How Physical Workplaces Can Maximize Customer Retention

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Any service-oriented company whether it is plumbing, construction, or any other relies heavily on a loyal customer base. Customer retention is not always easy especially with global events influencing people’s disposable income and affecting their medium to long-term plans. Here are a few tips to maximize customer retention and show customers you care. 

Check-In With Customers

Once every job is completed make sure you show the customer you care by making at least two inquiries into how they are faring and whether or not the work is holding up. The genuine concern that you will show will have a deep impact on the customer and they’ll know who to call next time something needs to be done! Not to mention they will undoubtedly recommend you to friends and family and that creates a new stream of possible customers. 

Doing follow-up sessions of this sort helps you cultivate relationships with customers based on trust and that goes a long way in ensuring customer retention. You’ll find that even if you raise your rates you’ll still be able to retain old customers because the familiarity factor will make it hard for them to just try a new company.

Attract Your Target Audience

As is the case with every company you need to be targeting the customers that are most likely to have a demand for your set of services. Whether you have a construction or a plumbing company or any similar service-oriented venture, you need to be advertising to the right people. If for example you only construct luxurious high-rise apartment buildings then you won’t have much success wasting money advertising to people that have no interest in that venture. 

Plumbing for example has a much wider net of customers for obvious reasons as almost everyone requires the services of a plumber from time to time. In that case advertising (whether through traditional means such as flyers or social media posts) is more appropriate especially if you are targeting a certain area. 

Maintain A Data Bank

Gathering and maintaining data is one of the major tools in any company’s arsenal. Maintain a file on every customer as that has many uses. You could use the customer data to better plan marketing campaigns, single out large customers, decide which customers to give incentives to, and simply keep track of each case you’ve worked on. Not to mention this accumulation of data will also help you isolate themes in the services you provide such as the types of services that yield the most revenue or are highest in demand. 

Customer relationship management software is also a brilliant investment to make as it automatically enters data on all contracts and generates reports. This software even deals with accounting as well as communicating with customers, helping you provide formidable customer service which again positively impacts customer retention.

Market Research

Market research is super important for any company, especially a service provider because it helps ascertain the level of competition as well as the business activities of competitors. If you offer fewer services but charge higher, another company with more competitive pricing will steal the limelight. Considerable and careful market research is required to formulate not just an effective marketing plan but also better service packages to attract customers. A part of market research is finding out what the customer demand is in the market. You can craft a survey or poll and spread it by email or other messaging mediums or simply upload it on social media like on Instagram to find out what customers expect. Formulating the right questions is quite essential so you can implement solid changes in your business strategy to accommodate changing trends and preferences. You can use any free survey creatorOpens in a new tab. to make a questionnaire for your customers (both old and new) to find out what’s on their minds.

Be More Considerate

This may seem counterproductive to the rules of business but practicing consideration is a sure shot way to better customer retention. Follow the principle of allowing your older repeat customers to pay in installments or pay a lower price overall than new customers. If you have increased your rates, you may still be able to procure new customers but you don’t want to risk losing your older ones that are accustomed to a different rate. Showing consideration means greater profits. Not to mention it goes a long way in establishing trust with the customer.

If you are convinced the rates you are asking for are completely justified, make a point of explaining how you are adding value to the work requirements. You can also initiate schemes with a rate increase such as loyalty cards and points, periodic discounts, and other bonuses to convince customers you are still on their side. 

Quality Speaks For Itself

Make providing a quality service your top priority. Work ethics and excellent quality speak for themselves and the five-star recommendation practically writes itself. More than any discount, customers will always respond to a job well done and especially if it is done with passion and integrity. Always aim to go the extra mile when completing any job for your customer and keep them involved in the process and continually seek their feedback and input. 

Remember to never hurry up any project (which also has financial rewards if your employees charge by the hour) but more than just making money be concerned about providing the best service possible. Pay attention to detail and always leave the customer with a smile.

Everyone Needs The Merchandise

Brand recognition is super important when it comes to customer retention. Have company merchandise made consisting of useful daily use items like notepads, pens, mugs, etc., that you can give out to customers especially loyal ones so that they are reminded of you constantly. You can also go a step further and give them construction Christmas cardsOpens in a new tab. or cards for any other holidays as a reminder that you’re thinking of them and that they are a valued customer. 

Never Stop Marketing

Encourage customers to keep in touch or follow you on social media pages. This will keep them involved and informed about your new services and any diversification you are branching into. This not only creates demand for your new services but offers solutions for the problems customers are having right now. The findings of the data analysis as mentioned earlier will indicate to you the services you need to start providing in order to better meet the customers’ needs. Not to mention that the brain loves repetition and it does good to keep replaying your brand image and ethos on the platforms you are marketing from so that you are not forgotten.

At The Beck And Call

Customer service is one area no business can afford to skimp on. Always be available for queries and complaints and you can also set up an online portal for customers. Everyone loves a smiling customer service team that reassures and the fact that customers feel their voice is heard is enough incentive for them to be loyal to the business. Customer service representatives can also keep in touch with the customers and inform them of new developments, services, or discounts. 

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