How to Be Motivated to Work

There are days that you wake up motivated and inspired. Your focus is on point, and you charge through tasks with a lot of enthusiasm. Your spirits and morale are over the roof such that it is even infectious to the people around you. Such are the days that you get so much done that you wish all days would replicate that.

However, there are other days that motivation is just elusive. Regardless of how much you try, you find yourself staring at the screen, and then slowly slip away to social media, your phone, gossip, or other things that take your focus away from your work. Worse still, you want to get work done, but you have no idea how to lift yourself up. For such days that you can’t find the motivation or inspiration, here are some tips to overturn the situation.

1. Remind yourself why you are there

A journey can feel treacherous and boring if you have no clear direction of where you are going. Likewise, if you have no goal that you are working towards, days that you will feel unmotivated will be many.

Think of what you want to achieve with your career, the next level that you want to be in life. Then, treat your current work as a stepping stone to where you want to be. When you think of your work as a piece of the puzzle towards a bigger picture, you will find the motivation to keep going.

2. Break down big projects

Big and difficult projects tend to appear scary when looked at in a wholesome. Thinking of where to start tackling the big monster is even more overwhelming and seems daunting. Unfortunately, difficult tasks are inevitable in any type of work. You will be needed to get them out of the way one way or another.

Instead of trying to handle the whole project all at once, break it down into small doable tasksOpens in a new tab. and smaller goals to achieve. Remember to take a moment to savor at the moment every time you tick a task off your list. It will give you the motivation to take on the following tasks.

3. Find an alternative workspace

A change of scenery can do magic to your motivation. Switching workspaces refreshes the mind, allowing you to find a new perspective on what you are working on. The next time you are feeling demotivated, try taking your work to a library, coffee shop, or a co-working space near you. You will be surprised how much you will be able to charge through a difficult task.  

Besides, most such spaces have free Wi-Fi. You can save a few coins on your internet cost while working there. However, you need to be wary of hackers and malicious people who mostly pry such open networks. Ensure that you connect through a trusted VPN such as NordVPN every time you are using a public network. This one will hide your IP address so you can be able to do your thing on the internet in anonymity. (Take a look at this NordVPN ReviewOpens in a new tab. for further consideration).

4. Have an accountability partner

If you have no person checking on you from time to time, it is easy to slack off from your work. After all, you have no one to account for what you have done and how far you still have to go. On the other hand, having an accountability partner gives you the motivation to keep going. You want to have something to brag about when the next time he or she checks on you.

Besides, this is the person to turn to when you feel like your energy is draining. He or she will remind you why you are there, and cheer you on to keep going.

5. Find a new focus

Working on a single task for a long time can be energy-draining and boring. It is even worse when you can’t see the end anywhere near. The reality of you working on it for a long time is enough to send your motivation out of the window.

Instead of tackling such a task in one sitting, take regular breaks to clear your mind in between. Alternatively, pick another task that is interesting and fun to shift your mind off the project for a little while. You can pick it up later when you feel motivated.

6. Monitor Your Tasks and Celebrate Your Accomplishments

One effective way to stay motivated and focused at work is to keep an eye on your tasks and see what you have accomplished. Checking off your to-do list will help you know the amount of workload you have completed.

Make your work more enjoyable by rewarding yourself when you accomplish something. Celebrating your achievements is a surefire way to make your job not only interesting but also meaningful.

7. Personalize Your Workspace

Personalizing your workspaceOpens in a new tab. is an effective way to make your work enjoyable and fulfilling. And there are tons of ways to transform your workspace into an extension of you. Decorate your desk with pictures of your spouse, kids, friends, and even pets. Use accessories in your preferred colors to beautify your workspace. Some of these accessories include yellow pens, a turquoise writing pad, and a purple stapler.

Is your desk cluttered with files, notes, reports, and other unnecessary items? If so, then clutter may be the root cause of your low morale and low productivity. Declutter your desk and keep it clean and organized always.  Buy a file organizer and ensure all your paperwork is neatly organized in that file. Plants can also enhance attentiveness and increase your productivity. So consider having one or two plants on or close to your desk.

8. Establish a Connection with Your Coworkers

Building strong, meaningful connections with your colleagues will help you stay motivated and productive at work. Get to know your colleagues and cultivate a sense of companionship and teamwork. Always engage with your coworkers in casual chats during coffee or lunch breaks.

If your coworker is doing an excellent job, don’t shy away from letting them know. And if you notice your colleague is down, take the time to find out what’s troubling them. With time, you’ll start getting similar comments from your coworkers when you’re doing a good job or when you’re down. To nurture your relationship with your coworkers, opt for a better co-working space. Don’t shy away from asking your boss for better co-working conditions. Chances are they’re already looking for ways that will increase your motivation and productivity, and coming forward with an actionable suggestion that will serve that purpose will be very much welcomed.

9. Take Good Care of Yourself

Sometimes you feel unmotivated not because you detest your work or colleagues, but just because your body isn’t working effectively. Consequently, you feel tired, weak, and down. You can avoid all these by taking good care of yourself.

Ensure you get adequate, restful sleep each night. Aim to sleep for 6 to 8 hours each night. Always carry a water bottle everywhere you go and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.  Get at least 150 minutes of exercise every week. The best way to get those 150 minutes of exercise is to work out for 30 minutes 5 days a week.


Lack of motivation happens to everyone. However, it gets worse when you let yourself sit in that pit for long. It helps to mitigate the situation as soon as you find your motivation running low. If it persists, then you need to take a longer break or consider changing your work. At this time of the pandemic, the safety hazard, remote working, and uncertainty can also be to some extent demotivational. With misinformation spreading like wildfire regarding Covid-19Opens in a new tab., you must seek resources that make you feel safe and optimistic about the future of your work experience.

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