How to find a perfect storage solution for your office

Even though almost everything is digitalized now and most of the things are stored online, many businesses still use a large amount of storage. In most offices, cabinets are used to keep copies of important documents. However, they often take more space than it is necessary, so your office may look cramped and untidy. To manage your business successfully, you will have to use your space office effectively. So here, we are giving you a few tips on how to find a perfect storage solution for your office and create a pleasant working environment.

Declutter your office first

If you want to have your office space organized and tidy, the first step is to declutter your office and make room in your cabinets. When you start cleaning and organizing your office space, you will have to separate things that you want to keep in your office, from the things that you don’t need and want to give away. Once you are done organizing, you will see how many things you have that need to be stored and it will be easier to find a perfect storage solution for your office. Also, while decluttering your office space try to:

• digitalize everything that you can – having all your documents in digital form will free you up from unnecessary paperwork
 get rid of the promotional items that you got for free at seminars – you probably don’t need these items and they only take space
 using all-in-one units, such as scanner-printer-fax, is a huge space saver and you will easily find a perfect storage solution for it.

Find out what type of storage solution you need

When you have arranged and classified your office items, take a look at your office space and decide what kind of storage solution you want. There are plenty of different solutions that you can use for your office, from filing cabinets and bookcases to mobile shelving which can be the perfect storage for the office equipment you don’t use but you also don’t want to get rid of, such as old computers or printers. Take a look at different storage options that you can make use of.

Filing cabinets

For most office spaces, filing cabinets are often the best storage solution, as they are quite convenient for storing files. However, when you decide to find the filing cabinet for your office, you should consider a few different types. You can choose between a cabinet with two or four drawers, and when it comes to the size, there are standard and side filing cabinets. However, no matter the size or number of drawers, all types of cabinets have great capacity and will help you optimize your office space.

Compact storage can be a perfect storage solution for your office

If you have digitalized a ton of documents in your office, then you can use a more discreet storage solution than filing cabinets. Compact storage units are used in modern office spaces and can provide you with an elegant storing solution. These units are constructed in such a way that they merge seamlessly with the existing decor in the office. Drawers can be designed to fit your office furniture. Compact storage has less capacity than other storage options, but it can be a perfect storage solution for the offices with a lot of space or for the businesses that are creative and want to be stylish.

Office wall as a storage

Office wall storage is a great modern solution, even for small office spaces, because it doesn’t take too much of the floor space and it is in line with the wall. You can find an office wall storage solution in a variety of sizes and styles, and this type of storage will significantly improve the look of your office space. You can use the wall units to display artwork that will reflect your style and add to the general feel of your office. You can place shelves or cabinets in the office wall storage that can maximize the space in your storageOpens in a new tab., and still, it will look nice since they are all built into one handy unit.

Rotary storage solution

Rotary storage is a perfect storage solution for your office if you have a high daily traffic of files and documents. Filing cabinets or cupboards require a surprising amount of space in the office because their drawers open outward and they can’t be positioned near doors or walkways. On the other hand, rotary storage can eliminate this issue. It has a shelving system that rotates on an axis within a static frame, which means that rotary storage can be opened and closed and it will not take any space outside the storage unit. You can simply rotate the shelving to the open position, take any file or document that you need, and rotate the shelving back into the closed position. This kind of storage unit is more flexible than other storage solutions in terms of where it can be positioned in the office. Plus, it is really fun to use, and it might even help you boost productivity at workOpens in a new tab..

Slide-a-side storage solution

Compact storage and office wall storage can be attractive solutions, and rotary storage can be a fun one, but some can be very practical. If your office space requires a thin storage solution and not a fat filing cabinet, then slide-a-side shelving is the perfect option for you. This kind of storage uses shelves that are combined and can move from one side to another – the front shelf slides to one side revealing the shelf behind it. This type of storage solution is mostly used for bookshelves in libraries since they can make efficient use of walkways and narrow spaces. However, it can be adapted for office use and provide your office with a unique and fashionable layout, giving a lot of space in otherwise cramped offices.

How to choose the size of your storage solution

Be aware that different kinds of jobs require different sized storage solutions. If you work, for example, in administration, and you have a lot of paperwork, then you will need larger storage units. In this case, you will have a lot of files and documents to store, so the perfect storage solution for you might be a filing cabinet or rotary storage. On the other hand, if you work on computers and want paperless storage, then you will need much less space, and you can consider using compact or office wall storage. Either way, when you are organizing your office storage, it is better if you give your employees slightly more space than they need. This way, you will have additional flexibility and capacity if something changes in the future.

Having a practical office storage solution is important

Finding a perfect storage solution for your office is not that easy. You have to find an option that is right for your business, but you also want to have enough space in your office. You need to ensure that everyone working in your office has enough storage space to work effectively, but also you need to minimize wasted space. That why it is important to find a practical office storage solution that will keep your work environment organized.

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