How to Attract Employers with a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Are you looking for a new job? Are you tired of sending out traditional resumes and getting no response? Have a LinkedIn account yet can’t seem to land your dream job? You need to take a look at your LinkedIn account and see where you are going wrong.

An attractive, powerful, strong, and professional LinkedIn account is crucial when it comes to connecting with the right people. An outstanding LinkedIn profile will help you stand out amongst the crowd of qualified candidates and will help you grab the attention of potential hiring managersOpens in a new tab., HR staff, recruiters, etc.

As one of the best executive resume writersOpens in a new tab. that I know, Alex Mason told me: “LinkedIn profile is not a mere job-seeking tool – rather, it is an important platform where you can build your personal brand and promote yourself. It is the largest platform, where professionals from all over the globe can meet. It is a site where the connections between the professionals and industry are made.”

a. Work on the Sections of your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile consists of 3 main sections. All three sections are different, and you need to approach them differently to make your profile stand out.

 Profile Headline

This is the most visible section of the profile and the first thing that your potential employers see. This is where you can grab their attention and create a positive first impression. You can describe yourself using 120 characters.

You need to include your experience, qualifications, and specialized skills with the help of strategic keywords so that your profile will get a lot of hits in LinkedIn and Google searches. For more information about which skills and traits you should use to attract employers, read this articleOpens in a new tab.. Don’t use broad terms such as marketing, writing, accounting, etc. since this will not tell a lot about who you are to your potential employers.

Use precise descriptions such as “Web Content Writer” or “Professional Essay Tutor” or “Best Resume Writers,” etc. so that you will be able to target specific viewers.

• Profile Summary

This is probably an essential part of your profile. The summary of your profile gives the employers an idea of who you are, what are your accomplishments and achievements, and what you will bring to their firm if they hire you.

You need to focus on the details about your life, your personality, your professional accomplishments, etc. in this portion. Begin with a powerful and engaging statement, something that hooks your audience instantly.

Use accurate and targeted keywords that will increase the search-ability of your profile. Don’t only mention your current job title; also mention your career trajectory to show the progression of your career.

Even though recruiters can also make mistakesOpens in a new tab., this will help the potential recruiters know from where you began and how far you have come. Moreover, they will also know why you switched from one organization to another. Write about one of your best accomplishments so far.

We live in a world surrounded by technology, and a big part of our lives are posted online. Use this to your advantage by adding links to samples of your work in the form of audio files, videos, images, etc. Attach a link to your portfolio; if there is a video of you giving a presentation, make sure to add that!

• Work Experience

As a job seeker, what you mention in your experience section is what makes or breaks your profile. You get 2,000 characters to describe each job. Begin with giving an overview or brief summary of the job position, what your responsibilities were, and what your accomplishments and achievements were. Again, keyword placement is very important to help the hiring managers and recruiters find your profile.

Don’t list general job responsibilities; your facts and figures to describe your achievements.

b. Update your Page Often and Keep it Active

What will happen if we don’t go out and work daily? We will definitely lose our jobs, right? The same goes for our LinkedIn profiles. If you don’t update them regularly and keep them active, your profiles are going to acquire a dusty, old look.

Make sure that you regularly update your status. Share interesting articles and links that can stimulate conversations and increase your interaction with your fellows and colleagues. When your connections share, comment, or like your posts, their connections will also be able to view your posts, and this increases the chances of your profile catching the eye of hiring managers and recruiters.

c. Proofread your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a reflection of your personality. The profile is literally the window to your soul, and you don’t want a typo or a grammatical error take the opportunity of a lifetime away from you, do you? Therefore, you need to read what you have written thoroughly.

Moreover, you can use editing tools and services online to help you find the mistakes in your content.

d. Use SEO to your advantage

We all fire up the search engines when we are looking for answers online. Recruiters and hiring managers do the same. If you are not showing up in the LinkedIn search of recruiters, then your profile isn’t up to the mark and will be of no use to you.

It would help if you used SEO to your advantage. Don’t worry; it may sound difficult, but it is actually pretty easy. Make sure that you complete your profile, place keywords strategically, and get endorsements and recommendations that will boost your profile.

Other than adding keywords in your profile, what you can do is add a lot of contacts. This increases your chances of your talent and your work is seen on the platform. This may not work for all of you, and some of you might be uncomfortable with adding strangers, but hey, we don’t achieve something truly great without leaving our comfort zones, right?

e. Make sure you are “Clickable.”

Once you have tweaked your profile and have made sure that you show up on search results, the next thing is to make sure that once the people see your profile, they would want to take a closer look. Recruiters do take a look at your profile picture when they are searching for talented peopleOpens in a new tab. so ensure that you look presentable and professional.

The just-out-of-bed look may work for your Tinder profile but will definitely get you thumbs down on LinkedIn. In the LinkedIn search, your name, photo, and headline will pop up. This headline is what convinces the hiring managers to click on your profile or move ahead.

Therefore, you need to make your headline memorable.

f. Engage in various group discussions

How do recruiters search for potential employees? Apart from the traditional keyword searches, they check out the group discussions taking place on LinkedIn. Recruiters join the most influential and active groups in the industry and then keep an eye out for those people who stand out as leaders and knowledgeable contributors.

How to find influential groups? Well, that’s pretty easy. Check out the LinkedIn profiles of those whom you admire, and see what groups they have joined. Apply and join these groups and see if you can contribute something useful there.

Share, post, and comment on articles, offer advice to people, and take part in the general discussion. However, you don’t have to go overboard and comment on every post. Just make sure that you contribute something weekly and take parts in discussions that you have expertise in.

g. Connect with alumnus and former employees

Like it or not, personal connections matter a lot when it comes to finding work. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to connect with people who have worked for companies that you are aspiring to be a part of. Check out the LinkedIn page of your dream organizationOpens in a new tab. and check if you are connected with someone who worked there in the past or is currently working there.

You may find someone who will help you out! Reach out to the person and politely ask them for their advice and guidance on landing a job at your dream company. You can also ask them to pass along your application to someone in HR.

A personal touch always boosts your chances of landing a job, and well, you need to knock at every door to find your fortune, right?

Final Word

We live in a world of competition. There are lots of professionals out there, and leaving your mark in the industry is hard. However, with the help of the right tools, tips, and advice, you can stand out and make sure that you make something out of yourself.

With the help of a perfect LinkedIn profile, you can grab the attention of potential recruiters and take your career up a notch! If you use LinkedIn wisely, you will connect with the right people who will definitely help you achieve your goals.

LinkedIn is not only a good tool for hiring managers to find excellent and talented people, but it is also a great platform for job seekers to showcase their achievements and broaden their horizons. To make sure that you reap the benefits that a LinkedIn profile has to offer, you need to ensure that your profile is compelling, enticing, and powerful.

Open yourself up to opportunities, and you will be surprised at all the good that comes your way.

Best of luck for your careers, folks!

Author Bio:
Alina Burakova is an HR specialist, who has been working out with major industries for several years. She loves providing help and tips that help people in taking their careers up a notch.

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