How to Integrate Corporate Language Training for Employees

Workers across all over the world improve their skills to get a promotion or change their careers. Language training is one of the ways to improve the communication skills of the employees. It is a continued and clear financial investment that can help every business grow intensively, improving the work quality of the workers. The market for corporate language trainingOpens in a new tab. is growing every year, and English language training is still the most popular one.

How to integrate corporate language training into business processes is still open for lots of HRs and employees. Before we get into the solutions on how to implement corporate language training into business processes, let’s look at the initiative’s benefits.

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Benefits of Corporate Language Training

The benefits of having employees who speak foreign languages is a necessity now. An organization that has these kinds of workers can quickly go global and scale at the international markets. There are some obvious benefits that we can’t omit.

Going Global

Going global is the number one benefit of every corporate language training. The employee will not need to look for people who can speak foreign languages and be qualified enough to perform the tasks. Knowing English can also help the workers to cope with the stress before any tough business negotiations. The employees have to understand how to prepare for the talks in a foreign language. That is why preparing not on your own but with colleagues is a great chance to gain knowledge.

Method of Encouraging

Studying is not always perceived as an extra responsibility. The adults understand the value of knowledge and strive to learn something new on their own. The HRs can use corporate English language training to increase motivation and boost great relationships with employees.

Team Building

Team building is not only about going out of town once a month or going through motivational training once a year. Sometimes communication between employees can be strengthened by regular everyday activities, for example, English corporate training. Both HRs, bosses and workers can share thoughts and learn more about each other.

Extra Engagement

The company’s management regularly receives reports on the attendance of the progress and engagement of its employees. It allows managers to take timely measures without having any doubts about the competence of the employees. How so? The entire training process is under control from the beginning till the end.

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How to Integrate Corporate Language Training

There are several ways to implement corporal language training for the employees of any company. We hand-picked the methods that will suit the small, medium, or significant businesses.

Way 1: Get a Vendor on Corporate Language Learning

Many online platforms offer corporate language training. Let us show you some of the best ones.


Skyeng is the number one platform for online learning in Eastern Europe. They have an extensive pull of teachers that can help a person learn quickly. SkyengOpens in a new tab. also has corporate learning courses, where 100% of the payment can be provided by the company or the employees with the company’s bonus.

A unique digital solution that meets the individual needs of all corporate training participants can help the owners of a business and the employees to go global and find mutual language.


Another online language platform that provides corporate language training services is Preply. The skills you can improve with Preply begin from business English negotiationOpens in a new tab. to perfect foreign language fluency.

Preply Enterprise is the designed program, especially for the teams and enterprises, organizations, and focused on corporate language learning. It is very comfortable for the employee to pay there because the price depends on the number of people taking the course. The course is entirely online, and the workers should have headphones, micro, and a camera.


Busuu for businessOpens in a new tab. is one more online platform that provides language training services for corporate clients. The company offers courses for twelve different languages. There are more than 100 million users trained with flexible one-to-one online tutoring.

The company can tailor the content for the individual business needs, and the business owners can measure the return on investment with the Busuu Managing Platform. The platform offers unique methods in corporate language learning, so the users can get quickly to knowing nothing to be solid Intermediate.

Way 2: Choose Language Learning Platform and Create a Course There

It is a long way, but if you want to monetize the platform in the future and attract new users to that, you can hire a specialist to create the courses that perfectly reflect your company’s goals.

Addictive Learning

Addictive LearningOpens in a new tab. is an online CMS platform where an average HR or business owner can create a course for corporate language training. The trick is that you have to have a program and the tasks to implement them. You can hire a methodologist for that.

The platform’s software is handy because all the course content can be downloaded to the users’ cell phones. AL has 24/7 support, so if your course developer has any problems, you need to write a line. The most important thing is that the platform has a test drive when your company can decide whether AL suits the corporate purposes or not.


It is easy to create a language training corporate platform with TalentLMSOpens in a new tab.. There you can set up detailed learning paths and completion rules to guide learner growth. They have group-related courses into categories, so learners can easily find what they’re looking for.

TalentLMS has drop files features, and there you can set the platform to match each user’s language and time zone, with support for over thirty languages.

The platform integrates with Zoom, GoToMeeting, and many more, so the experience is whole and sustainable.


Learning foreign languages with top LMS is an excellent choice. DoceboOpens in a new tab. is the platform that big and huge US companies trust. It is a perfect solution for SMB and big enterprises. The HRs can start a free trial here, so there is a chance that if the workers don’t like the functionality, it can be easily replaced.

There is also much integration with the other platforms that will let the employees have called and change opinions comfortably.

Way 3: Hire a Methodologist and Team of Developers to Create Learning Platform

It is the most challenging and long way to integrate corporate language learning for the employees. The new system has to be created, and it is not easy.

The technical part of the journey is the next issue.

1. Find a proper methodologist. The training course should capture its plot and turn sometimes dry theory into fascinating educational material. The science of pedagogical design deals with the intricacies of creating compelling and rational learning, which aims to maximize the listener’s involvement from the beginning of the course to its completion. Proper use of pedagogical design will help motivate the user to memorize essential information and apply new knowledge in practice.

2. Software development stage. It is where all the fun begins: hiring a team lead who will employ the whole team. The architect who will create the structure of the platform has to have the same experience. Make sure in that.

Wrap Up

Integration of the corporate online training for the employees is a great responsibility that leads to the performance improvement of these employees. A company with the resources to create its platform can monetize it after the launch and testing of its employees, so there is double profit in building this kind of platform.

The easiest and most effective way of corporate language training integration for small and medium-sized businesses is to hand the process over to the professionals of the corporate language training. This way, the owners will get a perfect quality of learning without additional expenses. The government can return the fees for corporate language learning if you apply for that.

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