comes in the form of schedule, workload, culture, and environment. 

CoworkingOpens in a new tab. has presented the newer generationsOpens in a new tab. with a cost-efficient, refreshing, and comfortable environment. In a coworking space, people spend most of the day collaborating, working on projects, and developing fresh ideas. These greatly contribute to job satisfactionOpens in a new tab. and productivityOpens in a new tab..

Coworking pioneers have also branched out into providing exclusive options. An example is a women-only coworking spaceOpens in a new tab.. This example serves as proof of concept. Opening up hubs for like-minded people from different companies can lead to a safe and productive environment.

Virtual coworking as an alternative

The coworking industry, like several other sectors, was affected by the wrath of the pandemicOpens in a new tab.. We are one year removed from the introduction of COVID-19. The worldwide distribution of vaccines may bring us back to normal in the near future. However, today is not yet that day. 

We all have safety protocols, travel restrictions, and company policies to follow. Virtual coworking has entered the arena as an alternative to physical coworking. To some, it may not be the sameOpens in a new tab.. To others, this version of coworking is as beneficial as its predecessorOpens in a new tab.

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Is coworking a thing of the past or a mechanism for the future?

I discussed how the coworking space has been affected in 2020 and shared insight as to how 2021 would look like for the industry moving forward with Mark Gilbreath, CEO of Liquid Space over at YouTube. Check it out at in a new tab.

What are your predictions for coworking for 2021?

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