Everything You Need to Transition Your Work to Your Home

While many of us may feel like we have found strategies for work, it is not uncommon for working from home to feel like a whole different world where these strategies no longer work. Although our homes are an environment all too familiar to us, we may find ourselves with a load of new challenges in adjusting to the change. While working from home can feel like a huge transition, make sure you are fully prepared with these strategies.

Find Tools

While many of us have developed our work skills over the years, only refining them when needed, we may find ourselves needing to pivot as we make this adjustment. We must find new work from home toolsOpens in a new tab. that suit our new environment and needs. There is certainly not a one size fits all model for tools to work from home, so it is useful to do your research to find what works best for you.


In working from home, you may lack some of the communal and office supplies that you had in your office, everything from office furniture to technology and paper supplies. As you look to set yourself up for success, make sure that you equip yourself with all of the necessary office suppliesOpens in a new tab. that you will need to complete your work efficiently and comfortably.


While you may have worked from home previously, you may still need modifications to your home environment to create a space that is conducive to doing your job. Designating an area of your home that is solely for work will allow you to create boundaries between your home and work life, giving you a necessary separation to be able to disengage from work when needed. This space should be set up in an area with few or no distractions so that you can complete your necessary tasks.


It can be surprising how much the lighting in your workplace can impact your ability to be productive and efficient without giving it much thought. Beyond productivity, there is also the impact on your work with others, as video calls that have too much backlighting can shadow the user’s face, giving a film noir look instead of a professional one. While natural lighting is always best, make sure to evaluate the location of your light source and the glow it casts.

Your Computer and Other Technologies

When working from home, it is important to consider how you will be interacting with your team and your clients. You will likely need both a computer, stable internet connection and access to other technologies. Your physical setup with a laptop or computer will need you to comfortably handle all of the tasks of your day, so make sure you have whatever hardware that is necessary to do that. Additionally, adjusting to working from home can be a bit easier through task and team management software applicationsOpens in a new tab. like Trello and Slack. Consider what technological needs you have to get through your day, but also those that can simplify and streamline the work.


Designating a schedule that reflects your change in the environment will be key. Consider all the aspects of your typical workday, such as when you are most productive, when you like to take calls and how you like to schedule your time and create a rough schedule. While working from home can cause many people to feel distracted and even untethered, you can create structure through a routine. Make sure that you remember to take breaks, as powering through will only create a less conducive environment for your most productive self.

Clear Expectations

While clear expectations are always an important component of our work lives, it is crucial to joint success and in avoiding communication breakdowns when working remotely. Whether a supervisor provides clear expectations on timelines, deadlines, projects or other expectations, it is critical to move the team forward with a clear understanding. If there is a lack of clarity, it is also important for the employee to feel they can ask clarifying questions to ensure that everyone is on the same. Communication is bound to have occasional breakdowns, but with clear expectations, many of these mayhems can be easily avoided or minimized.

Tips for Productivity

Productivity is something that we all strive for work but can be increasingly challenging when transitioning from home. Not only do we have the normal distractions throughout our day, but we also face the additional deterrents of the distractions from our personal lives. Consider some tips on working from home and productivityOpens in a new tab., so that you can choose the ones that best reflect your life and needs to increase your efficiency from home.

Working from home is a major transition that can derail even the most productive of employees. This adjustment can feel far less jarring with a few adjustments and some planning. Make sure that you are fully stocked, prepared and flexible to make the transition as smooth as possible, and you will be sure to alleviate some of the initial growing pains of this move.

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